Best Utorrent Settings for Maximum Download Speed

Follow these easy and working ways to achieve the Best Utorrent Settings for Maximum Download Speed.

Downloading torrent files is becoming an uncommon thing nowadays. Thought it might have increased in this pandemic situation. Utorrent is one of the widely used tools to download and stream torrent files easily and regularly. Utorrent grabs the attention of all users with its advanced features and settings. It allows users to optimize and configure appropriately. Because of various features like the capability of magnet files, etc Utorrent is one of the most used Torrent Client. 

Utorrent is known for its great speed and experience. It can download huge files in less time by splitting them. It provides plenty of methods to download and seed the files and provides an opportunity for the user to tweak the settings accordingly to get the best possible optimization. Here are some best Utorrent settings to check out. 

Best Utorrent settings

Let’s see some working ways to optimize the speed of Utorrent by changing the settings. 

1. Bandwidth setting

Tweaking the bandwidth settings is a cakewalk to optimize the speed. It can be done manually also. Just click Ctrl+P and change the preferences. The default setting will be in Mbps. To get the maximum speed, just change it to Kbps. By changing this small option, you can get a lot better performance. 

2. Unlimited Upload Speed

Generally, the upload speed and download speed are not the same. These two states are inversely proportional to each other. If the upload speed is limited to an extent, it may affect the download speed. Similarly, if the link download speed gets limited, it affects the upload speed. So to optimize the Utorrent files, users need to reduce the limit of upload speed which can give better results.

3. Individual Torrent Bandwidth Allocation

Allocation refers to giving slots and priorities. If the user has more torrent files, he does not need to sit and download the files as per usual. One simple thing you can do is providing different bandwidth limits to each file based on their priority. It helps in improving speed and accuracy. 

4. Upgrading and downgrading

The download speed of the file also varies by its version. New versions usually perform better but in some cases, old versions are faster. So based on the performance, the user can choose downgrading or upgrading the file which will automatically improve the speed. The procedures may vary for both. Users need to check the latest updates by clicking on help to upgrade the files. Users can directly go to the website to download the old version if it is faster and lighter than the new version.

5. Remote operations

This is the best way for users suffering from busy schedules. The user need not sit in front of the laptop and download each file as per usual. The user can operate and regulate the functions using remote control from other gadgets, let’s say a smartphone. It is easy to enable remote operations by clicking on the Options and enabling Utorrent Remote Access. Then it will ask you to sign up and create an account using your username and password. Keep the credentials safe and again operate your task from anywhere using a remote. 

6. The automatic peer discovery mechanism

Several mechanisms are given for the user to enjoy uninterrupted speed and accuracy. The BitTorrent clients allow the user to exchange with a single peer to share the information. One table is provided to decentralize the work among them. The table is called Distributed Hash Table and the process is called bootstrapping. This also allows the user to share the information in a local area network. All of these should be enabled to increase the download speed. 

7. Protecting from Viruses and Malware

Besides improving the supporting factors to increase the speed, reducing the risk factors also act as an aid in improving the download speed of torrent files. Generally, Torrent is not safe and up to the market. So many hackers and malware software are ready to attack the system and reduce the speed drastically. To avoid this situation, the user can install antivirus software in their system and should be attentive in scanning the downloaded file. This not only protects the system but also improves the speed and gives a better experience.

8. Removal of Advertisements

It is a mandatory action to be taken by the users of torrent-free versions because all the paid versions provide free content. So to avoid wastage of time and reduction in speed, users need to go to advanced settings and click on the add free contents. It also helps to keep protected from hackers.

9. Encryption of traffic

As the Utorrent is one of the most used torrent clients, users are increasing day by day which creates a lot of Utorrent traffic. So to avoid this traffic, users can encrypt the Bitcoin protocol. The encryption procedure is simple and straightforward. 

First go to options, then select Preferences, and then BitTorrent in it. “Protocol Encryption” and Outgoing box will be visible. The user needs to enable those options and check out the box, “Allow incoming legacy connections.”

10. Torrent trackers

Regular updating of the torrent tracker list helps in improving the speed. The trackers serve in finding the peers in the network. The user can easily find several lists. Copy the desired list and paste it at the end of the current list. By pressing the right-click, the user can find active trackers. The user can see and monitor regularly by clicking on F5. But, the over usage of trackers is also not good. 

These are the various ways and methods of improving speed while downloading torrent files. Simple tricks can have a drastic change in terms of speed and performance. 

Conclusion: Best Utorrent Settings to Increase Download Speed

Utorrent is one of the leading clients for seeders in downloading and uploading torrent files. As it provides both free versions and paid versions, users are attracted day by day. Simple tricks and tweaks can make a remarkable change in its performance. Users should be cautious in protecting and managing torrent files from hackers. 

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