Holiday Gift Ideas for PC Gamers

Holidays are coming up, which means that it’s time to think of gifts for friends and family. If you have one that’s interested in PC gaming, it might be difficult to pick out an option, especially if you don’t know what they want. Plus, gamers invest so much in peripherals that it’s tricky to get them something they don’t have.

As such, we’ve compiled this list to help.

Here are some of the best gifts to give a PC gamer.

Game Access

If you’re thinking of a gift for a gamer, the natural choice would be a game. However, what if you don’t know what kind of titles they like? What if they already have the one you plan to give them? To this end, consider giving them the opportunity to get and play the games they want instead. One way to do this is to buy them an Xbox Game Pass. For $10 (around €8) a month, the user gets access to over 100 great games like Halo and Fallout. A six-month pass or their annual pass makes great gifts. You can also buy them Steam and Origin credits, so they can just purchase the games they want on that platform.

Video Game Assets

If you’re looking for a unique and highly personalized gift for a PC gamer, consider gifting them video game assets. These can range from in-game items and skins to virtual currency and even entire game accounts loaded with perks. Many games offer a marketplace where you can purchase unique items or skins that can enhance the gaming experience; these virtual items add a personal touch to the gamer’s character and can offer functional advantages in the game.

Virtual currency Gold in World of Warcraft can be a fantastic gift. This allows the gamer to make in-game purchases and choose what they want. Or, for the ultimate gift, consider buying a game account that’s already advanced in levels, loaded with items, or has a high ranking. This can be a significant time-saver for the gamer and give them a head start in their favorite game.

Ergonomic gear

It’s no secret that PC gaming can cause a lot of discomfort if you don’t have the right ergonomic gear. For example, a flat keyboard can cause wrist pain, while an ordinary chair can cause back pain. This is why one of the best gaming tools for PC gamers will always be ergonomic equipment. There are many kinds of ergonomic gear that you can give. If you have a bit of money to spare, then an ergonomic chair will surely brighten up your Christmas. If you’re on a budget, an ergonomic mouse might be the thing they need. A monitor mount can also improve the ergonomics of their setup, especially when their screen is not raised to eye level.

RGB cooling fan

PC gamers, especially those who have customized PCs, are always looking for components to improve their setup. And if their PC doesn’t have a cool, RGB cooling fan yet, then you should definitely consider gifting them one. PCs are equipped with modern PCBs, with many gamers now having all the major components, CPU, GPU, and RAM, on one layer. This allows gamers to pack a lot of powerful hardware in one box, improving their gaming performance. However, these components have a tendency to heat up if you go beyond the normal CPU temperature while gaming, which is why a cooling fan is necessary. Here’s a comprehensive article on  And while an ordinary fan does the job, one that lights up in their favorite color is bound to spark some joy.


Not every PC game is comfortable to control on a keyboard. This is why plenty of gamers prefer a gamepad for those quick runs of Cuphead or a nice, slow game of Devil May Cry. Again, the type of gamepad that you should get highly depends on their setup and the kind of games they play. But if they’re running a Windows OS, a safe one to buy is an Xbox controller. Windows computers are built with software integration for Microsoft products, so an Xbox controller can be used without downloading any third-party software. There are other premium alternatives, too, like the Astro C40 TR for modular control setups (great for FPS players) and the Razer Wolverine Ultimate for that extra RGB flair.

You can give PC gamers a lot of gifts, from ergonomic equipment to online gaming credits. Speak to them and see what things are missing from their gaming setup.

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