How to Fix Discord Stuck on Connecting?

Discord is a voice/text chatting platform for Gamers. Let us see how to fix “Discord Stuck on Connecting”. It is a very common bug in Discord for PC.

What is Discord?

Discord basically is an infamous group-chatting platform that was originally developed to provide gamers from all over the world with a place to make social relations and talk to each other.

It was launched in the year 2015 and since then it has been home to every community from all over the world like writers to artists to K-Pop fans.

Discord, today, is available for almost every platform be it Mac, Windows, Android, or iOS.

Discord is just developed to allow one and others to just interact with each other. Each of the communities is described as a separate server. These servers are filled with different text channels where the user can type in order to interact with other members and also through voice channels which allow a user to communicate with others by using voice notes. It also allows you to share videos, images, links, music, and much more. 

You can easily start your server free of cost and invite others to join that server so that you can interact with them.

How to Fix Discord stuck on Connecting Screen?

how to fix Discord Stuck on Connecting

Howsoever good it may be but there are chances when you would certainly face issues while using the app. One such issue is the app getting stuck on the connecting screen. If your discord app is somehow stuck on the connecting screen, you can follow basic troubleshooting steps and get it solved. There could be any particular reason which could cause this which forces us to go through each and every troubleshooting step thoroughly to get the issue rectified as soon as possible. 

As usual, we will first start with some of the easier fixes to resolve this issue. Even if this step is relatively easy but it doesn’t mean it’s not a fix. All the steps listed in this article will help you resolve your discord issue as soon as possible. 

Note- If you spot a red bar on the far right on the app homepage or find an outage announcement, it would mean there is some maintenance going on. You can visit the official discord page on twitter to get the latest updates regarding this but there is nothing you can do at that point except to the Date and Time settings 

#1 Checking the date and time Settings:

If the official setting is anything apart from the automatic date and time settings on the windows 10 in your system, it could lead to some issues with the functioning of the discord app. If you check and ensure that the time looks right, it is always better to check it again whether you have set it as automatic or not.

  1. Firstly, you need to close discord by clicking on the Show hidden icons option at the bottom left of the taskbar on the screen. Right-click on Discord icon and then click on Quit Discord.
  2. Once you have closed the Discord app, you need to open the Start menu and type Time. Then click on Change the date and time in the search options.
  3. Once the new page opens, be sure to keep the Set the time automatically and Set the time zone automatically tabs are switched on.
  4. Now try running the discord app and you would see that the issue would be resolved. If it’s not, try the next step shared below.

#2 Run a Malwarebytes scan:

If you are still facing issues with Discord after trying the first step, it could possibly mean that some malware is stopping your Discord app to connect. To check that, you can download the Malwarebytes app for free and easily run a scan.

  1. Once you have installed Malwarebytes, click on it to open the app and then click on Scan on the main page of the application. Now, wait for the app to finish scanning for malware. If the scan finds any malware, quarantine it, and then restart your system.
  2. After following this procedure, try connecting to Discord again. If you find that it is still stuck on the same page, then you need to try the other steps from the below list.

#3 Turning off proxies

It is mandatory to turn off all the proxies to ensure that Discord connects with the server. To learn how to turn them off, just follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. On the Windows homepage, click and open the start menu and type Internet options in the search bar.
  2. Then click on the internet options from the search options.
  3. Click on the connections option and then you need to click on LAN settings.
  4. You will see a box with a Proxy server written next to it. Make sure to uncheck that box and then click on OK.
  5. Now try running the discord app and check whether it connects or not after turning off the proxies.

#4 Changing DNS

The Discord functions better in the presence of Cloudfare’s DNS or Google’s DNS. In this step, we will discuss how you can change your DNS to Google’s.

  1. Click and open the Start menu and search for the Control Panel.
  2. Click to select the Network and Sharing Centre.
  3. On the left, you will see Change adapter settings, click on that.
  4. Right-click on the internet connection which you are currently using and then click on its Properties.
  5. Then you need to double click on Internet Protocol Version 4 which would open a new page.
  6. Click on Use the following DNS server addresses.
  7. Now, enter in the first box and then enter and in the second box.
  8. After entering the characters, click on OK to finish.
  9. You can repeat the same steps in case of Internet Protocol Version 6 but be sure that you enter 2001:4860:4860::8888 in the first box and 2001:4860:4860::8844 in the second box.
  10. Now you can again try running the discord app in order to check whether it’s working properly or not. Otherwise, follow the next step.

#5 Allowing Discord past the firewall of the system

To ensure the smooth functioning of the Discord app on your system, you need to make sure that it is allowed in the system’s firewall so that it can connect easily. Follow these steps to get this done:

  1. Press the Windows key on your keyboard and then type Windows Defender Firewall in the search option.
  2. Tap on Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security option.
  3. Then, on the right side of the new page, you will see New Rule, click on it, then select Program and then click to Next to proceed ahead.
  4. On the next page, you need to click on Browse under the option of This Program Path.
  5. Now, navigate to the location where you have installed the Discord app on your system. The location by default would be C:\Users\YOURUSER\AppData\Local\Discord.
  6. Now, look for the Update.exe file and then double click on it.
  7. Once you have selected the correct file, click on the next option and select the option which says Allow this Connection to proceed further.
  8. You will have to click on Next once more. After that select all boxes for Domain, Private and Public, then again you got to click on the Next option.
  9. Now, add Discord as the name and then click on Finish.
  10. Open the start menu from the home screen, and type Window Firewall. This time is sure to select Windows Defender Firewall.
  11. Now, on the new page that will open, you need to select Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall.
  12. Again a new page will open in front of you on whom you need to scroll down and make sure that the box in front of Discord has been ticked for the particular network which you are currently connected to. In case you are nor sure, you can check both Public and Private. You must click on the Change settings box first and then make any required changes.

In case of a scenario where you’re using an antivirus with an additional firewall, you must make sure that you allow Discord in that additional firewall as well. This method is quite simple and easy and can be found easily within your antivirus software. In case you are unable to look for that and are still facing any issues, don’t waste time in contacting the antivirus support or searching online for any help. You can again give Discord app a try after trying this app to check whether the connectivity issue has been resolved or not.


If you’re facing issues with your Discord app, you can give any one of these steps a try and get it resolved in a few minutes. We hope that one of these steps would definitely be of use to you to ensure that your connectivity issue in the Discord app gets rectified so that you can use it without any hassles. There are 5 steps which we have discussed; you can follow any of the steps starting from the 1st to 5th according to your suitability. If you still face any troubles while following any of the steps, you can always try using a VPN.

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