How to Quote someone’s Message on Discord

Almost all gamers love and use Discord. Discord is a well-known free chat application used mostly while playing a game. Even though it was launched in 2015, millions of players are using it. It has several advantages like being free of cost, support for all formats of typing text, etc. Besides all these benefits, one more unique quality of the Discord app is to quote messages from people. Let’s see how you can use the discord app and various types of quoting options.

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Ways to quote on Discord

Quoting is an updated feature of Discord, a chatting platform. Before the update, users could chat and exchange information using messaged basic texting features. After the Discord Quote update, players can quote personally or in groups. You can quote a message or image in various ways. Let’s see them in detail.

With Code Block ( `) one can quote a message on Discord. The symbol of the code block is the back stick. There are two methods for using code blocking. They are single-line code blocks and double-line code blocks.

  • One can quote on Discord by using a single line code block with a single back stick. It is easy to quote a message using a single line. To get a clearer idea, if we want to go to the message, “Can you stream now?”. We need to type `Can you stream now?.
  • And for replying to this message without having any line break, simply we can use it as shown in the given example.

            > Can you stream now? Yes.

  • One can also quote by using a double line code block for messages. If there is a line break that appears when we have multiple lines to type in our message then we need double line discord quotes. Let’s see another example with a long text to use a double line code block.

           ` Dear members please be aware of unethical links before you click on them? Is it clear?

This is a message received by the server and each player can discard it with a double line Court and reply to them as follows:

> Dear members please be ever off unethical links before you click on them? Is it clear? Yes.

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What font is discord?

The discord to the font is Uni sans. 

Can we change the color in the discord app?

No. That is the only option that discord doesn’t support. It can provide various kinds of chatting options with different formats. But it doesn’t have any built-in colors or commands.

Can I hide the text in discord?

Yes, it is possible to hide the text in the discord app. Just add a spoiler at the beginning of the text.

What are the status symbols of discord?

There are four status symbols:

  • Green Dot icon – if we are online.
  • Yellow moon line -if we are doing some other task.
  • Red no entry icon – it is informing others not to disturb.
  • Grey hollow dot icon – it is showing that we are invisible.

Conclusion: Quote on Discord

The recently updated version of Discord provides various types of quoting methods that give more convenience to the users. The downloading process is simple and straightforward and it can be accessed through any type of device.

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