Best Free NBA Streaming Sites Online (Working in 2023)

Here are the Top Free NBA streaming sites to Watch Live NBA Matches Online!

The NBA refers to a North American professional basketball league. It includes a total of thirty teams with twenty-nine in the United States and one in Canada. The league plays around eighty-two games in the season that runs from October to April. They are one of the best-paid athletes. It has become the most-watched league worldwide. When the season starts, a large crowd wants to watch the NBA online from every part of the World. So there is a tremendous demand for NBA streaming sites.

Sending or receiving a video through the internet in real-time with playback casting and remaining data is received in a continuous flow is known as streaming.

  • Staying indoors due to Pandemic or living in a small town, it is challenging to connect to things of our interest. With the boom in internet technology, your voices are heard worldwide without going in person. Streaming sites have given platforms to share their unique knowledge with the World. Video live streaming has been a boon to sports fans to get live updates on their interesting matches.
  • Time has changed from sitting in front of the TV to watching your favorite Sport. You can now watch Basketball leagues online with different streaming websites.
  • Most fail to get the facts about streaming on how it works. Do you feel about learning about watching games with these streaming websites?

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How can we watch the NBA?

  • NBA can be watched online on cable TV, PC/Mac, mobile phones, ios on turning on the internet. There are many NBA live streaming platforms that broadcast NBA games. League passes also give access to NBA streams. You can choose the best streaming site suitable for you. NBA streaming sites can be accessed free or on a subscription basis.
  • Those who cannot pay for the subscription can watch NBA streaming with the following sites. These are free and allow you to experience the thrill of the match. 
  • Having a VPN can help you outside the US as most streaming sites are the US only. VPNs like Nord, Express are good. These help to overcome geo-blocking.
  • If you are in the US, you can consider using YouTube TV and Sling TV to watch matches. People outside the US can use League Pass or VPN.
  • There are trial plans available for short terms that one can try, like Fubo TV, Hulu on free but later need to pay if you want to continue.
  • Users of free sites need to have VPN as free streaming sites may get infected and cause legal issues.

Steps to watch NBA Streaming

  • Use a compatible device (iPhone, PC/Mac, Android, Chromecast, PS4) with a web browser.
  • Open up the browser and head to the below-listed sites.
  • Choose the sport you want to watch.
  • Click the link given for streaming.
  • Click the play button in the player and enjoy the stream.
  • Always having an AdBlocker is preferred.

Factors to consider for a good NBA streamer:

  1. It should be available free of cost as most cannot afford to subscribe.
  2. There should be fewer ads and popups.
  3. It should not demand login ID, download or involve any malware or ask for personal details.
  4. Users should feel easy to go through procedures of watching it.
  5. Should have quality videos.
  6. It should be legal.

Free NBA Streaming Sites

You can watch NBA Games using VIPBox or for free. But these are illegal methods that may cause problems with security. Using VPN will be a better option. There are few other sites that either broadcast or give links to channels that broadcast the live sessions.

Free NBA streaming sites that give updates on the latest scores and match schedules are:

1. Stream2Watch for PC/MAC desktop users:

  • Login to to watch your favorite match.
  • This works without Geo-blocking from anywhere.
  • It offers multi-language audio, backup for every broadcast.
  • You can select NBA streams and start watching without any subscription, contracts, account required.
  • They stream from free sports streaming sites, and there is no monitoring.

Requirements for this streaming:

  • Good internet connection and proper security.
  • Google Chrome and Firefox are advised.
  • Use ad-blockers.
  • Always tune in a bit earlier to avoid last-minute loading problems due to crowding.
  • Use VPN to avoid issues with ISP blocking access.

iOS users:

  • Go to the browser.
  • Type
  • The rest of the procedures are the same as above.
  • Go to live sports and check out for Basketball.
  • Check for all available games and click on the one you want to watch.
  • Click the play button to watch the match.

Android users:

  • Open browser and type
  • You will be directed to the website.
  • Pick the Basketball option and the match you want to watch.
  • click the play button and enjoy the match free of cost.


  • This is a replacement for Reddit NBA streams.
  • You can watch matches on mobile, desktop, and even a tablet using this site without any registration.
  • To watch the match click on
  • Select NBA stream and enjoy access to every latest match.
  • You have the option to search teams, schedules and get news updates.
  • It does not stream any copyrighted content without taking permission from owners, so it is legal.


  • You can use Android or iOS to watch through this website.
  • This site allows us to access live sports websites.
  • It is most popular in MidEast.
  • It is known for NBA streaming.
  • There is no login or sign-up.
  • All contents are available with a click.
  • It also includes predictions by viewers.
  • The site gives many links for live NBA streaming.


