Download Best Android Emulator for iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Android Emulator for iOS is an application that lets you run Google’s awesome OS on top of Apple’s iOS on the iPhone or iPad. This application is awesome as you can experience Android usability, features, and apps on your Apple device without purchasing an actual Android smartphone.

Do you wish to play Android games on your iPhone? We are sure that you’re not the only one interested in doing so out there. The number of applications and games is limited on iOS. If you want to explore a particular genre, you wouldn’t be able to satisfy your thirst completely on an iPhone. It’s only until you download an Android emulator to your iOS that things start to fall in place. The scope of applications and games on Android OS is wider. With the help of an Android emulator, you can incorporate such apps on your iPhone device as well. 

That being said, you might be finding it hard to have a quality Android emulator for iOS. We are going to discuss some of the best and most reliable Android emulators for iOS here. Shall we begin with the list? Let’s go: 

Best Android Emulator for iOS

1. iAndroid 

Hands down, the best Android emulator for iOS has to be iAndroid. You can think about all types of iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod and this application are available for all such platforms. The biggest advantage of using this application is that it has got an excellent user interface design. Its smooth graphics are going to connect with you instantly. The newbies might find it a bit difficult to operate initially, courtesy of its complex content. But over some time, people will get used to this application. It was launched back in 2011 and can still be regarded as one of the most trusted Android emulators for iOS.

Note: You can find the installation guide for iAndroid below.

2. GBA4iOS 

Talk about another popular name, GBA4IOS has garnered a lot of fame as a trusted Android emulator for iOS. One of its major advantages is that it can be synced with Google Drive. So you have the chance to provide cloud storage for all the applications and the data you access through this emulator. If you would like to download a ROM from the Safari browser, you have the chance of doing so as well. Since the display is quality and the graphics are clean, the gaming experience is going to be seamless. You’re going to have an amazing time while using this platform as a great Android emulator for iOS. You wouldn’t be able to download this emulator from your app store. So you will have to take the help of a third-party source to make the download. It also needs high processing power. 

3. Alien Dalvik 

This is another powerful Android emulator for iOS. You can use this application on iOS devices, set-top boxes, and streaming media devices. If you want to get an application that is easy to customize, Alien Dalvik is meant for you. The developers have worked brilliantly to make this platform a very comfortable use for its customers. If you would like to download this application, you need to take the help of the Cydia application. There might be times when Apple disembarks such applications. You will have to reinstall the app each time so you should keep the downloaded file on your system, as long as your storage is allowing you to do so. 

4. iNDS Emulator 

If you’re eyeing getting an emulator for Android games on your iOS device specifically, this emulator is going to work wonders for you. With the help of iNDS Emulator, you can play every Nintendo DS game on an iOS device. If you keep the application updated, you will be offered amazing graphics on your system. The good thing is that it runs smoothly on all kinds of iOS devices. So you don’t need to worry if it will work smoothly on your device or not. While the platform provides great graphics and accessibility for all kinds of iOS devices, the battery will get consumed at a faster pace too. So you have to keep checking on your battery and if it is overheating, move out of this emulator and use it after a solid break. 

5. NDS4iOS Android Emulator 

Just like the previous platform, this emulator works on all types of iOS devices as well. It is widely regarded as the best Nintendo DS emulator for iOS devices. If you’re owning any of the iOS 7 or iOS 8 systems, this application is going to be suitable for your device. You can think about all kinds of games such as Pokemon, PUBG, FreeFire, etc. and they will be available to be played on your iOS device. It is another one of the platforms that won’t be readily available on your app store. So you will have to find an alternative way to download and install it on your device. 

6. ApoPowerMirror 

This is a unique type of Android emulator meant for iOS. One of its biggest features is that it can simulate the guest system in the host system. Do you want to simulate the Android OS screen on your iOS screen? It is going to provide you with an authentic gaming experience. Since Android games are meant to be played on Android phones, having an Android OS screen on your iPhone will improve your gaming experience for sure. The application comes with a smooth user interface. You will feel great about using this application from the first time you start using it on your device. To bring the two screens together, you will have to connect them to the very same WiFi network. 

7. BlueStacks 

You must have heard about this name already, haven’t you? It has been one of the top Android emulators for PCs for a long time now. The amazing thing is that you can use this emulator on your iOS device as well. It has been launched recently for this type of operating system and is meant for Mac. Have you fallen hard for a particular Android game? If you don’t own an Android device, you might be feeling the void to play such a game. With BlueStacks, the void will be filled in no time. The downside is that you won’t be able to use this platform on your iPad, iPhone, or iPad 2. It is strictly meant for Mac and cannot be used for other kinds of devices.

