Solved: Awaiting Endpoint Discord Error

Learn how to solve the Awaiting Endpoint Discord Error by following the working methods given below.

Do you love playing games on the computer? If yes, discord is nothing new to the gamers.  It is a communication platform used by gamers to chat and is becoming famous day by day. Discord Inc launched the discord service in 2015 to communicate through text, voice, or video. “Awaiting endpoint discord” is an error when discord is unable to form a connection. Before moving ahead with the reasons and fixing the error, lets us understand the term “discord”.

Discord app is specially used to communicate live sessions and is perfect for businesses to answer customers’ queries. The gaming community benefits from discord service hugely. There is also a vast section of the non-gaming community such as DND campaigns, podcasts creators, streamers,  and businesses using these services.  Millions of people use this chat app to connect with their friends and respective communities. 

The application actively serves more than 140 million users per month. While it boasts a massive range of users, it does encounter problems like any other application.  When the application cannot achieve reliable internet connectivity, it has the known “awaiting endpoint discord” error. 

Specific reasons are responsible for such type of error. They are outages in discord servers, outdated applications, poor internet connection, or network issues. Such error can affect the work if it occurs between business meetings or during any critical campaign. 

discord awaiting endpoint

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Ways to resolve the “awaiting endpoint discord” error

In the first instance and for a few cases, the issue is allowed to be solved independently. So ideally, wait for some time to help discord solve the problem.  If that doesn’t work, below are different ways to fix the issue:-

1. Restarting the “discord”:

  • Restarting the discord is the easiest way to solve the error by completing shutting down the program. 
  • To end the process running in the background, you can go to the task manager.
  • Right-click the discord app and end the task. 
  • Restart the program after shutting down the discord once. 

2. Checking internet connection or Wi-Fi settings

  • Internet connections or Wi-Fi settings play an essential role in the efficient working of discord. 
  • It is most of the time overlooked; hence make sure your system has a stable internet connection. Restart the internet connection or reboot the modem or router to fix connectivity problems.
  • If there is an active internet connection, try to check the speed at free speed test websites. Users should make use of the speed test website to check the download and upload speeds. The internet speed needs to be at least up to 2MBps for discord to run smoothly. 

3. Updating discord

  • Updating any app with the latest version is essential for the smooth functioning of the app. 
  • Open the program if you have failed to open it for a long time. It will update the app. 
  • Usually, discord must update automatically by default.
  • Even if an update is available and the discord is not updating automatically, you must run it as an administrator. Open the discord app with full administrative rights. 
  • To run as administrator, right-click the program. 

4. Checking outages

  • In this case, there is nothing much as a user you can do to resolve the issue when the discord servers are down.
  • Such problems are due to server issues. 
  • Check if other users are reporting similar problems and wait for the discord to resolve it from their end. 

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5. Re-installing discord

  • Installing and reinstalling applications is done to fix most of the problems or glitches. Similarly, when the discord app faces any issues, install and reinstall by going to the control panel – programs – uninstall discord. 
  • Search discord in the list, right-click and uninstall the program. The user should remove every element of the application.
  • You can reinstall the latest version of the application from the official website. 
  • It helps get rid of older versions and related bugs in the application that obstruct smooth functioning. 
  • Once the user installs discord, log in and connect it to the server, it will help with any “awaiting endpoint discord” error the application faces. If you are still facing the issue, you can try other methods to fix the issue.

6. Changing the server region 

Changing the server region was considered the most common method of fixing the awaiting endpoint discord error. However, the process has become automatic, and it is not required to change the server region. Changing the region helps in fixing such discord errors. The fix affects the voice channels, and also, the user needs administrative rights to do so. A standard user cannot make any changes in voice channels. As discussed earlier, errors emerge when the servers are down. So it becomes necessary to improve the server regions or places to bring the discord application on a regular course.  

The procedure to change the server location is as follows:

  • Enter the discord platform or application. 
  • Click the settings – server settings and then overview section.
  • At the region override, turn off the automatic, and then the server location is changed from this section. 

Discord interface is the same on Windows and Mac OS. Irrespective of the platform, i.e. discord app or discord website, the above steps remain the same while changing the server region. The quality of voice chats is improved when you chose a location close to you and the others. The user can try multiple locations to achieve lesser interruptions in voice chats. 

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  • When is the awaiting endpoint discord error commonly observed?

Whenever there is an internet connectivity issue or speed is slow, the awaiting endpoint discord error occurs.

  • What is the simplest way to resolve this issue?

The simplest way is to restart the program or check your Wi-Fi settings. 

  • Where should I find the discord server settings?

The discord server setting “gear” icon is at the bottom left side. 

  • Suggests different ways to overcome the error “awaiting endpoint discord”?

You can fix the error by checking outages, network connectivity, restarting discord, reinstalling discord, updating discord, and changing server regions. 

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