Best Gaming Tools That Every PC Gamer Should Own

In order to be a better gamer, you might need some gaming tools to have a proper gaming experience. There are basic tools like a mouse, keyboard, monitor, etc but to be good at gaming you might need some advanced for better performance and better overall experience.

Below, we have mentioned some of the best gaming tools that you need in order to make your PC better. These include:

A magnetic Screwdriver is something that can be considered a light-bringer to your PC, a magic element. If you are planning on building a PC, you need to have a screwdriver that is comfortable to use.

When buying a Magnetic Screwdriver, make sure you buy a high-quality versatile screwdriver. It is quite dangerous for you to have a lower-quality screwdriver because it might cut the corners or other issues that you would want to avoid getting into. There are a lot of amazing screwdrivers available online that you can buy. Ratcheting hard handle a screwdriver,  by Snap-on, is made of stainless steel and lasts long.

It is a very good idea to keep a backup screwdriver with a long shaft of about 8 inches or even longer than that for tighter spaces, if you are going with the ratcheting screwdriver then choose the one that has removable bits. These often have thicker shafts thus making it difficult to reach around the heat.

Secondary Tools

Along with your driver, you might need to buy extra stuff to complement your purchase. To have access to the narrower spaces in order to rescue screws, plug in the thin panel cables, or secure the jumpers, you need to get smaller screwdrivers.

We recommend you to get iFixit’s Pro Tech Toolkit because it has everything you need. It comes with a 54-bit driver set covering any obscure screw you ever come across.

  • Cable ties

Your PC might turn into a hot mess if you have poor cable management. With good management, you can reduce the cable chaos behind your PC. With good cable management, your PC will not look messy, and the flow of air will improve, making your PC cooler. However, we advise you not to use plastic zip ties and use hook and loop ones because they’ll last forever. It’ll be easier with colored ties because then it’ll be very simple for you to differentiate which cable belongs where.

  • Dust management

Everyone knows how annoying dust can be. Dust affects the lifespan of your components. We recommend you to buy the Metro ED500 because nothing is more effective than an electric duster. It is a powerful and motorized air blower that can be plugged into a socket. This can be used to suck the air out of anything and not just from a PC. 

  • A cleaning brush only

We have already suggested you a cleaning tool. However, one simple air burst is not enough to get the stubborn dust particles out. You need to apply some outside force as well. Therefore, to maintain your PC components, you must opt for electronics friendly brush, made of Silicon.

You should buy lenspen if you want your brush to work on the optional devices as well. It comes with a retractable and carbon cleaning pad on either side of the brush. This is also used to keep the weapon-optics dust-free. 

  • Ergonomic Gear

Do you need a powerful gaming setup? Of course. Do you have a powerful gaming setup? Most probably. Is it healthy? Maybe not. You need to have a combination of a powerful and healthy gaming setup. Both are incomplete without one another. Therefore, it is important to understand the significance of ergonomics.

These gears have a wider scope. If you play games on your desk for a long time period then you need to make sure that you buy a decent chair to help your spine.

  • Headlamp

PC cases can get cavernous. The bulbs hanging above your head cannot cover your entire PC screen and you sometimes you might not have enough light with you. No matter how much the voltage of your bulb or tube light is or matter how much light your iPhone’s torch is able to provide, it is never going to be as good an alternative as the headlamp is.

You can buy any headlamp for your benefit from anywhere because they are cheap and include AAA batteries. This way, you can get enough light by spending just a small amount of money.

  • Controller

You cannot replace your keyboard and mouse with a controller. However, you can add something like a controller that allows you to play more comfortably. With some outside help, you can make your Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers work on your PC. Therefore, you need to buy one of your own controllers (if you don’t have a PS4 or Xbox One). There are many alternatives available in the market.

  • Mousepad

If you are a true gamer, you know the importance of a mouse pad. Gaming without a proper mouse pad is like playing football while wearing bathroom slippers. You always need a better frictional surface and that is why a good mouse pad is essential. Some people get a lower frictional one like Razer Destructor 2, whereas others go for high friction surface one like Steelseries DeX. The key, in the end, is to get the biggest mouse pad capable of accommodating on your desk.

