Best Dreamcast Emulators to Play Sega Games

Dreamcast Emulators can allow you to play the best Dreamcast games on your Windows or Android devices. Best Dreamcast Emulators to Play Sega Games are listed in this article.

Dreamcast is a console which was released by Sega in 1998 in Japan. With Dreamcast getting released, thousands of children were happy because of getting an excellent gaming console with which they could have great gaming experience. It was released asked all over the world in 1999 and it had tons of awesome games which the children played and had fun. Dreamcast earned huge success and it was discontinued later in the year 2001.

Dreamcast could not beat the popularity of PlayStation 2 and people were inclined towards PlayStation 2 which was a major reason why Dreamcast was discontinued. However, people still cherish the memories which this console gave them. Majority of the people have spent their time playing games on Dreamcast and most of them will still play with all their heart if they get an opportunity to play on it again. For that reason alone, the developers have brought a perfect alternative for the people. There are a lot of Dreamcast Emulators in the market which is now available, with which you can have the same experience as Dreamcast.

What is an Emulator?

For those who do not know what an emulator is, you have nothing to worry about because we will tell you about it in this article.

To put in simple words, an emulator is a software which acts like other software. When you have a Dreamcast emulator, you will be able to play the games which you could play in Dreamcast, without even owning a Dreamcast. You can easily play Dreamcast games on your PC and have the exact experience as you did on the Dreamcast.

Since it is a software, it has various advantages and disadvantages as well and also, it is supported on limited platforms such as Mac or Windows. You need to fulfill basic requirements with which you will be able to use the Dreamcast emulator. In this article, we will discuss all you need to know about Dreamcast emulators, the best emulators which you must try and how to run games on these emulators.

Since there are a lot of emulators available in the market, it becomes difficult for the users to figure out which one is the best emulator for them. To help you out with the confusion, we have researched hard and made a list of some of the best Dreamcast emulators which are available to you. Every emulator in the list works in its own way and you will be satisfied with your choice of the emulator. There are various advantages, disadvantages and certain requirements for each emulator and we will let you know all about that. All you need to do is just scroll down.

Best Dreamcast Emulators

Here is our list of best and working Dreamcast Emulators:

1. NullDC/Reicast

reicast Best Dreamcast Emulators

NullDC is one of the best Dreamcast emulators out there and it is mostly famous for its compatibility with a lot of Dreamcast games as well as its speed. NullDC was discontinued back in 2011 and the same developers who developed NullDC, have developed Reicast as well and have only made a few changes to the team. Reicast is a newer and better version of NullDC and we recommend you to go for Reicast instead of opting for NullDC. Not only that, but Reicast is a more stable option as well.

Since NullDC is discontinued and Reicast is the newer version, you will get regular updates and fixes for the emulator from the developers. There are some bugs and problems with the emulators because it is in its alpha stage. It is good that’s why it is included in the list of best Dreamcast Emulators. However, the developers are continuously working on it. Reicast is popular, powerful and accurate. Along with these, it also offers high graphics and is compatible with Windows, Android and Linux and thus, it will be one of the best Dreamcast emulators in the near future.


Some of the best features of Reicast are mentioned below:

  • Saving features
  • Screen size customization
  • Graphics and Audio customizations
  • Cloud VMU
  • Optimization options
  • Controller support
  • FPS customization
  • Storage customization option (external storage options)

Supported Platforms

Reicast is not supported in every platform. The platforms which it supports are:

  • Windows 8.1 and 10 (both 32 and 64 bit)
  • Android 2.2 and up
  • iOS 5.x – 7.x


There are various languages of using Reicast. The advantages are:

  • High speed
  • Customizable
  • Smooth and easy to use interface
  • Excellent graphics with great sound results
  • Developer support
  • Is compatible with almost every single Dreamcast game which also includes the commercial ones.


