How to get Free Steam Wallet Codes in 2023

We have prepared a list of ways you can get Free Steam Wallet Codes. Check it out.

“Free” is such an inviting word! And if that free thing is something you have been dreaming for a while, then it becomes a dream come true. That’s what free steam wallet codes can do for all you die-hard fans of video games and software. All of us wish to get discounts and promo offers on things we spend on, and it is of particular interest in the gaming world as games are always costly. Yet game lovers can’t stop themselves from splurging in it. But if you can get them for free, then there is nothing like it

About Steam

Steam is one of the biggest distributors of digital video games and software for your mobile devices, PCs, and consoles. There are over 30,000 games and software available on steam so getting a free steam wallet code is every gamers’ desire. On steam, apart from buying all the good stuff you also get access to the large community and become part of the interesting discussion on team tactics in PES 2020 or Fortnite’s fan-favorite locations.

Steam wallet codes are just like any gift card that can be redeemed against your account. You can use your steam wallet credits to purchase a variety of things like games, software, etc that are available on Steam. These codes work at a large number of stores across the world and can be used with several currencies and denominations.

It is one enticing and attractive panel for gamers but it is not cheap. There is an online wallet for every user on Steam. You can use your credit card, cash, steam gift cards, or steam wallet codes to add funds to your steam account which can be used to purchase any game or software from Steam. Steam wallet codes make a big difference to your purchasing power with Steam and in this article, you can explore all the easy ways of earning free steam wallet codes and gift cards.

steam wallet codes list

List of few of the easiest and interesting ways of getting Free Steam Wallet Codes:

List of Free Steam Wallet Codes

Yes, there is a list like that! This is the easiest way to buy Steam products for free. It is genuine and works fast so on days you do not want to go extra lengths to get a free steam wallet code; you could use any of the unused code from the list below to top-up your steam account.  This list gets updated regularly with new codes so grab an unused code before anyone does and simply copy-paste it on the Steam site. gaming points redemption

This is another simple way to earn free steam wallet codes. It can be done in 4 steps:

    • You would need to complete some simple tasks to earn rewards on this site
    • Just relax and watch some YouTube videos which will get you some more free coins
    • Watch their stream of some good plays and get few more points. You can also try your luck with their Lotto feature.
    • There are some promo codes given by their YouTube partner, so you could redeem them as well.

This site is designed specifically for gamers and focuses on earning points for the best available games online. They understand how gaming is an expensive hobby and they want to help avid gamers with this simple means of earning free steam wallet codes.