  • Check into
  • You have the option to watch free NBA streams using PC/Mac, mobile, or tablet.
  • Get all the basketball games live with this streaming site. There will be a detailed list of NBA game schedules, and you can check constant updates for the same.
  • It provides high-quality videos of matches.
  • Allows you to watch NBA matches without cable.
  • It keeps you informed on games, schedules, news, watch, stats, standings, teams, players, scores, NBABet, game analysis, original programming, and many more.


  • Login to
  • You will see live NBA stream schedule.
  • Stream to Basketball and check the preseason, regular, playoff, and final matches.
  • Watch free HD quality and SD matches with PC, tablet, or phone.
  • You can save and bookmark, and access whenever required.

6. Reddit

  • This site provides a link for matches as they do not have broadcasting rights.
  • It has a community subreddit dedicated to NBA news and discussion with topics Basketball as well.
  • Subreddit pages have a regular update on sports events.
  • Options are given to filter highlight, original content, news, discussion, post-game thread.

7. VipBox TV

  • It is effortless to use. You can click and watch.
  • Provides us with a link to a channel that is streaming a match live.
  • It has helped chat and services.
  • You can watch sports on a PC, tablet, or phone for free without registration or any installation.
  • They also have a fun quiz with answers regarding matches.

8. NBA

  • This site streams only NBA games.
  • Go to Home has the option of NBA live streams, NBA TV, NBA premium upstreams.
  • Watch live streams of basketball free of cost.
  • This site gathers the best live streams and lets you watch them for free.
  • You can even watch them on your mobile NBA with android or ios and even on your laptop or TV at good quality.
  • There is no requirement for an account or subscription.
  • You need to select your favorite team and let the video load.
  • The viewer has to create a free account giving credit card details in the first usage.
  • The site is legit and neatly organized.

9. Watch ESPN

  • It is one of the highest-rated sites for watching the match and offers excellent quality.
  • It is user-friendly and this site is Ad free.
  • One can watch live events, check future matches, and replay older matches.
  • It only works for US subscribers.
  • You can use Android or iOS to watch.
  • Everything is very well organized on the site.


  • It is ad-free.
  • User friendly.
  • You can access this from any phone by visiting this channel.

11. CrackStreams

  • Access
  • It streams many sports events like NFL, MMA, boxing.
  • On top, one can see NBA streams.
  • It is one of the best streaming sites that streams live the latest events.
  • Watch a live match at a click observing notification on the right side of the home page.
  • You can find highlights of the match, live scores, schedules, sports information, and more.
  • With an easy user interface, it offers viewers easy usage.
  • In case one link is not working, you have the option to switch to another and view the match.
  • Most links will be verified and updated one day before the match.
  • You need not give any of your personal information here.
  • Get directed to the Live stream and schedule page on choosing the NBA stream.
  • Choose the game and click “watch now”, and then click the play button.
  • The quality of videos is not that great, but worth a free watch.
  • Always run Adblocker software to save yourself from spam and other security threats.
  • A chat room allows chatting options.


  • Now watch your favorite team playing Basketball at
  • It offers a simple way to watch live basketball streams with great quality.
  • At ATDHE, you get a stream aggregator with links.
  • You always can report content violating your rights by Email and ask for removal.
  • You can share the link with friends with the Share button present on the upper left side of the home page.
  • You can check the basketball offer to watch matches using a smartphone or laptop from anywhere.


  • Known for its excellent quality sports streaming.
  • UK users cannot access.
  • Requires registration.
  • Keeps you informed on upcoming events, scores, performances.


  • It offers many channels and is suitable for North American residents.
  • Easy navigation but has Popups and ads.
  • Links given on this site may lead to other sites rather than the home page.
  • You can change the time zone as per the country you dwell in.
  • There is no need to register here.
  • It connects to the famous sports broadcast networks like NBA TV, Eurosport, ESPN.
  • They have live chat options.

15. Playstation Vue

  • It also can be watched with TV, PC, ios, and androids.
  • Streaming is fast.
  • Activation is a bit tough.

16. Laola

  • This website is not so developed yet.
  • There is no need for registration.
  • You can directly check in to their website and watch your favorite match.

