Best See Through Clothes Apps for Android & iOS

Check out the Best See Through Clothes Apps for your Android and iOS device.

A new genre of applications has come into the market, which are applications that let you x-ray body parts. Most of us would like to know a little more about other people around us. Naked bodies are surely beautiful, but we can choose to be nice or naughty and use our discretion while using these see-through clothes apps.

It is the era of unrestricted access across media channels of nude pictures and videos of people. There are images of people in skimpy outfits and swimsuits circulating around the world. But even with such mature content proliferating the internet, many of us are still looking for more thrill.

If you are someone looking for a personal photo x-ray device to play some prank on your friends or have a schoolmate with a hot body who you would give anything to see, then your dreams can come true now. We are listing here our selected top apps which will let you see through the clothes of other people. These apps can be installed on iPhone or Android Smartphones. 

Do note that these apps do not do any kind of real scanning and fall in the category of apps designed for school children.

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Top Collection of See Through Clothes App

These apps work with your phone cameras, and you can see through the clothes of anyone who comes in front of your phone camera. You could also take desirable selfies easily with any of these apps. One thing must be mentioned here is to exercise caution while handing over such apps to young kids since they should be mature enough to view nude pictures. 

1. X-Ray Cloth Scanner Simulator

This app works on Android phones, and you can get this app on the Google play store. This app will let you see through girls’ clothes. This x-ray clothes app is developed only for fun sake which can be tried only on girls. You could use this app to play a prank with your friends by showing them how you can see through their clothes. If you want an up-to-date photo of your friend, then the editing features of this app can help you with it. You could use an old photo of theirs and edit it to give an updated look. The app lets you try twenty different types of shapes and sizes of bodies so that you can try your hands at something bold. The app would say it is scanning the girl’s body, but the undergarments shown are fake, which means you can use this app just for fun and scaring your buddies.

2. Full Audrey Body Scanner Camera

Android users have a lot of luck with apps that see through clothes. This is another app to see the naked body of anyone in front of you. The app also contains some hot images of men. Just open the camera and turn it towards your friend to convince them you can see their bodies. This app shows you photos of models (men and women). It’s not the body scanner app that is being used as an entertainment app, but a new app called Audrey has been developed just for this. With this free mobile application, you can scan 3D images of your body, which will look very real, just like real-life scanning. This app is apt for people who want to know how their bodies might look in various body shapes and clothing. The app comes in handy when you want to buy some fashionable dress without actually trying it. Scanning 3D images of your body’s organs, bones, and muscles have gotten easier with the Full Audrey Body Scanner app. The app serves both the purpose of entertainment as well as health. You could also make someone feel beautiful and good about themselves with this app.

3. Body Scanner Men and Women Clothes Remover

Another popular app on Android, this app allows you to scan and look through other people’s clothes. More than 1 million users have downloaded and installed this app on their Android smartphones. Do you bother a lot about getting dressed in the mornings? When you have an app like Body Scanner Men and Women Clothes Remover, you can achieve this in an instant. This innovative app would scan your entire outfit in HD quality and take pictures of your clothes from many different angles. You can even use these images as wallpaper on the desktop or background screen of your mobile phone. With this novel app, you can scan all your clothes before going to work every day. Before you put them on you can know what could look good on which clothing item and remove the daily confusion. 

But if you are hoping that you could see inside the body of anyone by using this scanner, then you are in for a disappointment. This is merely a prank app which you can use to make fun of or play pranks on friends and family. You could scare your friends by telling them you have seen their whole body with your scanner.

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4. Sexy Booth FREE Makes You Hot 

This app is for iOS device users, and you can use it to play with your friends. Make your gathering a little more full of spice by telling your friends you can scan through their clothes and see their body parts or underwear. All you need to do is point the camera to your target, someone you want to have some fun with or someone you want to just trouble. The app will show you bare bodies, but they are not your friends’ bodies but of male and female models. So, in reality, it is a fake app that should be used for pure entertainment purposes and not to hurt or insult anyone. 

5. Xray Body Scanner Simulator

This app should be used for people who are 18 years or older. It is a beautiful app designed for iOS devices that can be used for fun. You can tell your friends that your phone is better than theirs as it is equipped with x-ray scanning capabilities. This app only needs your phone to work as usual and give you x-ray effects without the use of radiation. The software would ask you the gender of the person you wish to scan. For better accuracy, you must also specify the body part which is being scanned. Once you take the pic, the app would simulate the workings of an x-ray machine and give you similar results. The app also boasts of catching bone tissues and displaying them on the screen. So with this app, you can x-ray body parts like head, pelvic, knees, chest, etc., and it will give you pretty realistic and cool x-ray images. Maybe some of you would like to do fluorography with it. The application does not pretend to be a real scanner. It honestly discloses that it does not have even the most basic script which can catch body contours. Nevertheless, the app is great for a fun and entertaining evening with friends.

6. Body Scanner Filter

This app is again for android users, and you can easily fool your family and friends with this prankster app. This x-ray clothes scanner app is for pure joy and not real but will surely put a smile on everyone’s face. If you want to make your body look fitter, you could use this app to apply a filter, and the job is done. The Body Scanner Filter app is designed specially to give yourself an ego boost by creating a younger and fitter image of yourself. You could uplift your mood and get your desired look in a jiffy as the app has 50 body types to choose from, along with many different colors. You could make your existing photos more attractive by adding a body filter and changing the story of your picture. Your picture would grab a lot of attention with just a click of this app. You can add more jazz to family reunions and more glamour to your pictures by using this creative and easy-to-use app.

7. XRay Ghost Scanner Prank

If your friends are scared of ghosts, then this app is perfect to have some fun at their expense. This amusing app works on iOS devices and identifies sources of ghosts by using the sensors in your phone. This see-through app is designed strictly for entertainment and should not be used otherwise. It is quite easy to use this app, just launch the app on your phone, aim your phone at the person you wish to target, click on the scan icon. This software only simulates x-ray scans and there are no harmful rays emitted by your device while you are using this interesting app. The app also offers an in-built option using which you can share your images on FB, Instagram, and other social media platforms. You could also use this app on tablets.

8. X-ray Photo Editor Effect

With this app, you can convert your Android device into an x-ray photo editor. With the amazing technology used in this app, you can give x-ray effects to any of your photos. It is a free app that you can download on your Smartphones or tablets. The app is packed with technology that provides magical effects to your pictures to make them look like realistic x-rays of living people. The interface is extremely easy to use and allows you to edit colors and shapes with just a couple of taps on your phone. If you do not have any interesting photos handy, you could always take one with this helpful tool. 

You could also edit images of your favorite celebrity to convert them into x-ray images and share them with friends and family on almost all social media apps. To use the app, just choose an image from your photo gallery or take a picture and add some interesting text overlays like “My favorite person.” The app also has many filters available if you wish to make your pictures surreal.

9. Super X-ray Camera

This app uses your video camera to imitate an x-ray device. This is one of the most realistic apps amongst see-through clothes apps. When you use this app to scan any body part, it will show you results in the form of real-time video rather than an image. This makes the app look all the more authentic, and your friends could believe you easily that it is a real x-ray scanner. Just launch the app and move the camera in video recording mode on the person you wish to scan. It will start showing every bone of that person’s targeted body part as a video.

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Have some Fun

All of us like to have some crazy and quirky fun, and see-through clothes apps are one sure-shot way of spicing up things. You can play pranks with your naive friends with these silly apps and show off your phone as an almighty device.

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