How to get Cash from Prepaid Visa Debit Card?

In this article, we will cover how to get Cash from Visa Debit Card, different types of Debit Cards like Maestro, Master Card, etc., and uses of Debit cards.

In this electronic generation, everyone can be able to get things from the home itself because of online shopping. Along with that everyone is interested to use plastic money which is nothing but using cards instead of cash. Because it is beneficial in several ways. The card may be either a debit card or the credit card available with distinctive features. So let us see what is the meaning of a debit card? And how it works, how to use it, it’s advantages, etc. The debit card and credit card are not the same. But fulfill the human monetary needs to their extent.

A debit card is a card that is used as a plastic currency while shopping. It means that if a person purchases something, then he uses the debit card instead of cash, the card automatically transfers the prescribed amount to the shopkeeper.

The debit card can be used in two ways. One is to transfer money while shopping and purchasing anything and the other one is to check the balance details without going to the bank. It is the basic purpose of the debit card.

Types of Debit Cards

Prepaid Visa Debit Card

We may come across different kinds of debit cards based on the purpose, bank, etc. So every bank has its debit card and which differs from one another. Besides these individual banking debit cards, we have far more types of debit cards. They are as follows:

  • Maestro Debit Card: the maestro debit card and the master debit card are the same. Eight is accepted globally and can make any online transaction throughout the world. Also, it is accepted by all the banks including SBI but the exceptional bank is ICICI.
  • Visa Debit Card: these debit cards are widely used throughout the globe. Because these are internationally accepted debit cards. The banks which are for writing Visa debit cards will get tied up with the international banking accounts and payment system. So these are used for online transactions throughout the globe. All the transactions are highly protected by the Visa payment has few more subdivisions like Visa gold card, Visa Platinum card, Lisa infinite card, etc.
  • Master Card: it is the most popular debit card which can be used for both current and savings accounts. Well, how are those kinds of Master debit cards? It provides complete protection to the payment along with extreme benefits and rewards to the consumers.
  • EMV Debit Card: EMV card is a generalized debit card that is designed by Europay, MasterCard, and Visa card. So it has plenty of features along with the digital signature helps to pay all the online payments and to use for online transactions. It can be used domestically as well as globally.
  • Rupay Debit Card: It is completely an Indian debit card. one can use the rupee debit card for all domestic transactions. And these transactions were secured by the national payments corporation of India. It can be used for both online and offline transactions. It is used for bill payments also. It brought a tremendous change by making all the banks computerized. It is majorly helpful for villagers. In simple words, it combined both the features of visa and master cards.
  • Platinum Debit Card: the Platinum debit card is nothing but the advanced version of a gold debit card which can be assured by several banks. Along with all the features of your normal debit card, the Platinum debit card will have the availability of an increase in funds for shopping. Previously, this concept was used by only elite people but nowadays it has become usual to everyone.

How to get Cash from Prepaid Debit Card?

Through ATM

The process of getting cash from prepaid debit cards became easier for the kids also at present. The only requirement for using debit cards is to maintain a proper balance in the bank account to which the debit card is attached. The steps we need to follow to get cash from the prepaid debit card through ATM are as follows:

  • First, refresh the ATM if it shows any other window.
  • Next, we need to insert the debit card into the machine.
  • Now it will ask us to select the language in which we are comfortable to continue the transaction.
  • It asked us to enter the four-digit PIN. Make sure to avoid the presence of any other member.
  • Then it provides a set of different transactions and we need to select which type of transaction we are about to perform.
  • In those options, select the cash withdrawal option to get cash from your card.
  • Then we need to choose the account type whether it is current or savings.
  • Then it will give you cash and also provide a receipt.
  • Then it goes back to the home b****. Follow the same procedure if you want to do another transaction or else leave the place after collecting the printed receipt.

Through apps

It is also possible to get cash from a debit card without using the ATM. Specific Banks may allow certain apps to convert the card into Cash. We need to select the amount required to withdraw the cash in the app then it will give a list of nearby shops to purchase things using these points. The list may vary from one area to another. Then we need to enter the shop by scanning the QR code of that shop. Also, scan the QR code while making the payment of your purchased goods.