17. Buffstream

  • Browse
  • It demands creating free accounting and also entering credit card details.
  • It is a legit site and has excellent reviews.
  • Mobile and tablet view modes are also available.
  • Click on watch NBA Streams and Schedule.
  • Streaming is quick and of good quality and so this site has a good rating.
  • It is easy to use.
  • The site is open for unlimited visitors, and you may watch other sports apart from Basketball.
  • There is an option to discuss the match with fans Worldwide with account creation.
  • Match schedules are given one week before.
  • Links to matches are posted half an hour early than the start time.
  • You can choose from higher-quality HD content at the top to lower-quality links at the bottom.
  • The platform allows you to watch content on the web with a flash player.
  • Link update happens every five minutes to avoid dead link problems.
  • The site offers easy navigation and a list of current and future events.
  • An Adblocker is advised while using this site.
  • Chat gets inactivated if not attended for a long period.
  • There are times when broadcast halts.
  • The number of visitors clearly states that this site is one of the best for watching the league.

18. NBA-Streams.XYZ

  • This site is only for NBA games.
  • Select the game, click on play and let the video load.
  • Video quality is HD.
  • Always make sure to block Ads.
  • It offers good service even at low internet speed.
  • Some buffering may be there that may be irritating during essential hours of the match.

19. Cricfree

  • It is one of the neatly organized platforms that allow easy usage for viewers in watching the game of their interest.
  • It covers schedules of matches for a particular day as well as upcoming matches.
  • Chat option can be used to discuss with other fans about your opinion.
  • Though there are advertisements and pop-ups viewers will get an alert.
  • It covers most of the foreign sports channels live.

20. Sling TV

  • Sling TV gets you to access TNT, ESPN, NBA TV.
  • It offers a three-day free trial so that you can check for free and decide.

21. VIPLeague.

  • Here you may watch live streaming of NBA games along with other sports.
  • The user interface is easy and also there is sports availability in many languages.
  • The interface is also rather straightforward, and another important aspect is that this site offers sports in a variety of languages, including Dutch, French, and Spanish.

22. SportSurge

  • It streams a variety of sports.
  • The number of advertisements will be more.

23. Fubo TV

  • It comes with a plan, including ESPN and NBA TV. 
  • You can watch content on the phone, tablet, or TV.
  • You have the option to record a game for a replay after.
  • It offers a seven-day free trial, and you can cancel it anytime.


  • It covers many sports live to stream.
  • It has chat options.

25. Hulu+Live TV

  • You can get access to ABC, TNT, and ESPN.
  • They offer a seven-day trial, and you can cancel at any time.


  • It provides a free link to NBA games.
  • Ads can be more which can be annoying.

27. Sportshub Stream

  • It offers multiple links for NBA games.
  • Ads can be more.

28. USA Goals

  • It provides live streaming of NBA games.
  • Annoying ads are the cons of this site.

29. Rojadirecta

  • NBA games can be watched for free.
  • A lot of malware and virus issues are seen on this site.

30. Hulk Stream

  • All NBA games can be watched.
  • Has Ads issue.

31. 6Streams TV

  • It offers free and direct NBA live streams and is one of the highly recommended sites.

32. StreamWoop

  • This site is good to watch many online sports events.
  • It notifies about new matches, gives replay, highlights.
  • Its video quality is very good.
  • Advertisements are less here.

33. CricHD

  • This site is easy to handle.
  • It provides working links for live streaming.

34. VIPRow Sports

  • This site streams all possible sports events.

35. Feed2all

  • Easy user interface but a bit slow
  • With less advertisement and notification of upcoming games, it is a great site for a sports fan.
  • You can select a time zone as per your region to check game timings.

36. SportLemon

  • It broadcasts sports events.
  • There are lesser advertisements and pop-ups.
  • Easy user interface.
  • The viewer can save matches and watch later if you create an account at this site.

37. Sports RAR TV

  • It gives many links to live matches.

Apart from the above links, one can also follow events live streaming on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. One more option where you can watch is NBA matches on the YouTube NBA channel.

How to watch old leagues online?

NBA League Pass will let you watch old leagues online.

How to access NBA game streaming outside the US

This can be done by subscribing to a league pass and watching games or a virtual private network. VPN lets you unlock the US services. When you connect to a server outside hiding your IP address, you can access live matches.

Good VPN in the market are ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Surfshark, CyberGhost. Consider speed, security, bandwidth, and price while going for a VPN.

Conclusion: NBA Streaming Sites for Live Matches

Now we are aware of Free NBA streaming sites that let us watch matches for free. It does not demand a download or any software or app. Always check for legal places to watch NBA matches to avoid problems. Please stay away from illegal sites as they may cause a security threat. Watch your favorite team performing live and enjoy the thrill this season.

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