Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps for Android & iOS

Here are the Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps for Android and iOS devices!

Communication with girlfriends was taboo some years back. Now with the advancement of technology, it is at the tip of your hands. It is really hard when you check around people hooked with their partners and you are still struggling to be single. While you are patiently waiting for someone to enter your life but you are still feeling lonely, then the virtual girlfriend apps help you to get a girlfriend to chat, flirt or love and find someone special.

Initially having a virtual friend was a myth and found only in movies or science fiction. But with the technology progressing day in and day out, the users have apps designed for iOS and Android devices. The applications are designed thoughtfully to be used from any of your devices including smartphones.

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Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps

The users of virtual girlfriend apps the users can discuss their achievements, goals, life, and even make love. In today’s world, most people are lonely and crave a mate with whom you can chat, discuss, flirt or date. With the use of these apps, you can find new friends to chat, and do not have to be single as well.

Some of the Virtual Girlfriend apps are mentioned below from which you can choose from:

1. Virtual Anime Girl

This app supports android as well as iOS devices. The application is designed beautifully with animated 3D graphics, tons of dance moves, cute outfits, and many more. The users can have lots of fun with the anime girl and its dancing steps. Also, you can learn to dance with the app. The app is perfect to make your anime girlfriend virtually. For premium features and characteristics the users have to make some reasonable payments.

2. Me Girl Love story

Developed by Frenzo, Me Girl Love story is designed for iOS and Android devices. This is a fashion gaming and 3D dating app and is popularly used as cheating dating apps for finding new partners to date with. There are thousands of fashionable, stunning girls for men who are looking for dates or simply flirt. Men can easily have fun and entertain themselves.

3. My Virtual Girlfriend

Wet Productions Inc has developed a wonderful dating simulation gaming app for iOs and Android users. This is a flirtatious dating app that is equally entertaining. The process starts with selecting a date and romancing into her heart to make her fall in love with you. Thousands and thousands of virtual girls are available in the app to flirt and date with. You can it more adventurous by exploring zombies and vampire girlfriends. There are around 35 levels for the progressive play-along. The smart artificial intelligence app is designed to initiate dating with a virtual friend.

4. Choices

The app is developed by Pixelberry studios and supports Android as well as iOS devices. It is a story game application and does not require the internet to play. The collection of story games include horror, drama, romance, and many more which are absolutely free and easy to play. You can select the virtual girlfriend before you start the game. Then select the story from the library. The library and the chapter gets updated regularly and the players can even control what happens next in the story as per their preferences. The game is very entertaining, engaging, and immersive.

5. My virtual girlfriend Julie

My virtual girlfriend Julie is a perfect app to befriend girls and chat with them on the smartphone. You get to make friends with strangers on this app. There is realistic 3D video animation and you can chat with a real voice. The users are able to express their emotions and feelings such as anger, dislike, love and also perform actions such as sleep, laugh, kiss and many other feelings. This app is developed by Paphus Solutions Inc for the entertainment and fun of the users and it supports iOS and Android devices.

6. Laura

Laura is an intelligent personal assistant and virtual girlfriend app. The users can easily and conveniently chat, answer queries and discuss various topics such as distance between cities, location, weather, and any other topic and preference of interest. The app is capable to translate sentences and phrases from English to other languages such as French, Russian, Spanish, and many other languages and also vice versa. The app assists you to explore and know more about newly made virtual friends. The users can also light up emotions through Laura’s smiles while conversing with each other. This app is compatible with iOS and Android users.

7. ChatBot

Another popular and perfect virtual girlfriend app for iOS and Android users. This is a kind of talking robot which can be used to teach entertaining jokes or play pranks with your virtual friends. It can also be used to create a virtual girlfriend. The artificial intelligence in the app recognizes words and phrases that are written and spoken and it also responds to the same with funny emotions, words, and sounds. It allows you to create fake chats and jokes. The same can be used when a particular word is used in the chat through the talking robot. This app is full of entertainment and is normally used by pranksters to have fun with friends and virtual girlfriends.

