Best Anime Torrent Sites to Download Anime Online

We have complied a list of Anime Torrents Sites where you can download Anime in 2020.

Anime is an extremely popular genre and people all over the world love Anime, especially because it has some of the best storylines which keep the users intact to the content. Anime has a vast content and offers something for everyone. From comedy to horror, romance to action, there is something for everybody. Even after being popular all over the world, you cannot say that Anime is now mainstream as you do not see Anime on the bigger screen. In fact, to watch Anime, you need to find ways online and download Anime from various torrent sites.


anime torrent sitesSometimes, it becomes difficult for a user to choose the perfect torrent site to download Anime. To help you out, we have discussed various Anime Torrents that you could use to download your favourite Anime. The best Anime Torrents which are currently available for you are as follows: 

#1 AnimeTosho

AnimeTosho is one of the best Anime Torrents currently available with one of the most active online communities. AnimeTosho is full of Anime Torrents for the users and it also has a big group full of Anime fans. You will easily be able to download any Anime file you wish to, thanks to the number of seeders. This website also has an easy interface and is in English as well, thus making it easier for the people all over the world. Through AnimeTosho, you can download all sorts of torrent files including Movies, books, TV shows, etc. The site offers subtitles to the users and there is a huge number of files available. Furthermore, you do not have to register before using the site either. All in all, it is one of the best Anime Torrents you will find. 

#2 Anime Layer

anime layer

Most of the torrents which you see have a simple interface which makes it extremely easy for the user to download the torrent file they are looking for. However, to provide such simplicity, the website does not offer all the information related to the torrent file. However, Anime Layer is different. Here, you will find a UI which is designed beautifully and gives you every information that you need regarding the torrent file, including the number leechers and seeders, screenshots, etc. The website is in Russian and you might face a problem with the language however, using the Live translation service, you will be able to access the website. The website is updated regularly and you will find new torrent files every now and then. You will have to register before you use the site. Thus, after registration, you will find all the Anime Torrents you are looking for. 

#3 Nyaa

Nyaa is one of the oldest Anime Torrents sites, offering nothing but the best quality content to the users for downloading. Nyaa had a mixed run in the past, a lot of ups and downs, however, they are running smoothly now and it is one of the best sites for Anime Torrent files. Nyaa has a simple interface which makes it easier for the user to locate the files they are looking for. The best part about this website is that it is not only top tier website to download Anime, but also the top website if you want to download any kind of a torrent file including games, TV Shows, Movies, etc. Therefore, it is one of the go-to websites for you because you will love the experience. Upon opening the site, you will see all the available torrents and you can arrange these torrents according to what you please, such as, date, name, size, etc. When you click a torrent file, you will find some information about the torrent file and you can download the file from there. Furthermore, you do not need to register to use this torrent site, you can open the site and directly download the files you are looking for. 

#4 LimeTorrents

If you have been a P2P fan for a long time, you definitely know Limetorrents because it was the most popular torrent available at a time until the competition came in. It is still as popular as other torrent sites and it has one of the biggest fan bases available. It is one of the oldest torrent sites which offers numerous torrent files to the users and is one of the best Anime Torrents you will come across. You can find almost every single Anime show or movie here, that too in multiple qualities. The interface of the website is quite easy, despite its rustic layout. You need to use Limetorrents’ client if you are looking to download these files, which seems to be the only drawback of Limetorrents. You do not need to register before downloading the torrent file either. All in all, it is a perfect torrent site for Anime. 

#5 HorribleSubs

If you are looking for a website which is heavily up-to-date, then do not look anywhere else because HorribleSubs is that website which is regularly updated, that too, in no time. HorribleSubs is a perfect place for each kind of Anime lover. If you love action, HorribleSubs has plenty of action-related content, if you love romance, HorribleSubs has a huge database of romantic content, etc. It is undoubtedly one of the biggest Anime Torrents which has its own community as well, thus, you can easily interact with other Anime fans and have a chat with them through IRC or comments. One of the most unique things about HorribleSubs is the page called “Schedule”. As you can guess, it is a page which shows the upcoming movies and TV Shows which will be added to the website, thus, you can keep a track of them and be the first one to download that content. The torrent files are all available in multiple video formats, from 480p to 1080p, you can download your content in whichever quality you want to. Furthermore, you do not have to register to this website before using it. You can simply open the website and get on with downloading your favourite Anime. 

