Best Sound Effects Apps you must try

Here are the Best Sound Effect Apps for your Android and iOS devices.

Intentionally altering the musical instrument or audio sound source for a different audio effect started in the mid-1940s. Musicians wanted to get more from their instruments and wanted to change the final voice effects to better in their renditions. Initially, sound effects used different instruments and audio devices for creating echoes, delays, and other sound effects. In 1948 Harry DeArmond, who was the creator of the first guitar pickup, made a breakthrough in this direction by creating the first stand-alone effects processor called the Trem-Trol by running the electric current of the signal through a liquid to create a tremolo sound. Later, Bo Diddley used this device and led to more development in the guitar industry of the 1940′s and 50′s, where guitar amplifiers introduced vibrato and reverb effects. Reverb was created by passing an electrical signal into a metal plate or spring to create multiple echoes or reflections of a sound.

Similarly, musicians started using echo chambers in the recording studios to get the overlapping echo effects in their recordings. A speaker would be set at one end of a long rectangle room and a microphone at the other end to get their desired outcome. Technological development saw equalizers and compressors defining the music and recordings in the 1950s and ’60s. 

Today’s audio/sound effect devices come both in physical and digital form. In the digital format, the sound signal is digital and modified by a set of instructions from a software program. We are talking about the digital form of sound effect devices, which come in the form of applications that modify your recordings/voices as per your desire. More we are manipulating the sounds available to us, and we are surprised by their effects on our ears and our ability to perceive them. Starting from teaching young children with sound-modified rhymes to using different sounds in therapies to heal complex mental and physical ailments, sound effect applications are finding their use in a wide variety of fields. We will list and detail a few sound effect apps for android and ios which would help you immensely in selecting the best one for your requirement, be that your academic, entertainment, or therapy.

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Best Sound Effects Apps for Android & iOS

There are innumerable sound effect apps to choose from, some available free, others at a charge. Various sound apps include soundboards, white noise, binaural audio, ASMR, and other types of sounds. There are sound effect apps exclusive only for music creation. We are listing some of the sound effect apps that are exclusively for modifying particular sound/noise and some which cover a wide range of sound segments.

1. 100’s of Buttons and Sounds 2

100’s of Buttons and Sounds 2 is one of the best sound effect apps for Android devices. It claims to have more than 300 sound effects, multi-touch, looping abilities, and sound support. It is very famous among people who use sound effects apps due to its massive collection of simple sounds. You can club your favorite ringtone or music with annoying and amazing sounds to make perfect noise or create your unique ringtone. You can download it from Google Play Store for free and install the same. For iOS, this version of the app is available under the name 100 sound buttons, and the same can be downloaded from iTunes.

2. DJ Sound Effects and Ringtones

DJ Sound Effects and Ringtones apps are available in both the android play store and iTunes store. This app has a vast collection of free music that you can enjoy with the Cool DJ effect. You can also use the collection to set a ringtone for your contacts, set your alarm tone, or even a notification tone on your phone.

3. Equalizer & Bass Booster

If you are someone who listens to music a lot on your android device, however looking to improve its quality or bass, this app is for you. Developers of the app recommend opening the player and listening to music, then configuring the sound quality with the 5-band equalizer or twisting the Bass Booster tumbler. If you do not want to be bothered with the settings of the applications, there are many options to choose from presets for the style of music you listen to. The app recommends using headphones to do your settings.

4. Atmosphere sound apps

The atmosphere is one of the best sound effect apps for android devices, used for relaxation, sleep, meditation, and similar activities. You can mix and match the sounds as per your requirement. App has volume sliders that will help to adjust the intensity and help you create the kind of sound you want. If you are looking for binaural beats and isochronic tones, you can find them in the app. Both free and paid versions are available for download from Google Play Store.

5. Gunshot sound

Gunshot sound application has a massive collection of gunshot sounds. The sound effect produces a virtual gunshot effect. App has various gun-shot sounds that can be set as ringtone or notification tone, and have fun with it. This application is available for both Android and iOS platforms for free download.

