How to get Crunchyroll Premium Accounts in 2022

In this article, you will learn how to create Crunchyroll Premium Accounts and some throwaway credentials for the same.

Crunchyroll is one of the most premium platforms to watch various Anime Series and Movies. If you are an Anime buff, you definitely know what Crunchyroll is and you are definitely looking to get a Crunchyroll account because you know how good it is. If you are looking for an app where you can easily watch Anime shows and movies in HD Quality, without any restrictions, Crunchyroll is undoubtedly the best platform for you to go with. Not only the HD Quality you get, Crunchyroll is one platform where you can get the best of shows with tons of episodes. You get video content such as Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia, Full metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, etc. Thus, you know how good the app is for the users, especially if you are absolutely in love with Anime. 


It is sometimes difficult for a user to get a Crunchyroll account, not because it is not easily available, but it is because it might be expensive for the user to get a Crunchyroll account. Mostly, the users do not pay to get a premium account and they look for various ways to get a free Crunchyroll account. If you are one of those who are looking for a free Crunchyroll account and you are unable to find one, you have nothing to worry about because we will discuss some free Crunchyroll accounts with you, without you having to pay anything for the subscription. In this article, we will help you with tons of Free Crunchyroll Accounts that you can get without paying anything for them. You can easily use those accounts on your device such as Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, etc. All you need to do is just scroll down and you will get a premium Crunchyroll Account for yourself. 

 Crunchyroll is undoubtedly the leading platform for Anime content and also the leader in providing video services to Japan and Asian media. Through Crunchyroll, you can easily use the free trial, where you can get rid of the ads which you see in between the shows. Thus, you will not be seeing any ads which might interrupt your content and eventually end up annoying you and spoil your experience. Currently, there are over 30 million people who use Crunchyroll and watch their favourite Anime anytime they wish to watch. 

If you are not much into Anime and are looking to start watching Anime and you do not know what Crunchyroll actually is, then this article is perfect for you to read because in this article, you will get a fair idea of what it actually is and how Crunchyroll works and why is it one of the most famous platforms all across the globe. At the end of this article, you will get to know about Crunchyroll and you will also get a Premium Crunchyroll Account absolutely free of cost with a premium hack. 

Crunchyroll is a company based in America whose main focus lies in Video Streaming Anime, Manga, Music, Drama, etc. It was started in 2006 to help the Anime lovers get a platform where they can stream their favourite Anime without having to pay for anything. You do not just get Anime on your Crunchyroll account, you also get much more than that including Manga, Music, drama, etc. There are many famous series which you could watch including Blue Exorcist, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, etc. 

What is Crunchyroll?

As we mentioned above, Crunchyroll is a video streaming platform where you can watch various Anime shows and movies without any problems. The service is available to you in a flash and you get many features, especially as a premium member of Crunchyroll, such as the fact that if you are a premium user your streaming speed will be much faster than those who are not premium users of the app. Normal users should also get such an experience and this is why, in this article, we are going to provide our users with more than 100 Crunchyroll Premium Accounts, absolutely free of charge, which work extremely well and gives you the same experience as a premium user. If you like the sound of that, you simply have to follow the article further and you will get the account in no time. However, there is only one condition. Once you get the account, it is imperative that you do not change the password of the account you get because if you do, the accounts will get banned and you will not be able to get the free Crunchyroll Accounts in the future. 

How to create a Free Crunchyroll Premium Account:

If you want to create your own Crunchyroll Account, and use it for free, then you can do so too, but you must have a credit card in order to create a Crunchyroll account. However, there is one problem with this. When you create a Crunchyroll account through your credit card, you only get a 14-day free trial period and after that, you will be charged for the services at the end of the month. You will be charged for as long as you have the Premium Crunchyroll account. You are free to unsubscribe anytime you wish to. 

When you are using the trial version, you can watch anything you want on the Crunchyroll website. You will be a premium user until your trial period ends, without facing any restrictions. With this free trial account at your service, you can easily watch your favourite anime, drama, manga, action, etc from all over the world. 

Crunchyroll Premium Plans:

There are various Crunchyroll plans for you to choose from and you will see various subscription options ranging from month to month. You will see premium plans for different months at different prices such as “1 Month”, “3 Months”, or “12 Months”. You can choose the best one according to your needs and your budget. 

Crunchyroll’s plans and rates are as follows:

Monthly: $6.95 (Only 0.23$ per day!)

3 Months: $19.95 (Only 0.22$ per day!)

12 Months: 59.95 (Only 0.17$ per day!)

How to get Crunchyroll Free Trial:

If you have no idea how you can get a free trial of 14 days for Crunchyroll, you have nothing to worry about and all you need to do is to simply follow the steps that we have given below and you will eventually get a free Crunchyroll Premium Account for yourself. The steps you need to follow are: 

  1. First step you need to follow is to open the Chrome Browser on your device and click on the link we have given below. The link will take you to the official channel of Crunchyroll. 
  2. Next, you will have to enter your Email ID and a strong password to create a free Crunchyroll Premium Account. 
  3. After you have entered the login details for a Crunchyroll account, you will have to verify the email address that you have entered. To do so, you simply have to go to your email and then, you need to click verify, which will automatically verify your email account. 
  4. Once you have successfully verified your email address, you now can proceed to avail the free services of Crunchyroll trial account, but only for 14 days. 
  5. Here, you will have to enter the payment details before you are able to purchase the free trial period of 14 days. 
  6. While you are entering your billing details to get a Crunchyroll account, you also have to enter your credit card details which is necessary to get a premium Crunchyroll Account for free. You will not be charged for the first 14 days and you can use the account for free for 14 days, without any restrictions. 
  7. Once done, you will get your personal Premium Crunchyroll Account and you can enjoy it for free for 14 days without a worry in the world. 