General Elements of a Debit Card

Every debit card has certain mandatory elements to identify the type of card as well as a few details of the card. Some of the basic elements of your debit card are as follows:

  • Bank Name along with Logo: the bank name is printed on the debit card either front or back on the top corner. So that we may identify easily that the card belongs to which bank. it is very helpful if the person is having multiple debit cards of several Banks. So it is a key element of the debit card. Also along with the name, the logo of the respective bank has appeared on the debit card.
  • Cardholder Name: another vital element of the debit card is the name of the person who applied for the card. It may not be the person who uses it, the cardholder will be unique. For instance, if the head of the family has applied for a debit card but it was used by his wife, the name on the card should be the husband’s name.
  • Card Number: every debit card has a unique 12 digit number on the front side of the card. It is widely used while doing online transactions. It is helpful to track the transactions easier for both the cardholder as well as the bank.
  • Issued Date: another important element that we can come across on the debit card is its date of issue. Generally, it will be below the card number and beside the expiry date. It specifies that from the day of Easter date only, the card can be utilized to do transactions.
  • Expiry Date: the most vital element of the debit card is the date of expiry. Generally, it will be updated off five or more years from the issue date based on the respective bank. The cardholder may not be allowed to use the card after the card has expired. He or she should be attentive while using the card and apply it for renewal by approaching the respective Bank.
  • CVV Number: it is an element used for security purposes. It may vary from one bank to another bank. Either it is CVV or cvv2 or CVC or whatever it is every number has the same purpose. CVV means a card verification value number. It is a 3 to 4 digit number based on the bank and it helps to complete the online payments and should not share with others.
  • Hologram: it is another vital element of debit card which benefits more to shopkeepers than the cardholders because it prevents the duplication of cards because of the hologram appearing on the card. It appears like a mirror either front side or backside of the card. It is smaller in size, higher insecurity.
  • Security Codes: as the debit card sir used to fulfill our monetary transactions, it should help as many security features. The security code is also one of them. The courts may vary from one bank to another. Let’s say for ICICI, they will give some decoded letters while doing the transaction and these letters have respective numbers on the cards.
  • Smart Chip: it is the element that protects and provides high security for the debit card from hackers and tests. It is the advanced version of magnetic strips. when compared to Magnetic strips the smart chips are very hard and small in size. It is difficult to break it or steal it for the is always preferable to insert the chip cards than swiping.

Uses of a Debit Card

Nowadays the debit card has become a basic thing in everyone’s wallet. And of course, it deserves it as it has plenty of advantages for both cardholders, shopkeepers along with banks. Some of the benefits are,

  • It helps to avoid carrying cash to any place.
  • It helps to protect from theft.
  • It is easy to carry and consumes less space.
  • And it is a reusable thing.
  • It provides high security when compared to cash.
  • Having this card with a balance, the person will never face the deficiency of amount while purchasing.
  • It is also safe to carry even in the rainy season.
  • You can buy Walgreens money order with debit cards.

There is no scope to misplace one another. If it is cash, some people will argue with us that the money belongs to them. Even though they are lying we are unable to prove it. But it is not possible with cards.
It is also helpful to take spontaneous decisions while investing suddenly.

Frequently Asked Questions


Differentiate between the credit card and the debit card?

A debit card is a card that is used while doing online and offline transactions with sufficient funds stored in the bank account which is linked to that particular card. If we have a deficiency in the amount, we may not utilize the card.

In contrast, a credit card is a card that is also used for online and offline transactions without having money in your account. That means the principle of a credit card is to purchase things now and you can pay it from the bank and then repay the bank in the monthly installment schemes.

Is the debit card an asset or a liability?

Of course, it is an asset. We are not taking money from anyone and we are utilizing our own money from the account. It also prevents the stealing of cash. If the person doesn’t have control over his shopping, the debit card also has another feature of setting a fund limit. So that you can fix a limit to your debit card and it doesn’t exceed that limit while you are shopping. Whereas the credit card will be considered as a liability.


Hence the debit card is a kind of plastic currency that is used for both online and offline transactions of money to the purchased goods. These are of different types with different features. The debit cards also provide several rewards and cashback offers while doing online transactions etc. So everyone can utilize these debit cards without any hesitation and take care of your card as well as the minimum balance in your account.

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