6. Voice Changer with effects

The Voice Changer with effects application helps the user record voice, add effects, and share it with friends, basically for fun. You can store the recorded audio in the phone’s memory, send it via a message, post it on social network or send it through Bluetooth. You can use the recording to set a ringtone or a notification tone. The application allows you to create an image and add sound for posting on Facebook. This picture you choose can be from your phone gallery. The application has a unique feature to convert your typed message to speech and enable you to add effects, and this can be done in dozens of language options. This application is available for free download from the Google Play Store for android platforms.

7. Dank Soundboard

If you are looking for a meme soundboard, then Dank Soundboard is the right application for you. It has storage of a few dozen recent memes for humorous situations. You can also set the sounds in the app as ringtone, alarm sound, and notification tone. The application also allows you to upload your sound and share them with your friends. It is exclusively available for an android platform, which you can download for free.

8. Scary Sound Effects

Scary Sound Effects application creates scary sounds on your smartphone. It is available for both Android and iOS platforms for free download. You can use this app to make scary sounds and prank your friends and family. The application has 40 different sound effects that you can choose to set as a ringtone for contacts and notification tones for other apps.

9. Sleep Orbit

If you are a big fan of sleep sounds, Sleep Orbit is the best application available. It has more than 100 sounds in 17 categories, mostly sleep sounds that are great for ASMR and binaural sounds. The application also includes features like offline support, no advertisements, timer option. The application allows you to upload your audio and do the modifications. Application is available for android platforms for free download and a few features with a paid option.

10. Cartoon Sound Effects

Cartoon Sound Effects is the most sought app among available sound effects apps for its impact on sound and music quality. You can find different cartoon sounds, which you can set as ringtone or notification tone. The application is available for both Android and iOS platforms for free and paid download.

11. Sound Effects

If you have been following our article so far and looking for one app that would include most of the varieties introduced in the above apps, Sound Effects is the right pick for you. It has a wide array of sound compilations to satisfy even the most demanding user. If you want to relax with good atmospheric sounds like sounds of nature, the sound of water flowing, you have many options in the application. You can choose to have fun with your friends and family by hearing DJ sounds, sound effects from games, or funny sound effects from cartoon shows. You have options to choose from offbeat sounds such as Halloween sounds, wild animals noises, sounds of explosion. There are some unique sound options such as an airplane or car noise and even the sound of a baby crying, which pranksters most often use. You can install them as your ringtone, notification tone, or alarm tone. The best feature of this app is that you can assign a widget for a sound and store them on the home page and play anytime.

12. Nature Sounds

As the name indicates, Nature Sounds is a vast collection of amazing sounds of nature and landscape images that can be used for meditation, relaxation, and concentration. You can also run the sounds in the background or even when the screen is not on. The application allows you to set a timer for the sounds so that they are automatically turned off. It has many soothing sounds collections such as birds singing, sounds of the ocean, sounds of a storm, wind, and night sounds. You can set the sounds as your ringtones. Applications are available for download on google stores for android platforms.

13. Animal Sounds

Animal Sounds is one of the best sound effects applications for those looking to play animal sounds or set them as ringtone or notification tone. There are various animal sounds available on the app which can even be used to educate children about animals. The application is available for download for both Android and iOS platforms.

14. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is one of the versatile sound effects apps with a huge collection of international songs and a variety of options for random sound effects and memes. The application has professional profiles with sound effects that can be added to your uploads. Its bases are similar to YouTube with sleep sounds, binaural stuff, animal sounds, and ASMR. It can be downloaded free from google store with minimal features, but the paid version is more versatile if you are producing content on the platform.

15. YouTube

Though it is a prime video streaming device, it is also one of the best sound effects apps, where all kinds of audio uploads and mixing happen. All kinds of sound clips, music, binaural audio, white noise clips are uploaded by people in the application. There are lots of channels and options to modify your audio(and video) upload in the application to mix sounds the way you desire. It is available for free download for both android and iOS platforms, and if you opt for a paid subscription, it’s free of advertisements too.

