Aroma File Manager Download: Recovery File Manager for Android

Aroma File Manager is a recovery file manager for your Android Device. You can download Aroma File Manager from this site.

In today’s world, Android Developers never run out of ideas and it is very beneficial for the users. They simply do not stop bringing new apps. Every other day, we see a new app in the market with a sole purpose of helping out an Android user. The recent addition to the list of great apps is a Aroma File Manager. The app is developed by an XDA developer with the username, amarullz. It is unique and regarded as the first ever recovery based file manager in the world exclusive for Android users.

Aroma File Manager download

About Aroma File Manager

Aroma File Manager is a well known file manager which allows you an access to the files and folders of your Android smart phone while being in recovery mode. Due to its prominent feature of working exclusively in recovery mode, it is popularly called a recovery file manager. For instance, if you have mistakenly (or intentionally) wiped out your phone, this file manager will help you recover or modify the files in your smart phone.

Also, it works as a normal file manager which allows you to perform various basic functions such as copying and pasting of data from one folder to another, creation of a new folder, or deleting any unwanted file, and the list goes on. The best thing is that all these functions can be performed while your phone is in the recovery mode. The post covers various aspects related to Aroma File Manager and a proper guide on how to install it in your Android phone.

Features of Aroma File Manager

Aroma File Manager is not an app available in the apk format, it is a flash rom available in the zip file which makes it, one of a kind.  Therefore, there is a need to understand the basic features which you can perform with the help of Aroma File Manager and make your life more convenient.

• It comes with a user friendly interface so that there is no hindrance in understanding the working of file manager and avoid any kind of complication.

• It is first of its kind as you can run it while your phone is in the recovery mode unlike any other file manager.

• In addition to its recovery mode functionality, you can use it to perform various functions of a regular file manager such as transferring files from one folder to another or deleting any file from a folder.

• Also, Aroma File Manager is helpful if you have your pattern lock enabled on phone and you couldn’t figure or remember the pattern. It  helps you to disable the pattern lock.

• You can perform various Linux commands with the help of this file manager while your phone is in recovery mode.  

aroma file manager


Before heading towards the step by step guide of installing Aroma File Manager on your phone, there are certain requirements which are mandatory to be fulfilled in order to successfully complete the installation process. Read the following requirements and make sure you fulfill them prior to the installation of Aroma File Manager.

• You need an Android phone with a custom recovery ROM or Clockwork Mod Recovery. Without any custom recovery, you cannot install Aroma File Manager in your smart phone.

• Make sure you have sufficient battery in your phone to avoid any kind of disturbance in the whole procedure of installing Aroma File Manager. It is advisable to keep at least 70{536a4c555a7f2e45c227c27aaa353c302f43202159891754233440df1d77627d} battery before starting the whole process.

• As there are chances of losing your whole data in the process, it is a wise choice to back up your data so that there is no such loss. Always perform back up of your personal data such as contacts, saved passwords, SMS, Internet settings, etc. whenever you are making some changes in your phone.

How to install Aroma file manager

It is a very simple procedure if you follow all the given instructions thoroughly and do not skip a single step. The step by step guide is given below, make sure you follow every step properly.

Step #1. First of all, you need to download the Aroma file manager package. We have provided a secured and trusted link to download the whole package in .zip format.

Step #2. Now, copy the .zip file which you have downloaded in the previous step and paste the file to the root of SD card of your smart phone.

Step #3. Simply reboot your Android device into recovery mode.

Step #4. Follow this path and choose: Install Zip from SD Card > Select Zip from SD Card and select the downloaded zip file of Aroma File Manager.

Step #5. It will ask for a confirmation whether you want to install it or not, select Install in order to install the file manager. If it asks for any kind of permission, allow it an access to your phone.

Step #6. A prompt will appear on the screen of your phone. It offers the user a choice of opting for an alternative touch method.

• In order to check whether the touch input is working or not, tap the ‘No’ button several times. If the UI of your phone picks up your command, then the Aroma File Manager will initiate.

• In case, there is a failure in functioning of this command, select the Yes button (asked in the prompt) instead of No. You need to select Yes button while using the Volume buttons and Power or Home button simultaneously. Aroma File Manager will begin as soon as you calibrate the touch screen after following the instructions properly.

That’s it, Aroma File Manager is successfully installed in your phone and you can avail its benefits to the fullest.

Conclusion: Aroma File Manager Download for Android

It is necessary to have this file manager installed in your phone because of its brilliant features. Everyone has a file manager installed in its phone so there is no harm in installing the file manager which is capable of doing something out of the box. Go try this cool application and comment down below if you face any difficulty in understanding anything related to Aroma File Manager. Our team would gladly help you out in solving your queries.

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