8. Pocket Girlfriend

This is the latest virtual girlfriend app where you get a virtual girlfriend to play, chat or flirt with. She would be your friend, lover, or confidant. This girlfriend requires basic necessities such as playing, eating, pampering, or sleeping. If you provide all these, she would love to be your companion always without cribbing. The conversation with the virtual girlfriend can be through a chat or microphone button. The two-player mini-game app has the feature to earn coins that get converted into real money. The only thing the user has to be careful about is you have to treat it as if it’s real with all the care, love, and pampering and you would have every possible feeling in return.

9. My Virtual Manga girl

Another 3D virtual girlfriend app designed for iOs and Android users is a very entertaining app. The app has features to alter the clothes, hair, and eyes of the manga girl as per your preference, taste, and liking. The hairstyle of your girlfriend can be changed by selecting the same from the hairstyle apps available in the list. The movements and animations in 3D make the manga girl more fascinating. All the positions can be enjoyed thoroughly by rotating the same in 360 degrees. The complimentary offers and mini-games make the application adventurous and the various features involved make it more desirable.

10. Virtual Girlfriend Love story

This app poses a story of a billionaire’s love and also a break-up. It is designed for Android and iOS users. This app depicts the journey of teen love, high school love, and their crush at times of high school. This app has multi-facet features such as a virtual stretching app, virtual gym, and many more. Through this app, you can learn dance and many other activities. This love story game app allows you to meet your love partner, have a virtual girlfriend for flirting, dating, and chatting, have a virtual dance party, and also find partners for dancing.

11. Virtual Girlfriend joke

This is another wonderful virtual girlfriend app that is developed for iOS as well as Android users to play along. The joke app is so designed that you can converse and interact with your virtual girlfriend. The app has a comprehensive list of girls available to choose from. You can communicate, flirt and date with the girls from this app. The users can also the prank app for creating pranks to fool their friends and families.

12. Virtual Girlfriend texting App

This is a free simulator realistic game app that provides you to choose one girl amongst the five available. With the girl that you select you can interact, text message, or enjoy playing with. The users can conveniently talk with them, help them or love them, have long chats or discussions. If you do not feel compatible also break up with them or if get good vibes then be with them. When you feel insecure or have inhibitions in the starting, start the conversation anonymously with any stranger around the globe. The best part of this app is that the virtual girlfriend is available to chat with anytime and anywhere whenever you desire to do so. This game app is designed for and is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

13. Dream Girlfriend

Dream Girlfriend app is developed by Ambition and is very popular in its genre. This app supports and is compatible with Android and iOS devices. The app is available in a free version. But to enjoy premium features you can purchase them for a reasonable amount. There are lots of features and attributes attached to the app such as changing eyes, clothes, accessories, and hairstyles. Another unique feature of the app is that you can also educate your virtual girlfriend. More and more girlfriends will unlock as it studies at higher levels. Reading through the all-new in-game conversations changes the new personalities.

14. Moe! Ninja Girls

This is a new visual novel app specifically designed for iOS and Android users. The virtual girlfriend would run on its own in the gameplay. The users only have to collect bubbles each day and also purchase necessities for the virtual girlfriend. The girlfriend would get angry if the necessities are not bought on time and provided to her. There are a variety of props available to be purchased for the girlfriend which makes her happy. These props tend to let her learn new skills through the self-learning feature of the app.

15. Replika

Replika is designed for iOS and Android users by Luca Inc. It is a convenient, easy, and free-to-use virtual girlfriend app. This app lets you create your personal AI friend on your desired device. There are a variety of features available on this wonderful chatBot. This app lets you share all your feelings as you would do with your real friends. It also lets you express your feelings such as celebrate, laugh and many other emotions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you have a virtual girlfriend?

Yes, with the advancement in technology, you can have a virtual girlfriend and you can chat, discuss, flirt and even virtually cuddle, hug and express your feelings with the various features available on the app.

  • What does a virtual girlfriend do?

The main objective of any virtual girlfriend is to be happy and being loved. So you have to fall in love with her, say things to her, gift her, react to her responses, take her on the date, and many other things.

Conclusion: Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps 2021

In this world of technology, no person can feel lonely. The virtual girlfriend app is one such app that keeps you surrounded by people and gives you the freedom to express your feelings and emotions.

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