What channel number is NFL Network on Spectrum Cable?

Find the channel number of NFL Network On Spectrum Cable.

A heaven for all football lovers across the globe, the NFL or National Football League is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated leagues in the United States. The NFL is watched and predicted in almost all the houses in the US. This professional football league of America has 32 teams which makes this game all the more interesting for the viewers. The NFL is famous for the biggest games with the brightest stars who display the fiercest rivalries on the ground. What makes the NFL great entertainment is its great athletes running to score every week. All the drama happening both on and off-field is enough to grab your interest in every single game. The NFL finale is arguably the biggest event in the United States where even people uninterested in the sports tune in to witness the star-studded stage and performances of celebrities which leave you awestruck.

One can watch the NFL on a number of channels as it is aired across many channels in the US. But if one can have a dedicated channel for this intriguing sport, then that would outshine all other channels. This is where Charter Spectrum cable provider steps in which is an ideal choice for this game as all its plans include dedicated sports channels where you can get exclusive updates and many other special offers on your favorite sports. 

nfl network on spectrum

NFL Network And Spectrum

NFL Network has built a name over the years, owing to its consistent quality content. It has become a sought-after network due to all that it has to offer. Hence one cannot get NFL through a basic plan. To view NFL, you would need a higher tier channel lineup and it is not included in the Spectrum Select plan. You could add it in easily for an extra fee. For this you have two options:

  • You could add Spectrum sports pack to your current subscription. This is a relatively low charge which will give you access to channels like NFL Redzone, Golf channels, ESPN College Extra, Big Ten Network, Tennis channels, MLB Strike Zone, and a few more.
  • Upgrade to Spectrum Silver or Spectrum Gold plans. With these upgrades, you not only have the NFL sports channels in your kitty but also get many premium networks (of the likes of Showtime and HBO Max).

Channel Number Details of NFL Network on Spectrum

The different channel numbers on which the Spectrum NFL package is available depends on the area that you are in. The below table will help you find both NFL Network and NFL RedZone channels on your TV, just match your area and tune into the channel to enjoy the game:

City and State NFT Network NFL Redzone
Appleton, WI 346 347
Billing, MT 17 or 625 126 or 626
Columbus, OH 547 548
Grand Junction, CO 38 or 625 126 or 626
Great Falls, MT 17 or 625 126 or 626
Green Bay, WI 346 347
Jackson, TN 22 or 826 327 or 827
Laurel, MT 17 or 625 126 or 626
Lima, OH 88 347
Lincoln, NE 99 311
Madison Area, WI 15 or 669 316 or 670
Mankato Area, MN 16 or 802 424 or 803
Milwaukee, WI 346 347
Missoula, MT 14 or 625 126 or 626
Montrose, CO 20 or 625 126 or 626
Rochester area, MN 16 or 802 424 or 803
Scottsbluff, NE 16 or 802 424 or 803
Tri-Cities, TN 22 or 826 327 or 827
Youngstown, OH 87 347
Yuma, AZ 310 311
Zanesville, OH 346 347

What is NFL RedZone About?

The NFL RedZone offering of the NFL network takes you through each game and shows you replays of some of the most enthralling shots of the matches. The whole week’s highlights are provided on this channel on Sundays. You will be able to watch your favorite athletes, and teams in HD along with the brilliant host of the channel, Scott Hanson. Apart from the touchpoints from each game which is sure to give you an adrenaline rush, the NFL RedZone also gives you an exciting round-up of NFL Fantasy Football stats.


Q1. What is the difference between Spectrum Silver and Spectrum Gold plans?

Spectrum Silver offers 175+ channels whereas you get 200+ channels with Spectrum Gold. The biggest attractions that you can access with the Spectrum Gold upgrade (on top of SHOWTIME and HBO MAX) are STARZ, STARZ ENCORE, and TMZ.

Q2. Can I watch Spectrum TV on Firestick?

 There is an option of Spectrum app for Firestick which you can install. You can watch TV shows and movies on this app with the use of the Amazon Fire Stick device. The Spectrum TV would need to be installed as a third-party app since it is not officially available on the Amazon Fire TV stick.

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