Advantages Of Using Android Emulators For iOS 

You can look to download any of the applications that we have mentioned above. It can prove to be advantageous to you in many ways. We are going to discuss some of these advantages here: 

  • Wider Scope 

The downside of using an iOS device is that you are offered limited applications on it. You can compare the software meant for iOS to that of Android OS and the scope is wider in later cases. It is due to the strict rules and regulations imposed by Apple developers. When you download an Android emulator for iOS, you widen the scope regarding the applications you can download on your device. You will get access to all kinds of Android apps apart from already having the access to iOS apps. 

  • Free Apps 

Another major issue with iOS devices is that most of the applications are not free. You have to pay to use them and it never feels good to lose some money out of your pocket. If you desire to play the games free of cost, you should download an Android emulator on your iOS. Android developers are lenient in this regard as most of the apps are available free of cost here, at least the basic version of them requires no fees. 

  • Large Display And Smooth Controls 

There might be alternative ways of having Android applications on your iOS. They can be directly used on your device. But there are high chances that the display and controls of the applications are completely off. This issue can occur on the account of the fact that Android apps are primarily meant for Android devices. So the difference in display and controls on an iOS device can cause big problems. But if you can download an Android emulator for iOS, this situation goes for a toss instantly. You will be offered a large display on your device and the controls are going to be smooth as well. 

iAndroid: Download & Installation

In this section, we’ll show you how to download and install iAndroid, which is an Android Emulator for iOS. We’ll tell you its features, requirements, and every installation step in depth.

The iAndroid emulator is one of the High-Quality Android Emulators for iOS currently in the market for Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, etc. This amazing app is a bit tough to understand but don’t worry, I’ve got you covered and as they say, no pain no gain. The iAndroid Android Emulator helps you get your favorite Android apps on your iOS devices. Originally, this app was developed in 2011, but it has got more advanced features now. There is a slight problem with this app, and that is, you need Cydia to download this app. You’ll need to jailbreak your iOS to get Cydia.

I’ll let you know how to install this application and everything in the article following. It might sound easy but it’s not, it is going to take a bit of time to download this app but it’s worth it. We’ve published this article with the aim that the users will not find it tough to download eventually. Let’s cut the jibber-jabber and let’s dive straight into the article.

iAndroid Download For iOS

Features of Android Emulator for iOS

The fact that you are able to run Android apps on top of Apple’s iOS is itself a great feature. But there are a lot of other features which make iAndroid, the Android Emulator for iOS so special, let’s have look.

  • This application will not replace the inbuilt iOS of your iOS device, it is not possible to.
  • There is a whole new android UI interface to the iAndroid android simulator.
  • There are customizable android widgets on your IOS device.
  • Multiple android apps like App locker apps, animation maker apps, battery saver apps, etc are available to be installed on your iOS device.
  • The jailbreak will not be a necessity in any case for this app called iAndroid android simulator
  • Despite all of its great service this app is completely free and it has no annual charges either, unbelievable, I know.

This app as explained above is very easy to install and it’s also incredibly simple to use.

Switching between iOS and Android is also very very easy.

Requirements for iAndroid

This emulator is pretty lightweight and does not consume much RAM or Battery. It runs seamlessly without any lag on the latest or old iOS devices. Here are some of the basic requirements you need to run an Android Emulator for iOS in the market as of now.

  • You will need Cydia Installer in order to install the app.
  • You will need a Non-Jailbroken iOS device.
  • You will need an Active Internet Connection, which is stable enough to run this application.
  • You will need to have at least 200 MB of Free Space on your iOS device to run this amazing simulator.
  • You will need the Repository URL.

I can help you in installing Cydia without jailbreaking and the repo URL, but you will need to fulfill the rest of the requirements by yourself.

How to Download and Install iAndroid?

This is how you’ll get to enjoy the features of this amazing simulator iAndroid simulator on your iOS devices. As mentioned multiple times above, you will have to download Cydia first. There is absolutely nothing to worry about as you will see a lot of sites where you can easily get a guide on how to download the Cydia app on your device.

Installing the Cydia app is just the beginning as there are another few steps to do as the Cydia app doesn’t have iAndroid simulator in itself. You will be in need to add a Repo Address to the Cydia App. If you don’t know how to do it, it’s not something to worry about, I have got you covered, follow the below instructions and you’ll be good to go.