  • A high-quality microphone

You might need a high-quality microphone to convey your messages to your teammates in competitive games such as CS: GO. For better audio, you need a better microphone. Therefore, having a discrete microphone lets you use extremely high-end headsets as well. Taking our suggestion, you should go with the Blue’s stand-up mics. Better yet, go for the Yeti.

  • Fraps

It is important for a gamer to get beautiful, high-quality, and high-resolution images while they are gaming. Therefore, giving you a review of the high-resolution images is a very important thing for us to do. Our personal choice for the GifCam is  Fraps. The thing we love the most about Fraps is that it has a very light footprint weight, which makes it better than most. For screenshot capturing, you need to opt for the Fraps. With the help of Fraps, you can always grab JPEGs and BMPs and with raw and uncompressed video, you can convert that into a GIF.

Like we have mentioned above, Fraps is the choice we recommend for capturing any screenshot. This helps in getting us high-resolution, beautiful, and high-quality images. The thing which we love the most about Fraps is that it has a lightweight footprint. With the help of Fraps, you can always grab JPEGs and BMPs and with raw and uncompressed video, you can convert that into a GIF.

  • Screws and standoffs aplenty

While upgrading or building a new PC, you, as a gamer, know that nothing can get worse than you stripping that particular screw that you cannot get a replacement for. You need to have a kit of screws that you can keep nearby. Just remember one thing that you shouldn’t use a big screen because, with that, you might do damage to your motherboard. A $10 kit is all you need to make sure that you face no troubles. It sure isn’t a big price to pay considering that you won’t have to roam around looking for the exact screw in your local hardware stores.

  • MSI Afterburner

MSI’s Afterburner is one of the bestselling gaming tools. It is a tool that a gamer must have if they have ever wanted to overclock their graphics card. Afterburner allows you to easily manipulate the fan curves for your graphics card even if you don’t touch your voltages or the clocks. With this program, your GPS can also be throttled, based on the power and temperature. With this, you can continue gaming even if your system gets crashed.

  • A PSU tester

You must not buy a Cheap PSU in order to save money because that’s a bad move. The reason is that not only it might fail but also its bad power supply might kill your other components. It is difficult to know the reason behind a system ailing or not posting. A better PSU will help you eliminate the reasons that will eventually save you hours of headache.

To check whether the PSU is working without risking attaching it to your system, there are clips that attach to the motherboard’s power cable. If The power supply stays on, your PSU is working. We recommend you buy 80 plus gold or a higher one because they are made better and also, they are always under warranty.

  • A good filing system

There are always possibilities of disasters striking even though we don’t like to think about it. However, whenever any disaster strikes, the first thing we dig for is the warranty and receipt of our products so that we don’t have to pay for the expensive parts that have been destroyed.

Now, you can do this in various ways. One of the ways is using Evernote, which is one of the best online filing systems available to you. The other ones are Google Drive and OneNote. Now, you need to make sure that you keep warranties and receipts somewhere safe and where you can remember if you prefer to keep your paper with you. Just in case your expensive parts get destroyed, you can save your money on warranties.


NZXT’s Cam is a cooling controller which currently is one of the best WA that lets you check your PC’s health while you are playing a game. Fraps is good for this, but NZXT CAM is next level and nothing matches this. It gives an overview of your frame rates, minimum and maximum average as well as shows the vitals of the PC. With this, you can get to know the fan speed, RAM, VRAM, and temperature of your CPU.

You can also check the history of the game along with a different page for your stats. You can sync this data with your cloud account as well.

  • Gaming Keyboard

Well, this is something pretty obvious, but every gamer must have a badass gaming keyboard that allows them to play much better than they’d play using a normal keyboard. Gaming keyboards are one of the most important gaming tools as they play a key role when you are gaming, especially when you are addicted to playing any specific game. Now, there is a wide range of keyboards available at different prices. You need to get the one which will suit your hand and of course, your budget. This makes a huge impact on RTS or MMO. Also, the built-in displays are helpful in shooting.

These were some gaming tools that are considered essential if you are a hardcore gamer. You would miss out on a lot of amazing stuff and a great experience if you don’t have these gears. So, buy these and check these off your list to have a much better and complete gaming experience.

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