Best Free NFL Streaming Sites of All Time (Working in 2022)

Here are the Best Working Free NFL Streaming Sites to Watch Live Matches Online!

Whether in the United States or other countries, American football is one of the favourite sports for any sports lover to watch. The NFL(National Football League) is an American football league with many games for which fans around the globe love to watch and enjoy it. In the US and Canada, this sport is popular. In the USA, it is one of the four major sports leagues. The NFL games air at different networks during the regular season at four-time slots, which are:

  • Monday Night Football(ESPN)
  • Sunday Night Football(NBC)
  • Sunday afternoons(CBS and FOX)
  • Thursday Night Football(Amazon Prime Video, FOX and NFL Network)

The website is the official sports coverage for live NFL events. However, there are other ways to watch the NFL games online on your browser, so here is a list of the best NFL streaming sites to watch and enjoy for football lovers.

Best Working Free NFL Streaming Sites

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Best Free NFL Streaming Sites

1. SportLemon TV

SportLemon TV is a site that provides various sports matches, which are live TV sessions to watch online for free. With a single click on the homepage, you can watch various sports matches. Various sports like basketball, tennis, hockey, football etc. can be watched. Whenever any new match is available, then the schedule is updated. 

Features are:

  • Any NFL live stream is free and can be watched through the homepage links directly with no sign-up.
  • From multiple countries, various sports matches are provided.
  • To stream NFL games, it links to various websites.

2. 123TV

This website provides access for free online to various streaming channels. For streaming via peer-to-peer streaming platforms, each channel will be available, hence there is no need to worry about the deletion of stream sources from the internet. To your current internet speed, you can get the best stream quality since it uses peer-to-peer technology.

Features are:

  • From multiple TV channels, it provides various entertainment streams.
  • Use this website to watch live streaming broadcasts like sports events, TV series, news etc.
  • The streaming of NFL and other sports channels can be accessed.
  • With the peer to peer network, the highest stream quality can be enjoyed.

3. Sports24

Sports24 is the website that provides you with the list of all sports matches to stream NFL games directly for free online. To watch any sports like NFL, NBA or WWE can be done by this website. All the available sport streams to access are available right away on the homepage.

Features are:

  • To access your sport live streams, it has a simple website layout.
  • Other TV channels and live streaming of sports matches can be watched in HD quality.
  • Various sports such as American football, soccer, boxing etc., are provided.

4. FuboTV

This website could be trustworthy for NFL live streaming, where there is no need to connect the app or site with your cable. Directly with the internet, you can access the NFL stream, and a sign up is required.

Features are:

  • With the cloud DVR feature, you can stream the NFL matches and can record the most recent games.
  • You can get access to more than 100 channels with a free trial of 7 days, and before the subscription of any plan, you can evaluate the video quality.
  • You can also access a variety of entertainment channels along with NFL live streaming channels.

5. NBC Sports

To watch high-quality streaming of NFL games, this site is another excellent free live streaming site. To access your favourite National Football League Matches, registration is required. 

Features are:

  • Gold membership is required to access live streaming, clips and replays function.
  • Devices like iOS, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire TV etc., are compatible.

6. NFL Mobile Apps

Through the official NFL mobile apps is one of the easiest ways to watch the NFL playoffs. This allows you to watch free online from anywhere via your mobile device to watch the official American football matches. Plenty of other information about NFL and American Football in the US is provided.

Features are:

  • The local games and Primetime are available with the best video quality for free.
  • The related information such as live matches, highlights, news etc., about football is provided.
  • The NFL GamePass and NFL Red Zone services are also connected to access from the official apps of these subscription services. 

7. Yahoo Sports App

To give access to various live streaming events, the Yahoo Sports app is the all in one mobile app. Since this app is connected with official streaming sources, the quality of service you get is good. This app is an extension of the main website of Yahoo sports and is available for both Android and Apple devices.

Features are:

  • The free content is offered to directly access from the app.
  • Various contests can be participated to win real cash.
  • Many original videos are available to watch via the mobile app.
  • Plenty of information about various sports throughout the world is found.

8. Fox Sports

On this website, you can watch a variety of sports games. The connection is made by connecting your TV provider to the official site of fox Sports to enjoy a good quality free NFL live stream. It permits the visitors to watch short videos of NFL games and news without registration.

Features are:

  • Without any geological restriction, it offers a free NFL live stream.
  • On any device, it is easy to access the website of Fox Sports.
  • With only a few clicks, you can watch the predictions and news of upcoming National Football League matches and schedules of any games.


For true NFL fans, this is the best website. Also, if you are willing to read the reviews of the sites before using the free NFL streaming sites, you can find a list of free sports streaming sites like NFLBite, 720pStream etc., by just opening the “Free Sports streaming sites” tab. 

Features are:

  • Registration is not required.
  • An exclusive list of free NFL streaming sites is provided.
  • Authoritative NFL ranked, and high-quality streaming resources recommended.

10. NFL Webcast

This site allows you various NFL games streaming, which can be done without signing up for any subscription service. Whenever the official games are available, the streams for the latest NFL matches will be available. Using any devices like desktop or mobile devices, you can watch NFL online free matches and can also record your favourite games.

Features are:

  • From this site, you can access every NFL game in all regions.
  • One can record a game and can watch it offline later.
  • Information about each NFL club can be found on this site.
  • Various NFL matches can be watched in HD on this site.
  • For all PC devices, mobile and Smart TV, this site is suitable.

11. First Row Sports

This site provides a list of sports games that can be watched instantly when they become available. On the homepage, the schedule is provided to watch any sports like basketball, soccer, motorsports, baseball and more. 

Features are:

  • Sports matches from the United States as well as other countries are provided.
  • To see the current standings, you can access the live scores of your favourite sports.
  • For public viewing, the schedules for all sports are updated regularly.
  • Links from official sources and ESPN links on this site for NFL streams.

12. WatchESPN

This is one of the most renowned sports channel companies. ESPN is serving all sports lovers anytime, anywhere and doing a great job to fulfil National Football League viewers. To watch NFL Live streams on the official website, this site allows for all users.

Features are:

  • For new users, it offers a seven days free trial.
  • Live commentary, news and stories of all NFL matches has easy access.
  • To enjoy all kinds of previous matches and live streaming, the subscription is very cheap.

13. NFL Network

This NFL network is another high authority place to stream NFL games online without compromising quality. It is a media company offering all the sports channels and the football ones on the cable channels.

Features are:

  • With detailed videos, it provides every single detail of the team.
  • All the games of the National Football League are covered 24/7.
  • Since it focuses only on the NFL, you can watch the NFL game without any interruption of other game highlights.

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14. NFL Game Pass

For NFL live streaming, it is one of the most reliable places. It is the official company of NFL Enterprises LLC to watch high-quality videos. It offers a free trial for one year, and you do not need to add your card. It is better to go with essential, or Pro Plans to get down; loading features an NFL live streams.

15. Twitch

This is a famous live streaming site providing various live streams like video, music, sports, games etc. Usually, streaming of the official NFL channel happens on Twitch. There are streaming channels on this site to watch live clips and streams and your favourite NFL matches.

Features are:

  • Video clips and highlights of past NFL matches are provided.
  • The schedule for the next stream for participation in the game is provided.
  • No sign up is required to watch NFL live streams.
  • You can participate in the live chat or discuss with the streamer about the match.

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