Apple’s iPhone Sucks And Here is Why

iPhone and Android are the two most popular mobile platforms as of now. Both of these operating platforms have a large fan base around the world. Both have their own pros & cons but I simply think that iPhones are overrated. The very first reason why Apple’s iPhone sucks is that it is overpriced. I get that it has nice features, a good build quality, solid performance and so on but it all seems less when you look at the price that you are paying.

You can easily get Android smartphones with more features less than what are your paying for the new iPhone. Apple has such a great marketing power that they can easily convince iPhone fanboys to buy any product that they launch even if it’s not worth it. I can go on and on about why the iPhone sucks. Below are the major reasons why Apple’s iPhone Sucks:

iphone sucks

Reasons why iPhone Sucks


As I stated above, iPhone is highly overpriced. Look at the iPhone X, the features that it offers are nowhere worth the cost it’s available for. Even the lower end models such as iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 are overpriced. There is no real innovation that can be seen. We saw the new Face ID feature in the iPhone X and trust me it is not the best. There is a lot Apple can do to improve it. It is really disappointing how less is offered for a price tag that is so high!

No Audio Jack

I am still not over this stupid thing done by Apple. Why did they have to remove the audio jack? I get that they want people to use wireless headsets but why to remove the headphone jack for it. Many people like me would still choose Wired headphones over wireless. It was a major disappointment for people like me. I really feel that there was no need to remove the headphone jack. Apple clearly wanted to make more money here by forcing people to buy the Apple AirPods.

Single Installation Source

The major reason why I prefer Android devices over iPhone is that Android is Open-Source and you get the ability to install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store. This is something you don’t get on the iPhone and that is why iPhone sucks. You are forced to download and install all apps from the App Store. Maybe Apple thinks they have researched every Apple user and provided the apps accordingly. But that is so not true!

No Multi-Window

Almost all modern Android devices are coming with Multi-Window option. Then why doesn’t Apple offer a multi-window option on their super-expensive iPhone? Nowadays, multitasking is something everyone needs. Before people had this thinking that multitasking can only be done on PC, Laptop or Tables but with the new multi-window feature in latest Android devices, that myth is busted. Apple needs to introduce multi-window in the new iPhone just as they do on the iPad.

Not-so-impressive Specs

The specifications that Apple provides on the iPhone can be seen on older Android devices. New flagship Android devices have far better specifications than iPhone and are priced lesser. If Apple is charging so much for the users then they should make sure that they provide the most superior specifications on the iPhone.


There are not many customization options when you compare iPhone to Android. On Android, you have a large number of skins, widgets, and themes to choose from. You can change each and everything from the app drawer, launcher, notification bar and so on. But with the iPhone, you have to stick to the same old UI that has been there for ages with just a few changes. Android is just very flexible when it comes to customization. You get the ability to change even the smallest things. This is one of the reasons why Android has a bigger userbase than iPhone.

Poor File System

Copying files from iPhone to PC is a real pain. In order to copy files, you will need to set up an iTunes account and after that also you will only be able to transfer media files. On the iOS 11, you get the ability to browse through a few data files but that’s all. You don’t get the full access like you do on Android. It is way easier to transfer files from Android to PC than it is to transfer files from iPhone to PC.

Expensive Accessories

You pay a lot to get an iPhone. Okay! Fine! But that’s not all. In order to get iPhone Accessories such as earpods, cases, guards, you have to pay a lot more than you do to get Android accessories. It is yet another downside to getting an iPhone and yet another reason to our list why the iPhone Sucks. If you are tight on budget then getting an iPhone and later on getting expensive accessories for it would not be a good idea.

Final Words

Many iPhone users may come here to defend their beloved iPhone, try to prove why it is a great device and why the iPhone does not suck. I admit that it is a great device but all its greatness goes to vain when you look at the price you are getting it for. The manufacturing cost of iPhone is way lesser than what it is being sold for. Apple should at least set a nominal price for the iPhone. Android devices provide far better value when compared to the iPhone.

With every new iPhone release, the cost of an iPhone is increasing. The flagship Android devices from different brands offer better functionality and provide tremendous value. If you have a good budget and are capable of buying an iPhone then I request you that before you buy an iPhone, first have a look at some flagship Android devices. I am almost sure that you will like them way more than you like an overpriced iPhone. I hope you got my point on why iPhone sucks. Stay tuned to Times Of Silicon for more such informative and fun articles.

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