16. Voice Changer

This is one of the amazing applications available for both android and iOS platforms and is very widely used to modify and use your voice on smartphones. YOu can record your voice, edit by adding sound effects in easy steps, and share with your friends and relatives. One of the app’s notable features is that you can share the modified sound files via different sharing applications and sites. The application also allows you to set the sound clips as ringtone and notification sounds on your phone.

17. Dream_Studio Sound Apps

Dream_Studio is a developer app available on Google Play with a variety of sound apps that have animal sounds, sleep sounds, nature sounds, and white noise. Unique ones are lullabies and baby sleep sounds, wind noise app, meditation music. They come as part of the google play app and have no advertisements.

18. Mikdroid Sound Apps

Mikdroid is also a developer app available free if you use Google Play Pass. The application comes with many random and decent sound apps such as Ambience and relax series like Relax Rain, Relax Ocean, Relax Forest, etc. The application allows you to a bunch of sounds to play simultaneously with volume sliders for intensity and, if needed, further customization.

19. Halloween Spooky Sound

Halloween Spooky Sound application contains more than 50 sounds with different varieties such as scary sounds, spooky music, ghostly voices, and horror tones. A significant feature of the application is that you can play music even when there is no internet. The application is available for free download for both android and iOS platforms.

20. My Talking Tom

My TalkingTom app is one of the versatile apps developed by Outfit7, which is popular among children for its ability to listen to the voice and repeat in the baby kitten voice. The application has features to record and modify your voice and share them with your friends and families. It is available for download for both Android and iOS platforms for free.

21. EqualizerT

Equalizer applications enable you to add different sound effects to your music. People use it widely to modify the sound quality and tone of the sound clips from Sound Effect Apps. The application also allows you to edit the music you have already altered and saved through Spotify and Soundcloud accounts. It is available for download for both Android and iOS platforms.

22. The Whip Sound

If you are game for some embarrassing, inappropriate, and hilarious sounds from your phone, The Whip Sound application is for you. One of the best apps to create some fun and prank. One of the application’s unique features is that sound effects can be modified even by shaking the phone. The application allows you to share the modified sound clips with your friends through sharing websites.

How to install

All the above apps are one-click download and install apps that can be downloaded from Google Play Store for Android and iTunes applications stores for iPhones. Follow the simple steps below to download and install on your smartphone.

  1. Go to Google Play Store or iTunes apps store
  2. Search for the required apps in the search bar.
  3. Click on the required application name.
  4. Click Install
  5. Goto phone homepage and double-click on the application icon to launch the application.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do sound effect apps do?

They modify your recorded voice or a sound clip or music on your smartphone to make them better, funnier and suit your requirement.

  • How to download the sound effect applications for my phone?

Depending on your smartphone’s platform, you can download appropriate sound effects applications from Google Play Store or the iTunes apps store.

  • Which are the areas in which sound effect apps are utilized?

Sound effect apps are used following areas for different purposes:

  1. Music and Entertainment Industry
  2. Psychiatric Healing
  3. Spiritual Centers
  4. Education Industry
  5. Restaurants
  • How to assign the modified sound clip as a ringtone in my smartphone?
  1. Launch your sound effect application
  2. Upload your sound clip and modify it as required.
  3. Some applications allow you to assign the clips as ringtones directly. If your application does not have that provision, then store the modified sound clip in your phone’s local storage.
  4. Open the settings and goto ringtones and assign the tone.
  • Which are the best sound effect apps for android platforms?

Following are the few best sound effect apps for android platforms:

  1. 100’s of Buttons and Sounds 2
  2. Atmosphere
  3. Dank Soundboard
  4. Dream_Studio sound apps
  5. Mikdroid sound apps
  6. Sleep Orbit
  7. SoundCloud
  8. Sound Sleep (formerly Relaxio)
  9. YouTube
  10. Zedge

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