Banned and Illegal Android Apps that users love

Check out our list of the top Banned and Illegal Android Apps that are loved by many.

Google Play Store has a set of restrictions, policies, and guidelines for the apps that use this platform. This is to ensure the safety of the users. The banned or the illegal apps may be created by scrupulous developers and also may be very well designed to satisfy your requirements. However, they are banned from the Google Play store as they do not comply with the guidelines and policies of the store. These apps may be engaged in illegal activity or violate the policies and so are banned. This may compromise the safety of the personal data stored on the device or maybe the entire device would be at stake.

Why are some Android Apps banned?

The Play Store scrutinizes the apps in the market at regular intervals and keeps a check on the same. The apps in the market that manipulates or violates the guidelines of the play store are banned. Some of the major reasons for the applications to be stated as illegal or are banned from the app store are as follows:

  1. These apps violate the policies set for performance on the market
  2. The apps compromise the security measures and safety of the device and in turn, are a threat to the data and information of the user
  3. The app sells or shares the data with other apps or institutions
  4. The activities may be prejudicial to the integrity and security of the country
  5. The data retrieved from the apps are misused and are transmitted to the unauthorized servers

banned android apps

Best Illegal Android Apps

There are many apps that are banned to protect and safeguard the data and privacy of the user. However, there are many harmless applications as well that are stated as illegal as they do not comply with the policies of the play store. These applications are well designed and are available on the other markets and can be installed in the device at the owner’s risk

Some of the illegal Android Apps are listed below:


This app offers an entire library of TV shows and movies for the users to watch without any charges. Though the app is not listed on the Play store, yet is available online and is popular in its genre of applications. 

Features of the app:

  1. There are no advertisements in the shows that stream on the app
  2. There is no requirement of signing up to access the app content for using it
  3. High quality and high definition images are well supported
  4. The user-friendly interface also provides subtitles in the show, filters for selection, etc
  5. The shows and movies can be downloaded and watched later


This app is developed by the developer of the ClockWorkMod app. It is necessary for the users to download the AllCast app from the Google Playstore to let this app work effectively.

For the users to watch any show, movie, or telecast on any of the devices connected to Chromecast in synchronization with SHOWBOX, this app is a good option.

Features of the app:

  • This has a very simple and easy to use interface
  • The app is entirely free of cost for use
  • For the device display connected to Chromecast, it is a very good option

3. LiveNetTV

This is an entertainment app that has a range of entertainment offers to select from. It casts more than 700 TV shows, movies, and live shows. Live sports and other events from eight different countries are also available on this application. The app is easy to use and free of cost

Features of the app:

  • Chromecast, VOD for movies, HD live for streaming TV, are well supported by the application
  • More than 700 channels from different genres and categories are available free of cost
  • The filter feature lets the user decide the channels that they like to be streamed

4. Terrarium TV

This is also a movie streaming app to watch the latest and newly released entertainment. The geographical location does not hamper the streaming of entertainment if there is a good quality of internet. Though designed for Android devices, with the help of the emulators it can also be used for other devices.

Features of the app:

  • The content on the application can be downloaded to external or internal storage devices
  • A huge collection of movies more than 4K is available
  • The subtitles for the movies have a variety of languages
  • The favorites can be bookmarked for further use
  • The app supports Chromecast, fire TV, firestick

5. Secret SMS Replicator

This is a kind of spyware app to spy on other devices. It can be installed on the target device and activate remotely in the background without the knowledge of the owner. Once this is installed it directs all the incoming messages of the target device to the phone number of the user. This is was the major reason that it got banned by the Google Play store as it was compromising the security of the people.

Features of the app:

  • This is a paid application and can be run only on Android-powered smartphones
  • It can be easily deactivated by sending text message ‘000’

6. Sarahah messaging App

This popular messaging app was introduced on the Google play store in 2016 but due to policy violations, it was banned within two years. The user can send a number of messages to the recipient without disclosing the identity. Also, the recipient cannot trace the sender. 

Features of the app:

  • The size of the app on the device is merely 12.0 MB and the software requirement for the app is Android 4.4 version and above.
  • The app supports only Android-powered devices and can be downloaded and used for free
  • It can also be connected to Snapchat
  • Messaging throughout the globe privately is possible within minutes

7. Royal Likes

This application is used for unlimited likes on Instagram posts of the user. This app is popular amongst business-minded people for earning followers and likes on the social media platform. This app is designed for gaining followers and likes to the post. The user earns the likes and fans following by earning coins and completing certain specified tasks

Features of the app:

  • For getting followers to the user’s post, coins have to be earned by completing the tasks
  • For the app to be accessed Instagram log in is compulsory

8. NewPipe

NewPipe is kind of an open-source YouTube app. This app is independent of Google Play store services. The copied links of YouTube website Url’s are made available to the users on this interface. The videos from YouTube can be downloaded through NewPipe and can be run in the background. The entire process can be performed with complete privacy

Features of the app:

  • This app is independent of the Google Play store
  • The quality of the video can be changed easily
  • Audio and video can be downloaded at different resolutions as per the convenience
  • The storage space is very minimal
  • Videos can also be played as a pop-up box

9. VidMate

The app is popular for downloading videos faster and easier from the internet. This app is accessible and downloadable only through its official website. The speed of download is faster through this app and is also simple for the users. Once the app is installed, the services are free of charge

Features of the app:

  • It supports the in-built browser
  • Multiple downloads at one time are possible
  • The advertisements are negligible and also it is a very user-friendly app
  • A huge library of Bollywood and Hollywood movies, Tv shows, etc are available
  • The filter can be applied for type, year, rating, and genre as per the choice of the user
  • Videos are also downloadable from social media apps and other apps such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc

10. Ad-Away

As the name suggests this app blocks advertisement from the device after installation. This is a kind of anti-ad app that blocks advertisements every time you browse from the internet. It blocks all kinds of advertisements even the ones that you may be looking forward to. Also, some of the apps do not work on your device if this app is installed.

Features of the app:

  • The unnecessary and annoying app from the internet is blocked and the user is at peace to browse through the internet
  • It effectively works for Android-driven devices
  • The app is free to use

Conclusion: Best Illegal Android Apps

These apps are banned and stated as illegal by the Google play store for some or the other reasons such as privacy and policy violation, or not being in the purview of the set guidelines of Google. Using these apps may have a threat to the data and information on the device and even the privacy of the user can be at stake. Many of the apps are really useful and can be used for some specific purpose. Also, these apps can be easily uninstalled and deleted if any kind of problem arises


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