There are various disadvantages of using Reicast emulator as well and these flaws are mentioned below:

  • Unstable
  • Difficult to set up
  • Has a few bugs because it is still in alpha stage

System Requirements

Minimum system requirements for running Reicast Dreamcast Emulator on Windows are:

  • CPU: AMD Athlon XP/64/Turion at 2 GHz or Intel Pentium D at 2.1 GHz or equivalent
  • RAM: 1GB
  • DirectX 9.0 or greater
  • Video Card: Nvidia GeForce 4 Ti or ATi Radeon 8500

The requirements for Android are:

  • Cpu: Cortex-A9, Dualcore, 1.2ghz
  • Gpu: Adreno, Tegra K1 or Mali400 gpus
  • The minimum RAM should be At least 52 MB

2. DEmul

demul dreamcast emulator

Another top-notch Dreamcast Emulator is the DEmul which is one of the best emulators when it comes to accuracy and compatibility. While using this emulator, you can play practically every Dreamcast game there is because it is highly compatible with Dreamcast games. The compatibility is the reason why DEmul is one of the best and most popular Dreamcast emulators which are currently there on the internet. With Dreamcast, you can have a smooth gaming experience because this emulator replicates all the games with great accuracy and thus, the users do not face any lag issues. In addition to all that, the emulator can also emulate Naomi 1 and Naomi 2, which gives it an extra edge over other emulators. It is great and efficient that’s why it is included in the list of best Dreamcast Emulators.

Development of DEmul was stopped a few years ago. However, since then, it has been picked by a Russian team who is now currently working on it and thus, the bugs and problems will be taken care of by the developers in the near future.


Below are mentioned some of the best features of DEmul which makes it one of the best Dreamcast emulators. The features are:

  • Plugins support
  • Customizable screen
  • Controller support
  • Virtual memory cards
  • Multiplayer support
  • Save games and Save sates
  • Audio, Graphics and Input customization

Supported Platforms

DEmul is available only for Windows. However, it is proven that Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 run DEmul without any issues.


The advantages of using DEmul are as follows:

  • Highly accurate
  • Great compatibility with almost every game running on it
  • Tons of customizable options
  • Smooth experience


There are a few drawbacks of DEmul as well and these are:

  • Limited audio customization
  • It requires a high-end PC to run. Other emulators do not need such a high-end PC.
  • Difficult to set it up because it lacks good documentation

System Requirements

The minimum requirements to run the emulator on your system decently are as follows:

  • DirectX11
  • Dual core processor @ 3.0 GHz or above
  • A minimum of 512 MB of RAM

Note: These are not the official requirements for the emulator, these are minimum requirements.

3. Redream

redream is the best dreamcast emulator

Last but not least, Redream is also one of the most popular emulators in the market. It is the latest emulator which is currently under development. The main developer has made this emulator an open source project. The emulator is relatively new because of which it has a lot of bugs at the moment and doesn’t have a lot of excellent features. It is an active emulator in the Dreamcast community. Because it is an active community, it will have a lot of improvements in the near future.


As we have mentioned above already, Redeem

As mentioned earlier, Redream is really new so it doesn’t have a lot of features. However, with each update, it is getting better and better with additional features. It has an easy interface and it is quite smooth as well. You can now implement the resizing of your screen. This feature has been added recently. Furthermore, audio decoding and inputs are working well too.

The developers are working on new features as well, which will be available soon. The features under development are multiple controller profiles, external controller, save files and names, texture conversion and shading support.

Despite not having enough features, this emulator can run tons of games smoothly.

Supported Platforms

The platforms which it supports are as follows:

  • Windows 10
  • Mac OS X
  • Ubuntu


The advantages of Redream are:

  • Regular updates
  • Great UI
  • Compatible with a lot of games
  • Fast


The drawbacks of Redream are:

  • A lot of bugs
  • Less documentation
  • Not many features

System Requirements

Because this emulator is new in the market and is still in the initial stage and under development, there is no specific system requirement for this emulator.

Final Verdict on Best Dreamcast Emulators

These are a few of the best Dreamcast emulators which are currently available for you. With that, you can have the same experience as Dreamcast. These emulators are smooth, and therefore, you will not have any problems while using these emulators.

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