In these 14 days, you can check whatever you wish to check on Crunchyroll and if you do not want to continue after a while, you can always cancel your premium subscription. If you do it before 14 days, you will not be charged a single penny for the 14-day trial period. All you need to do is remove your card from your account and then, you should cancel your Crunchyroll account. With that, you will not be charged anything. 

Get Free Premium Crunchyroll Accounts & Passwords:

If you are looking to get a premium Crunchyroll Account without paying a single penny for a long time, then the next bit is for you. Here, we will give you a list of Free Crunchyroll Accounts and you can enjoy it easily. However, you must make sure that you do not change the login details of that account, otherwise, the account will be banned and you might not be able to use the accounts in the future. 

These credentials might or might not work for you at the time of reading this article. We recommend you to buy a premium account.
  1. [email protected] 2747127
  2. [email protected] warstory
  3. [email protected] KLaxirai87
  4. [email protected] maryjane77
  5. [email protected] lerianor4ever
  6. [email protected] dabucks678
  7. [email protected] digger01
  8. [email protected] Aa123467
  9. [email protected] vincent123
  10. [email protected] july261979
  11. [email protected] terrysr1
  12. [email protected] Wisdom62
  13. [email protected] Yollande
  14. [email protected] hitokiri
  15. [email protected] 23744584
  16. [email protected] 32bobjim14
  17. [email protected] 95239105
  18. [email protected] pololo99
  19. [email protected] NcBv71960
  20. [email protected] seay15
  21. [email protected] pvfp69as
  22. [email protected] anata123
  23. [email protected] darkangel
  24. [email protected] unithq
  25. [email protected] Demitria1
  26. [email protected] NpawtV12
  27. [email protected] niklas94
  28. [email protected] Bamafan105
  29. [email protected] mtndew1
  30. [email protected] Cm19940608
  31. [email protected] chakra
  32. [email protected] upwd0304
  33. [email protected] master12323
  34. [email protected] doctor92
  35. [email protected] showdog
  36. [email protected] fistofnod
  37. [email protected] sonic1
  38. [email protected] forsaken1
  39. [email protected] Demitria1
  40. [email protected] R3dalert2
  41. [email protected] 95239105
  42. [email protected] darkphoenix
  43. [email protected] playtime
  44. [email protected] mtndew1
  45. [email protected] pvfp69as
  46. [email protected] pololo99
  47. [email protected] seay15
  48. [email protected] KLaxirai87
  49. [email protected] Bamafan105
  50. [email protected] Rotbito91
  51. Free Crunchyroll Premium Accounts 2019
  53. [email protected] showdog
  54. [email protected] doctor92
  55. [email protected] fistofnod
  56. [email protected] sonic1
  57. [email protected] forsaken1
  58. [email protected] Metallica12
  59. [email protected] Formulas13
  60. [email protected] Poplop22
  61. [email protected] Rabbit3more72!
  62. [email protected] Crashedoutat209
  63. [email protected] Love2232
  64. [email protected] Nrp77pmvz
  65. [email protected] Madcow69!
  66. [email protected] Siedler45
  67. [email protected] Dennis25
  68. [email protected] 213725red313
  69. [email protected] Wintergrasp500!
  70. [email protected] Nadannguten8
  71. [email protected] Raptor123
  72. [email protected] Romans05
  73. [email protected] Nfja9cnt!
  74. [email protected] Malanie1
  75. [email protected] Daisyjj3
  76. [email protected] Predator25
  77. [email protected] James19945
  78. [email protected] HH4ever4
  79. [email protected] Jcursey1978
  80. [email protected] Pheonix4
  81. [email protected] Zachary14593
  82. [email protected] Hamster567
  83. [email protected] Whitewolf117
  84. [email protected] cg31188
  85. [email protected] drummaster
  86. [email protected] jeremy
  87. [email protected] PaHa!!3932
  88. [email protected] marly143
  89. [email protected] ymf499
  90. [email protected] pillss704
  91. [email protected] Fieldhockey2013
  92. [email protected] 1113Coler96
  93. [email protected] nikima24
  94. [email protected] dragonn1
  95. [email protected] Cynthia1
  96. [email protected] dragonluver212
  97. [email protected] mahmood11
  98. [email protected] gevaar
  99. [email protected] 3kindscomic
  100. [email protected] Johnnylawny1
  101. [email protected] j0llyroger
  102. [email protected] Reynaldo77
  103. [email protected] charger56
  104. [email protected] kboogie1
  105. [email protected] gundam3773
  106. [email protected] thundercats
  107. [email protected] pistons3
  108. [email protected] operation1

Conclusion: Crunchyroll Premium Accounts Free

If one account does not work, you should try another one and soon enough, you will get a free premium account. However, one most important thing is that the account details must not be tampered with, otherwise, the accounts will be banned and nobody will be able to use it. 

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