CSR Bluetooth Driver Download for Windows (2023)

Download CSR Bluetooth Driver Latest Version for Windows 7/8/10/11.

With the trending technology, the demand for wireless communication is rising with time because of its easy and faster working, hassle-free process, and reliability. Bluetooth is one such wireless network technology that allows you to transfer data between devices like mobiles, PCs, laptops, etc using the shorter wavelength and ultra-high-frequency radio waves within the short range of about 2.400 – 2.485 GHz. It creates a Personal Area Network (PAN) once the devices are connected over Bluetooth and further communication between those connected devices takes place within that PAN. 

Then what is a CSR Bluetooth Driver? If the devices have to be connected via Bluetooth, then there must be some technology to do that task. First and foremost, the devices that are going to be connected must be Bluetooth supported. These Bluetooth-enabled devices will be connected using the technology called CSR Bluetooth Drivers. These CSR Bluetooth Drivers ensure the proper connection and smooth and consistent communication of data or voice between the connected devices over Bluetooth without any interruptions.

Without these drivers, there will be several issues during the communication or sometimes it is not possible to connect. If some issues are encountered with the CSR dongle, checking for the CSR Bluetooth Drivers is the first step of troubleshooting it. To ensure trouble-free communication over the Bluetooth, keeping the CSR Bluetooth Drivers up-to-date and maintaining it in a good working system is a must. 

How to download these drivers? Go through the article to know more about the ways to download the drivers. Make sure you will be downloading these drivers on the Operating System that are compatible with it to avail of its benefits. 

CSR Bluetooth Driver Download for Windows

Download CSR Bluetooth Driver


There are different ways to download and update the CSR Bluetooth Drivers on Windows. The methods and the steps to be followed are listed below. Go through these and choose the one that fits your requirements.

1. Download and Install the Drivers Manually:

In this method, you will have to find the available hardware devices on your computer and then download and install the drivers. Follow the steps to perform the task.

  • Invoke the Run task bar by pressing Windows Key + R at the same time.
  • Type devmgmt.msc and then click OK. 
  • You will get the list of supported devices.
  • Double Click on Bluetooth.
  • From the expanded list, find out the CSR Bluetooth Driver sometimes it may be named Unknown Driver.
  • Right Click on the CSR Bluetooth Driver and then click on Update Driver. 
  • Then choose the “ Search automatically for the updated driver software” option.
  • Follow the steps that are further shown on the screen to complete the task.

2. Automatically Install CSR Bluetooth Driver:

If you find it time-consuming to do it manually, then you can choose this method. There are two ways to do it using Bit Updater and using Driver Easy.

3. Using Bit Updater:

  • Download Bit Updater
  • Install the Bit Updater by running the Bit Updater Installer and following the instructions shown on your screen.
  • Open the Bit Updater and click on “Scan” which is available on the left pane.
  • It will take some time to complete the scan. Then you will be provided with a list of outdated drivers.
  • There is an option provided “Update Now” in front of all those drivers. Click on that to update that driver.
  • Otherwise, there is an option at the bottom “Update All” to update all the drivers at once. You can click on this to update everything in a single click.
  • Your CSR Driver is now updated.

4. Using Driver Easy:

  • Download Driver Easy. Install it by running the Installer.
  • Open the Driver Easy app on your computer and click on the “Scan” from the left panel.
  • It will display all the outdated drivers.
  • You can click on “Update Now” which is shown in front of every driver to update it or click on “Update All” displayed at the bottom to update all the drivers at once.
  • Restart your computer to get your CSR Bluetooth Driver updated.

5. Download and Install CSR Bluetooth Driver using Windows Update:

For the computer to work properly, the operating system needs to be updated regularly. It will bring the new features, and improvements onto your computer and also it will fix the bugs previously present last but not least, it will also install the device drivers from the official manufacturers. Hence in this method, the CSR Bluetooth Driver can be installed while updating the Windows Operating System. Follow the below steps to perform the task.

  • Click on the “Start Menu” from your Desktop and then click on the “ Settings” 
  • Find and click on the “Update and Security” option from the list of Windows Settings options displayed.
  • Then click on the “Check for Updates”.
  • The Windows will check for all the latest updates available. If any updates are due, it will automatically download and install the updates thereby improving the overall performance of your system.

Final Words: Download CSR Bluetooth Driver for Microsoft Windows

Technology is a boon. As it is growing at a faster pace, one can make use of it by knowing and using the newer technological updates. Using Bluetooth is a very simple and convenient method of communication between the devices if they lie in a shorter range. To make sure the Bluetooth works perfectly, you must keep the CSR Bluetooth Drivers updated at all times using any of the methods listed above. 

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