How to add Apps to Vizio Smart TV (Simple Guide)

In this article, we will learn the features of Vizio Smart TV and also how we can add apps to a Vizio Smart TV

About Vizio Smart TV

Smart TVs have gained immense popularity with the advent of web-based content. If you do not wish to buy additional streaming devices like a FireStick or Roku, you need a Smart TV and an internet connection. 

Vizio makes some of the most elegant big screens which are SmartCast TVs and they come in many sizes like 24 inches, 32 inches, 40 inches, etc. They also make HD Ready, UltraHD Smart TVs with an amazing app store through which you can easily search for your favorite TV shows and other videos. The solid picture quality and reasonable prices of Vizio Smart TV has made it one of the most popular brands which are used across the world. If anyone is looking to upgrade to a bigger screen or a Smart TV with all the top features available in the market currently, then they can definitely consider Vizio as their first choice. 

With a Smart TV, you can access apps like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ Hotstar, iHeartRadio, etc., and browse a plethora of audio and video content over the net, across the globe. There is a selection of core apps that is preinstalled on a Smart TV. Apart from the pre-installed apps, you can also add more apps on the Vizio Smart TV (similar to how you add apps on your Smartphones). 

It is very simple to set up a Vizio Smart TV and start using it right out of the box. You need a WiFi connection to avail of its features. Connecting the TV set to WiFi is a breeze and takes just a couple of minutes.

how to add apps to vizio smart tv

Vizio Smart TV Features

  • Vizio Smart TV is preloaded with all the latest apps which include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Vudu, iHeartRadio, Hulu Plus, and more.
  • One can easily set up the TV and connect to the internet to avail all the Smart TV features.
  • The Smart TV remote comes with a full QWERTY keyboard which enhances your viewing experience. The Vizio remote has pre-programmed buttons which make it easier to hold and use the remote.
  • There is a TV video camera which you can use to video chat with your friends and family through the TV. This feature is available on many apps like Skype.
  • All Vizio Smart TV models have a brand new feature called Smart interactivity. This feature will help you create a more personalized viewing experience for yourself. The bonus features provided to you take into account all the content that you regularly watch on your Smart TV and show you advertisements and viewers polls that gel well with your interests.

How to add Apps to Vizio Smart TV

One of the expected features of a Smart TV is the ability to add new apps on top of the pre-installed ones and enjoy the content that they have to offer. With Vizio, the capability to add more apps is dependent on the model series of the TV, the platform that the TV is running on, and the year of release. 

Vizio VIA and Vizio VIA Plus are the only two platforms that allow new apps to be installed on the Vizio Smart TV (VIA stands for Vizio Internet Apps). We will get into details of adding apps for both these platforms below:

  • Adding Apps to Vizio Internet Apps (VIA)
    • On the Vizio remote button, press the button marked “V”
    • From the menu displayed select “Connected TV store”
    • From the submenu select “All Apps”
    • This will display all the apps. You would need to navigate to the app you wish to add and then press the “OK” button.
    • Once the app is selected you would be able to find the “Install App” option on it (usually present on the lower-left corner of the TV screen). Click on “Install App” which will install the desired app.
  • Adding Apps to Vizio Internet Apps Plus (VIA Plus)
    • On the Vizio remote button, press the button marked “V” twice.
    • This will open the full-screen VIA Plus app window with many tabs at the top. Under the “My Apps” tab you can see all the apps installed on your TV. Browse through the different tabs presented here (Featured, Latest, All Apps, Categories) to find the app of your choice.
    • Now press and hold the “OK” button till you see the selected app’s icon appear in the “My Apps” tab.


Q1. Can I cast content from my phone onto Vizio Smart TV?

Yes. Even though some version of Vizio Smart TVs like Vizio SmartCast HD TVs released between 2016 to 2017 do not allow you to add apps (a few do not even have any built-in apps), you can still cast content from apps which are Chromecast-enabled from your smartphones or tablets to the TV screen. You could also cast content from your Apple devices through the AirPlay feature.

Q2. Do Vizio Smart TVs have a web browser?

Vizio TVs do not offer a full web browser as yet. Customers who wish to surf the web can buy additional devices like Roku to browse web content.

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