The Best Bookmark Managers to save your links

There are many websites and contents that the users refer to for day-to-day working. Some of them need to be visited regularly while some websites the user requires to refer to in the future. Try these best bookmark managers to save the content or the website to be referred to further.

Bookmark Manager

The software Bookmark manager is very helpful as it organizes and saves the websites or web contents that can be referred to as and when required by the user. With Bookmark manager, the user can save the website or the content and return to it without even opening other applications. The bookmark manager is either built in the web browser or functions alongside. Some of the bookmarks are displayed in the forefront to remind about the saved content. Bookmark managers are useful to all types of professionals.

Criteria for Bookmark manager software

If a product is to be qualified to be a Bookmark manager it should have the following qualifications:

  • The software must have a widget or a button through which the web content can be saved instantly
  • The web content that is bookmarked must be saved and organized properly
  • The contents that are tagged previously must also be accessible
  • The software should be inside the web browser or function alongside


best bookmark managers

Benefits of Bookmark manager

The Bookmark manager software is used these days by almost all people right from laymen to professionals. The reason for the same is: 

  • Research time is reduced

The research links can be easily saved with the Bookmark manager. The same can be easily categorized and labeled for easier navigation. 

  • Up to date content

The best bookmark manager lets the user categorize, label, and save the web presentations, videos, images, articles, blogs, etc. 

  • Better prospects and opportunities

The continual learning both for the students, as well as teachers is made easy and possible through bookmark managers. This is possible due to the availability of resources and content for reading anywhere and anytime on all the devices

  • Prolific collaboration and sharing

Working together online with a cohesive team requires sharing skills and expertise. This in turn needs knowledge exchange tools and management capabilities and such tool kits are incomplete without bookmark manager software. The best bookmark manager lets the user share meaningful resources, comment, discuss, cultivate erudition and save time

  • Environment for knowledge sharing

Bookmark manager assists in building an environment for knowledge sharing and thus introduce a simple approach to boost and catalog overall quality

Best Bookmark Managers

Bookmark managers have made life easier for online users. The handling of the data of the websites and web content is made very simple with the Bookmark manager. The browsers are integrated with bookmark managers, but they may fall short of functions. Therefore users are also recommended to use the other bookmark manager software and applications such as:

1. is a powerful and beautiful Bookmark manager. A neat list is displayed of all the bookmarks and the same can be also viewed in headline format, mood board format, or card format. The collections can be created in the form of nested collections or folders. The best feature of this application is that it puts all the duplicate links and broken links in a single collection automatically so the not required one’s can be cleaned

It has features such as saving pictures from the web and uploading the pictures, native mobile apps, keyboard shortcuts to capture bookmark, customizing icons for collection, etc. The best part about this bookmark manager is that it also saves the URL in case the user needs to go back to the source

The application supports Android, iOS, Native Mac App, Opera, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and other web apps for desktop.

2. Bookmark Ninja

This is the best bookmark manager option for those users who require to manage a huge number of bookmarks. This bookmark manager is accessible from any of your devices and is private with optional sharing. One can also import bookmarks from other sources in case needed

The Bookmark Ninja has the unique feature of organizing bookmarks. The user can create tabs that are kind of folders and every one of these folders contains lists called category groups. The drag and drop option lets you rearrange the order of the bookmarks

This Bookmark manager has important features such as dark mode, accessible from any device, saving on cloud, supports tag, lists, and folders, quicker in saving bookmarks

The application supports Web app for mobile as well as desktop.

3. Save to Pocket

Pocket is a multi-device comprehensive tool. This tool of bookmarking provides coverage to a web-based interface, mobile apps, web browser extensions. This application is available for Mozilla Firefox, and Google chrome

Pockets allow the users to send an email. The web-based interface provides a view of the bookmarked pages, that are categorized into videos, images, tags, articles, favorites, and much more. One of the unique features of Pocket is that it saves the content offline and is available even without the internet.

This bookmark manager supports platforms such as macOS desktop applications, Windows, Android, iOS, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome extensions, web-based interfaces.

4. One Note

The Notion, One Note, or Evernote contains their own web clipper tools that let the user capture and clip bookmarks. These applications can capture links that are in the form of HTML files or bookmarks. In fact, the PDF files can be saved offline as the whole article. 

These all apps are very powerful and have the best organizing structure. The users are able to create folders, subfolders, tags, etc. With Notion, the user can even create their own Wiki of bookmarks with the saved links

The key features of these apps are dark mode, good organization structure, native apps, web clipper tool, etc.

The bookmark manager supports Web, iOS, Android, Windows, macOS.

5. Pinboard

Pinboard is one of the oldest and best bookmark managers prevailing. This bookmarking service allows the user to bookmark from any website in a click and also supports tags and folders. Pinboard states that it does not serve any type of advertisements and third party tracking SDK

The important features for Pinboard are mobile apps and extensions for all the major platforms, supports tags and folders, captures URL without any hitch, Syncs third-party applications, no tracking, no advertisements.

This app supports Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Web, Edge, Safari, Firefox, Chrome

6. Diigo

Diigo is a powerful as well as versatile bookmark manager that has wonderful features and tools. With the annotations feature in the Diigo Bookmarket, the contents can be highlighted. Similarly, the Read Later feature allows the user to save the webpage or take a screenshot and read the content later

The links to the user’s profile can be added and emailed to any specific email id while the bookmarks can be imported and exported as well easily. One feature attributed to Diigo is it acts as a social bookmarking network that displays new contents added by other users and one can also join other groups to share the links

Diigo supports Mac applications, iOS, Android, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome browser extensions.

7. Google Bookmarks

Google Bookmarks was developed in 2005 and is a cloud-based standalone bookmark manager. This is a kind of browser extension for Mozilla Firefox and Google chrome. This bookmark manager functions in a simple way of adding a webpage to the Google Bookmark account on the cloud server. Then the user can add webpages with notes and labels and save the same to the Google Bookmark cloud account

These saved bookmarks can be accessed anytime from anywhere and the links or notes can be added or removed, labels are edited, etc. However, they are on Cloud services and cannot be synced with the browser bookmarks. Thus even in the case of a system crash or browser failure, the bookmarks are intact

This bookmark manager supports a Web-based interface, Mozilla Firefox, and Google chrome.

8. Dewey Bookmarks

This is a Google Chrome extension and lets the users manage and visualize the bookmarks. The bookmarks are displayed in a beautiful card-based layout and are very simple to access and edit. For access at later times, the bookmarks can be easily tagged and the bookmarks can be sorted through a title, date of entry, or URL. Dewey is a web-based bookmark manager and lets the user manage the bookmarks in a single place

This bookmark manager supports web-based Google chrome.

9. iCloud Bookmarks

This is an Apple’s Bookmark tool that syncs easily with all the Apple devices such as Mac, iPad, iPhone. The saved bookmarks can be synced from all the registered devices. iCloud is normally used for backup and sync of documents, videos, music, etc but even bookmarks can be synced from all the devices

iCloud supports Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

Conclusion: Best Bookmark Managers for Chrome, Android, and iOS

The content on the web is getting added every second and finding your relevant content from this ocean is a difficult task. Bookmark managers are an indispensable tool even while using it on the internet. The reason for the same is the way it has made data handling very simple and easy

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