#6 BakaBT


BakaBT is an Anime Torrent specifically designed for true Anime fans and is considered to be a “Secret Anime Society” because it is not open for all and you cannot simply register to the website. There is no way for you to register to the website because it is an invite-only website. The website team will invite you to the website and only then are you allowed to register. The community consists of about 90000 users and all of them are true Anime fans. The restricted community would mean that there is no spam and you will find only the truest Anime fans. There is a proper interview conducted by the website administrators to see whether you are a true Anime fan or not. Once you have cleared your interview and you are invited by the website, you will then be allowed to easily download all the Anime Torrents you are looking for and you can share the Torrent files as well. The website offers a huge library of content, Anime exclusive, to their invited users. To get an invite, you have to use IRC. BakaBT has currently two channels there, #Bakabt-support and #BakaBT. Once you are there, you will get an invite to the interview and once you are there, it will all be worth it. 

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#7 1337X

1337x is undoubtedly one of the most famous torrent websites which are currently there. It is undoubtedly one of the oldest websites for torrents, which is the reason why it is extremely popular all over the World. 1337x does not have the best of UIs but it still gets the job done. Through 1337x, you can easily browse movies and TV shows, along with Anime. Not only that, you also have an option to download games, software, music, etc via 1337x. There are multiple categories in which the website is divided such as movies, Anime, TV shows, games, etc, which makes it easier for the user to locate the Torrent files. The website has an easy and smooth interface. With the help of 1337x, you can check out which Anime is currently trending or hlis popular. They also have a top 100 titles of the month, making it easier for you to choose the next Anime you wish to watch. Furthermore, the website is used by people all over the globe, which makes it much easier for a common user to find and download the file they are looking for quickly. Also, you do not have to register to the website before using it, all you can do is simply open the website, search for your favourite torrent, download it and you can then watch it. If you are from Australia, Ireland, United Kingdom, and Austria, you might want to use a VPN or some other website because 1337x is banned in these regions. 

#8 AnimeTorrents

AnimeTorrents is another one of the top sites for downloading Anime files. When you open the website, the first thing that you see there will be the latest Anime Shows and movies. The best thing about AnimeTorrents is that this website is the first Torrent website that adds high-quality torrent files full of Anime, and that is the reason why it is so popular all over the world, especially among Anime lovers. AnimeTorrents has an easy interface and you can arrange the content shown to you according to your choice. You will find loads of dubbed Anime shows and you will get the subtitles as well. Thus, your experience once you use AnimeTorrents would be a great one. You will, however, have to register before you use the website. Without registering, you cannot use the website to download your Anime Torrents. AnimeTorrents is extremely popular with a huge user base. This means that there will be a good number of seeders, making sure that your Anime is downloaded as quickly as possible. 

#9 Project GXS

Project GXS is one of the biggest Anime Torrents websites currently available. On this website, you are sure to find whatever Anime you want to watch, no matter whether it is old or new. When you search for the torrent file that you need to download, you will find a long list of all the torrent files available in different video qualities, and you can choose the best one for you. They are either torrent files or direct downloads and you have to choose the best option for you. Project GXS has an easy-to-use interface and that is evident by a helpful Index page. Here, you can easily browse all the content because it is given in alphabetical order. Once you click on the Anime you wish to download, you will see all the links and qualities available to download. Project GXS has a huge online community and it offers fresh torrent files to the users. You can join their discord community as well. Furthermore, you do not need to register and you can directly get on with downloading your favourite Anime in no time. 

#10 Anime Ultime

Last but not the least, another top tier Anime Torrents site is Anime Ultime which is a French website designed specifically by all the true and die hard anime fans. Anime Ultime also has one of the most active communities where something new and exciting happens everyday. On the home screen, you will see a lot of Anime Torrents recommended for you, which you can sort in various categories such as name, size, genre, etc. Registration is not necessary, however, if you want to take part in the community, you need to create an account. However, Anime Ultime has two drawbacks which might not make it the perfect site for an average user. Firstly, it is in French, therefore, you might not be as comfortable accessing the website. It could be translated, but translations are not always accurate. Secondly, the website relies heavily on Adobe Flash, therefore, it might be a bit heavy for your Android device. The website is available all over the world and the vast library tempts everyone to visit the website at least once. 

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