Download and Install the Cydia Installer on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch running iOS 11/10 or iOS 9/8.

  1. Open the Cydia application on your iDevice.
  2. Click on the “Manage” option that is located on the bottom side of the screen.
  3. There, you will be able to see “Packages“, “Sources“, “Storage“ options there. You will have to click on the “Sources“ option.
  4. Now, Cydia will show you a list of multiple Repos added to the Cydia app in alphabetical order. Cross-check if you have added “Modmyi” repo to the Cydia app already If not you’ll have to add it there and then.
  5. Copy “” after obviously erasing the quotations on the URL bar which you’ll be able to see there.
  6. Just go back to the Cydia app and click on “Modmyi” repo and scroll over there to find out this application.
  7. Now, all you Will Have to do is click on “iAndroid” (which is the best Android Emulator for iOS in the market) there and click on install there to install iAndroid simulator on your iOS device, there you go you’ve got yourself one of the best apps in the business.

Follow these screenshots if you are having trouble installing Android Emulator for iOS.

Android Emulator For IOS (iPhone/iPad) iAndroid Download Without JailBreaking

Enter the repo as shown in the screenshot below to add a source of installation.

android emulator for iphone

Now select the added source of

android emulator for iPad

Now select the iAndroid from the list.

iAndroid for ios

It is obviously going to take some time to install, but trust us, it’s definitely worth it after you have it installed, you only have to return to your home screen and you’ll be able to run android UI on your iOS device, incredible, is not it?

Now you are all set and ready to go with this app, after all of this process is finished now you’ll be able to run android UI on your iOS devices like iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc.

Using iAndroid for iOS on iPhone or iPad

All you have to do is to open the app and look at the plethora of Android apps available on your device, you can, as mentioned above use any of your favorite Android apps of any genre on your iOS device.

Customizable widgets like the weather ones and others look absolutely glorious on iOS device same go for other applications from the app gallery. Alongside that, you’ll be able to use the new style of phone locks like patterns, pin codes, etc through this great Android Emulator for iOS app.

Untrusted profiles will result in you not being able to open and explore this fantastic app. You can solve this problem with ease by just trusting the profile and you’re ready to go.

How to trust the developer?

The instructions that are followed will result in you being able to use iAndroid, the amazing Android Emulator for iOS. Though we are not there yet, there is still a step to go through which is as follows:

Go to Settings>>General>>Profile and keep scrolling until you spot the last and final developer on the entire list. Click on that final developer option and after doing so click on the “Trust” option provided there and there you go, now you will be able to use the best android simulator on the market going by the name of iAndroid android simulator.

Don’t worry if you still have queries left about this app, the article is not done yet, following are the frequently asked questions from which you can get your problems and queries about the iAndroid Android Simulator solved.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there an Android emulator for iOS?

Yes, the Android emulator for iOS exists. At the initial sight, this question would look naive and simple but trust us, it is not as simple as you think. iAndroid is basically an Android emulator for iOS which will help you to emulate your favorite android application to your iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc.

  • Can you run Android apps on iOS?

No is a simple answer but it has a lot to explain for. Obviously, as all of us would know, it is just not possible to download android applications on your iOS devices. But as the article would make it clear it is definitely possible to use few simulators and we have got one of those simulators which happen to be the best of the lot. So to sum it up no, not all of the android applications will be able to be emulated on your iOS devices

  • Is Jailbreak a must thing needed to install android applications on your iOS devices?

Jailbreak is an Orthodox concept now and it’s certainly not a necessity. There are tons of different ways with which you can download android apps on iOS devices. Some of those different ways include tutu helper and its multiple alternatives, they can help you complete your job. As you would have noticed the process we went through does not require a jailbreak in order to install Android apps on your iOS device.

Note: You obviously actually cannot use one operating system by replacing it with the other operating system, you can use both as you like and prefer, that is about it really.

Conclusion: Download Android Emulator for iOS Free

With this application, you can start fooling your friends into thinking your iPhone, iPad, and iPod is actually Android device. So, the one explained above is the undisputed best method to convert your iOS into an Android operating system, if you still have problems or queries about the iAndroid (Android Emulator for iOS) or the process to acquire it, you’re open to asking them in the question feed below, we will still update our general FAQs and your questions will add to that.

This simulator in our opinion is the best Android iOS simulator going on in the market right now, you certainly need to get it as soon as possible, to wrap it up if you liked this article and it helped you anyway please share it with your friends it’d mean a massive amount to us.

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