  • Swagbucks – You get a 10 USD bonus with SwagBucks just for signing up! This is a popular site for earning points by merely watching some videos and doing simple tasks like answering surveys. You could use the points earned here to get gift cards from retailers like Amazon and after that getting free codes for Steam is a breeze. This rewards point website has ruled the internet for more than a decade. 
  • Grab free steam money with GrabPoints – GrabPoints is a well-established way of earning points and has good geographical coverage. They are also quite active on social media. You do all the regular stuff that you do online and get paid for that. There are many ways of earning points here like downloading apps, playing games, taking paid surveys, completing offers, and watching videos. These points can be used to redeem various kinds of rewards one of which is free steam wallet claim codes. You need to reach 2200 points to convert them to free Steam wallet codes at the GrabPoints rewards store.
  • MyPoints shopping – If navigating through all these websites is not your thing then another incredibly easy site to win some free codes for Steam is MyPoints. It is a daily rewards program and you need to register for it. You just need to shop for things and you earn your free codes as you shop.  These points can then be redeemed for cash back and used in whichever way you feel like. For the first 5 surveys you take here you also get an additional 5 USD free. So if you are a fashion lover then this is the best portal to shop for top brands like Sephora, Etsy, and many others.
  • SurveyJunkie – Going by the name you must have guessed that this site is all about surveys. If you like to submit surveys or do not mind doing it then this is the easiest way to earn some money. You can just fill a lot of surveys and get your bucks. In case you do not want to submit surveys, you could still just join it to get a 5 USD bonus.
  • Rakuten (formerly known as Ebates) – This is a cashback site with affiliate links to many stores. Ebates was bought by Rakuten a few years back. It is a very generous site in terms of giving rewards and you can quickly stack up a lot of gift cards by shopping in those stores that Rakuten is networked with. It also gives you a 10 USD joining bonus for free. It has a referral program by which you can add to your points by referring it to friends and family.
  • Free steam wallet code giveaways/sweepstakes – If you have the patience to do some quick searches on Google, twitch, or YouTube then this is a fairly efficient and easy way of getting money in your pocket. It is accessible worldwide hence your location doesn’t matter to participate in these legit giveaways. Searching for terms like “gamers giveaways” will surely get you to the sites you are looking for. For best results try searching in the region where you live so that you are sure to get them in your currencies.  Another possible way to learn about such giveaways is to go on live streaming websites like Youtube, HitBox, twitch, etc and interact with other gamers on chat boxes to learn about some of the available giveaways or sweepstakes that are happening you can take advantage of.
  • InstaGC – If you are looking for some instant cash then InstaGC is where you should go to. You could withdraw earnings as low as 1 USD from this site. It allows you to get free digital cards instantly and redeem them for 10 USD free steam wallet codes in a jiffy. You can be sure that this is a genuine site and not a scam. You can earn 340 gift cards, which include steam cards by online shopping, completing surveys, watching videos, or by just browsing the internet.
  • PrizeRebel free steam codes – A stylish and attractive site, PrizeRebel makes it easy to read and understand its terms for earning free cash. It is big on surveys and there are many options on the kind of surveys that you can take. You get many other kinds of cards with this site like free Netflix gift cards, Free PSN Codes, free Amazon gift cards, etc. It is one of the few sites which directly give you Steam codes rather than redeeming them through other means.
  • Get free codes with LifePoints – On this famous gift card site, you can earn gift cards from Amazon, Steam, eBay, and a lot of other sites. It is easy to earn money here and is a trusted website. You would need to complete some simple tasks here.
  • GiftHulk – An excellent online application for earning cash on many useful sites like PayPal cash, Amazon gift card, Walmart gift card, and Steam wallet card. All you need to do is finish some small tasks like watching a video, playing games, etc. You would get “hulk coins” in exchange of these tasks which can be used to buy gift cards for many stores.
  • Earn points by using invitations and references – If you are using GPT websites to earn points then you have the additional benefit that most of them are compatible with referencing systems. Once you register with any of the GPT sites you would get a referral link that can be sent to your friends and families via social media networks for joining the website and get free points. In case you have an active blog or a YoutTube channel, you can additionally write an article about the website and obtain free steam wallet codes. This showering of points doesn’t stop here. If any of your friends do join the website using your link then you get 10{536a4c555a7f2e45c227c27aaa353c302f43202159891754233440df1d77627d} of all their earnings for life on many of these GPT sites.
  • IBotta grocery shopping – You get a 20 USD bonus for just using the app.  Think of how often you buy groceries, pretty often right? So that’s how often you can earn points through this cashback site. You get points for shopping online as well as in-store with IBotta. Just shop as usual and show them the receipt, and that’s all is needed to earn some cashback.
  • PointsPrize free steam gift cards – Just spend an hour on this site and you would have gained enough points to get access to your free steam wallet code. You would need to take a few surveys and subscribe to their company newsletters to earn legit points. One caveat here is that the region where you live affects how quickly and how many points you can earn through this site. If you in a popular region like the United States then it is fairly easy.
  • Point2Shop rewards program – This is one of the largest online rewards site which provides various means of earning a good amount of free steam wallet claim codes. You could fill out surveys, play games, sign up for offers, shop online, watch videos, and other similar things here to get your hot codes. If completing tasks is a boring affair for you or you find it hectic then you can also watch your favorite thing on NetFlix and still earn money. One bonus you get from this site is its online community which can be used to share gaming stuff that you are engaged with and discuss with others.
  • Dosh – Sometimes one can get tired of attaching pictures of receipt to get those points. Dosh makes it easy for you by having a facility to link your credit or debit card here. This way whenever you shop in any of its affiliate stores your card gets automatically credited with cashback. By only linking your credit or debit card you get an additional 5 USD either as PayPal cash or gift card.

How to redeem your code

  • Visit the Steam wallets code redeem page at:{536a4c555a7f2e45c227c27aaa353c302f43202159891754233440df1d77627d}2Fredeemwalletcode
  • Log in to your steam account and click on the username which is at the top right corner
  • Choose “Account details’
  • On the right-hand side of the screen, there is an option “Add funds to your steam wallet”, click on that
  • Select “Redeem a Steam Wallet Code”
  • You can find the “Secret code” either on your gift card or the wallet code which you would have received on your email. Just enter that code and click on “Redeem”
  • The amount is instantly loaded in your wallet and you can use it right away to buy anything on Steam

Conclusion: Get Free Steam Wallet Codes

Steam is one of the most popular sites for gamers to buy games and software. Since games are expensive, people are always looking for ways to obtain some free Steam codes to buy the best new game without shelling out a lot of money. The list provided above has many options where you can perform some simple tasks online like taking surveys, playing games, subscribing to newsletters, etc. and earn cash backs or gift cards which can be redeemed to get Steam wallet codes and top up their Steam accounts instantly.

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