15 Best Drinking Game Apps for Android and iOS

Late night out parties is no fun without some amazing games. 15 Best Drinking Game Apps for Android and iOS will make your parties even more fun and playful. Drinking Game Apps are small games which you can play with your friends while being drunk.

It is an old traditional and well-known among people all over the world: drinking games. People love to do different tasks while getting drunk with their friends. It is not a modern concept in any manner. However, there are a lot of drinking games available on phones with some amazing quests to accomplish. Well, all these apps require the involvement of people over 21 years of age and eligible to drink. This article covers the best drinking game apps for Android and iPhone. There are plenty of apps on the Internet, we cut short the number to 15 for the convenience of our readers. Without further ado, let’s read about top 15 drinking game apps.

Best Drinking Game Apps

Picolo Drinking Game – Drinking Game Apps

Drinking Game Apps

Picolo Drinking Game is a popular and widely used drinking game app for smartphone users. It is available on both platforms, iOS as well as Android. So, anyone with a smartphone can download this free application. In order to use this app and play the game, you need at least three different players, to begin with. All you have to do is to enter the name of the players and then simply read what is written on the blue screen. There are several challenges which are surely enjoyable for a group of friends. Also, there is an option of customization, which means that if you do not like a challenge then you can add your own challenge.

iPuke – Drinking Game Apps

Drinking Game Apps ipuke

iPuke is one of the best drinking games apps in the whole market. It is a simple game which runs on cards and asks people to do various tasks. The tasks guarantee to bring the best out of the guys when they are drunk. In order to operate this app, you need to open the app firstly. You will see a bunch of cards displayed on the screen. All of them are paid and demand some charges except one which is available for free. Select that card if you are not willing to pay for other options. After that, choose the number of players, then begin with the game. There are two options for a player, either to drink or do a task.

Heads Up – Drinking Game Apps

Drinking Game Apps heads up

Next on our list of best drinking game apps for Android and iPhone is Heads Up. You can enjoy it with your friends and relatives at a house party. The rules are quite straightforward and you will easily get to it. All you have to do is to open the app and you will find several decks of cards with a few words written on them. Place it on your forehead and let other people explain the meaning of the word. If the opposite person fails to explain its meaning, then he has to drink a specific amount of drink. You can easily create your own rules and use this app to the fullest.

Drink and Tell – Drinking Game Apps

drink and tell Drinking Game Apps

It is the newest addition to the world of drinking apps. Even though it is new, it is popular among the users of both platforms, Android and iOS. You can play this game with your friends whenever and wherever you want. There are a total of six free categories of questions: love, sex, life & death, personality, ethics, and user-generated. There are a lot of questions in these categories that you can play the drinking game for the whole night with your kith and kin. Rules are simple, a person reads the question with the answer option which leaves players to answer them secretly. Then everyone is asked to guess it, the one who fails to guess it right has got to drink.

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Seven – Drinking Game Apps

seven Drinking Game Apps

Seven is one of the craziest drinking game apps for Android and iPhone. It is a game with cards and different tasks to perform. These dates are really crazy and people often enjoy doing these tasks in front of their friends and families. Also, there is an option to select the language of your choice. At once, you can select up to three different languages. The game is quite versatile and fit for any occasion which involves drinks. So, if you are having a party at your home then make sure you download this app and put forward some exciting dares to do. Those who fail to perform well and up to the mark are supposed to drink a specific amount of drinks.

Game of Shots – Drinking Game Apps

game of shots Drinking Game Apps

It is a whole package app of more than fifteen drinking games. Game of Shots includes a total of 17 different drinking games such as I have never, Truth and Dare, Guess or Drink, The Bottle, and much more to explore. You can utilize this app to the fullest to make an event with your friends more exciting. The app features two languages: English and Spanish. You can select either language and the sound system is really good. The best thing about this app is that it provides different choices to select from. If you are bored with a game, move to next, then another, and so on. The app is alone sufficient for the whole night, so if you are inviting your friends to your home then it is a great option to consider.

Drinking Game by Evilbit – Drinking Game Apps

Drinking Game by Evilbit is a not so popular app among Android users because of its complicated challenges. People try to stay away from this app as the quests are quite challenging. However, the interface is very simple to understand but the challenges are full of twists and a bit complications. It is highly recommended that you play this game at the very beginning of any party. If you get familiar with the unusual challenges, then this app can do wonders, and make an ongoing party more amusing. The app features a modern look which makes it more appealing.

