15 Working Ways to Get Free Books by Mail

Get Free books by Mail WorldWide online and offline!

The conventional way of reading books has evolved gradually in the course of digitalization. Many technologically advanced screen-based gadgets are invented to ease human life in many ways. The storage capacity of devices such as kindle, iPad, smartphones, and tablets are unbelievably more and expandable. The burgeoning interest of book lovers and the reading practice paved the way to many applications, websites, and ideas offering free book access via email and mail. Nonetheless how inventive and innovative e-book reading can be, nothing can replace the traditional way of reading and bookmarking with creative paper cuttings.

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The local library is one of the oldest and prevalent solutions to get free books. Today various online services, institutions, libraries, programs, and agencies have introduced ways to encourage reading by offering free books mailed to the doorstep. Cheering every age group to read is vital in the progress of an individual as well as the nation. Motivating the younger generation to read knowledgeable books is like planting a seed, watering it with organic fertilizers, and watching it grow as a big tree.

free books by mail

Top Working Places to Get Free Books by Mail

  1. PDFdrive.com:- As of today, there are 85 million books available to download for free from this site. The books can be downloaded in PDF files. Once the files are removed from the web, they are withdrawn from the search results as well. This helps in keeping the database updated.

  2. LibraryThing: – Library thing is a website wherein thousands of books are given away before release by authors or publishers to get honest reviews about them. The authors want their books to be reviewed in exchange for free books. Early reviewer and member giveaway are two plans run by the LibraryThing website. Under member giveaway, members supply old books while in the early reviewer program there is a vast scope of selecting the best book but difficult to get. The competition is quite demanding the copies hence there is no guarantee of getting book readers to want. Every month free copies are distributed.

  3. Bibles of America: – Bibles of America have distributed 1.6 million free study bibles from the year 2000. Christian e-books along with free bible can be received by registering on this site. The All-Inclusive Christ, Basic elements of Christ life and The Economy of God, Knowledge of life, The Glorious Church and are some of the free e-books. The version includes translation from original Greek text to modern English, an in-depth outline, over 9000 footnotes, over 13000 cross-references, and helpful charts detailing biblical truths. The orders are free, including the shipping charges. The only thing is placing of order should not be done on another’s’ behalf. You need to fill up the details and relevant information but no bank details.

  4. Goodreads: – Goodreads is one of the popular book websites for book readers. You can open a free account by signing up and participate in the book reviews. Healthy discussions on books by readers help in understanding more about old and new books. The giveaway section is fascinating as authors or publishers give away free books. Authors also give away free books for reviews. The prices of books can be compared through various websites.

  5. Imagination Library: – Dolly Parton is the lady behind this wonderful initiative “imagination library”. Right from a child’s birth till he attains the age of five a free book is gifted every month. It was her father, who couldn’t read or write, which inspired her to initiate an exciting program for children within her home country. With her endless efforts, her aim to motivate and imbibe love reading in children. The program has reached five countries viz; Australia, Canada, the Republic of Ireland, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Over 1 million free books in a month are gifted to children around the world. As per reliable data, as of September 2020, more than 140 million free books have been gifted.

  6. Environmental protection agency: – The US EPA came up intending to protect the environment and to care for human health. Building specific standards and laws to encourage human health and protect the environment is vital. They have many programs, one of them being sending free activity books to children. They are designed, especially to impart knowledge about the planet and valuable natural resources. Kids love entertaining fun-filled activities in the books. The books are available both in English and Spanish that are appropriate for all age groups. The EPA sends free books by mail to any part of the USA.  Planet Protectors club and drinking water security are some of the options available.

  7. Barnes and Noble: – Barnes and summer reading destination sends free books by mail each year to kids. The children are generally from grades 1 to 6. The minimum number of books a child has to read is eight and then fill out the form available on the website. The kids are entitled to earn free books after filling in the details such as the name of the book, author, favorite interesting summary, or part of the story. The filled form has to be presented at the Barnes and Noble stores to get the free book.

  8. Audible: – Audible is one of the best audiobooks websites to receive free audiobooks. It comes free with an amazon prime membership. Accessing the favorite stories and novels innovatively with newness in it is quite interesting. Since with digitalization, some efforts that are taken to make less use of paper, audiobooks are gaining popularity. It saves a lot of time, helps in understanding pronunciation. You can browse while traveling or working. A free trial of 30days can be accessed by downloading the Audible app and searching for the story. Even when you are tired to read, but you willing to read, audible is the best option.

  9. Read Conmigo: – This site is for children in Pre-K to Grade 5 only. Once signed up, there are 52 free e-books available for easy access to the online library. Also every two months there are free e-books available for download. They also arrange contests, events and give notifications for new books whenever available. Both English and Spanish e-books are available, but no provision to mail physical books to homes. One of the best sites for free e-books by mail.

  10. Amazon Kindle: – Amazon E-kindle is a free application that can be downloaded through a play store. For an amazon prime membership, there are benefits in the form of selected free eBooks. Also, if one is not a member, he can be able to download free e-Books, if any, available at that time. Every month a free e-book is given by the amazon to download.

  11. American Action Fund for Blind Children and Adults: – Every month, a free Braille book is provided to the blind children under the Braille books program. More than 45000 braille books were provided, in 2019, to blind children and adults across the country. The eligibility criteria are the person must be blind or disabled with low vision and should be a Braille reader. About 12 free books, by mail, are given to the blind students after signing up on the website. Every time a new Brailled book, is provided that is, unique from the previous ones.

  12. Natural Inquirer: – The natural inquirer program provides free educational science materials for Pre to grade-12 children. The free books are available in both hard and soft copy.

  13. Harlequin Reader Service:- being a member of this reader service, readers get at least 2 books mailed.  If the membership continues, they start charging after the first month at a discounted price.  Free books by postal mail are something very rare, so grabbing such an opportunity is important. The perks are offered for members only such as the bonus bucks rewards program.

  14. Project Gutenberg:- It is an electronic online library wherein books can be accessed and downloaded. They aim to encourage e-books. A site where more than 60000 books are available free of cost. These are free for readers of the USA, as most of them are not protected by USA copyright law. If the site interests you, a small donation is considered.  In other countries, they are not Copyright-free.

  15. Netgalley:- Irrespective of whether an author or publisher is small or large, Netgalley works with them.  It is used to discover new books for free. The free books are mailed in exchange for valuable reviews.  The site is in various versions viz; France, Germany, Japan, and the UK. It is very helpful for librarians, bloggers, reviewers, and educators. Their aim is to encourage and discover new authors and bestsellers. 

Conclusion: Free Books by Mail WorldWide

If we get a survey done, there are far more websites offering free digital copies of novels and books rather than physical ones. Recipe books, magazines, educational books, textbooks, novels and, many more books are available online for free download. The cost of processing paper books is relatively higher than the digital one. Also, to save the environment, the percentage of websites or organizations shipping free books by mail is lower.

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