Never Have I Ever – Drinking Game Apps

It is similar to the app mentioned above coming from Evilbit. Never Have I Ever is an exclusive app for iPhone users. The app does not work on an Android smartphone. In this app, you will see five different games to select from, so you can choose the game of your taste and preference. The primary motive of the app is to cheer up the mood of the people and make any event more exciting with its crazy tasks. The design of the app is very bright and delightful which makes it a happy mood app. So, if you own any iOS device, feel free to download this app.

Kings – Drinking Game Apps

It is a popular drinking game app which features a deck of cards. Each card comes with a challenge or a small game. All you have to do is to enter the name of the players. Then ask them to draw a card and then do the task mentioned on the card. If the person fails to follow the instructions, then he or she has to take some sips of the drink. However, to play this game, it is your choice whether you want to use the deck of cards or not. You can even set a sequence and then play this game one by one with the help of this app on your phone. Although, some people try to stick to the traditional method of drinking game, so it fits both types of individuals.

Drink-O-Tron – Drinking Game Apps

It is another drinking game which is played with the help of a deck of cards. However, it is quite different from other card drinking game as the challenges and tasks are given in the app shows the meaning side by side. So, it is elaborating the meaning of the tasks and people do not find any difficulty in understanding the task. It also avoids any type of miscommunication among the players regarding the task. Also, the cards are really bright and beautiful, which makes the experience of playing the game more amusing. Well, there are several decks of cards to select from, but only two are available for free. If you are willing to buy them all, you can easily enjoy the whole night.

Drink or Doom – Drinking Game Apps

It is a fun game to be played with your friends. Drink or Doom is a hilarious game with attractive gameplay. In this drinking game app, you do not have to deal with any type of cards. You get different characters which move forward to the next challenge on the role of a dice. The challenges are really enjoyable and involve the number of players playing the game. The game features a decent music and sound effect which makes it more interesting and fits the environment. Also, there is a variety of characters to select from, it allows every player to have a different character so that it is convenient to play without any hassle.

Circle of Death – Drinking Game Apps

It is another drinking game app for Android and iPhone which involves a deck of cards. It is one of the simplest games ever. All you have to is select the number of players and sit in a circle. Then, with a sequence moving in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction, you keep on rotating the phone. One by one, players read their task and perform it in front of others. The tasks are quite interesting and challenging, so it includes a lot of fun. If the individual fails to perform the task with instructions given in the card then he has got to drink. For the convenience of the users all over the world, it comes in two different languages: English and Spanish. You can select either of these two and begin the fun.

King of Booze – Drinking Game Apps

It is a similar game app to Drink or Book. King of Booze is a board game which involves two or more players at a single time. You need to enter the number of players and their names. The character moves forward and it displays two: drink or challenge. If the person selects a challenge, then a task will appear on the screen which the player has to perform. Now, if the player is unsuccessful in doing the task given in the instructions, then the person has to take a specific number of sips from the glass of a drink. However, the app is currently available only on iPhone, so Android users can not try this app. Also, the app involves some in-app purchases, so it is not free of cost.

Bomba Drink – Drinking Game Apps

bomba drink drinking game apps

Bomba Drink brings in a fresh concept for the drinking game. Most of the game apps involve the use of a deck of cards, but in Bomba Drink, there is no such necessity. The concept of this game is that your phone is a virtual bomb which will explode on the failure of a person on giving the answer. So, if a person fails to answer any question or gives the wrong answer when he or she has got to drink. Other players can select the number of drinks to make the game more exciting. Also, you can select an unlimited number of players so it fits any kind of party or occasion.

Drinking Wheel – Drinking Game Apps

The last on our list of best drinking game apps for Android and iPhone is Drinking Wheel. It is a popular app which comes with a fresh concept of playing. The concept is new on the phone but it is well-known to everyone. It is similar to the traditional bottle game and involves more options and spicy challenges. Out of these challenges, some involve drinking while others ask for doing some crazy things. Overall, it is a great addition to the night which involves the drinks. Also, it is something different from the usual game of cards and it fits for a night with your friends and family.

This is the end of our list of 15 Best Drinking Game Apps for Android and iPhone. You can download either of these apps and get familiar with it if you are having a party at your home soon or you are going to be a party host. Also, if you have any problem relating to any of these apps, feel free to ask your query in the comments section given below. We will contact you as soon as possible.


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