How to get your fandango convenience fee waived

Learn what is Fandango Convenience Fee and how you can waive it. Read about Fandango benefits and tips.

What is Fandango?

Before proceeding to the actual topic, we must know what actually Fandango is. Fandango is a platform where you can book movie tickets online, without you having to show your physical presence. You can book your tickets well in advance so that you are the first to grab your tickets. There is a great advantage of using Fandango mainly because many theater companies, all around the country, are working with it.

Fandango Convenience Fee

Further benefits of using Fandango include:

  • When you are using Fandango, you get an early access to tickets. Since it is not easy to always make time to run and get the tickets, it is best to use an online platform to book tickets and get an early access. Most of the theaters are far away and when you are living on the outskirts, you might take 45 to 60 minutes to reach there.
  • Using Fandango helps you save gas as well as your precious time because you can book tickets in no time at all.
  • With Fandango, you can select the best seats for you before anyone else because you are the first to get the access to tickets. Therefore, you can select your favorite seats and you do not have to worry about tickets to the new releases getting sold out on the first day itself.
  • You do not have to stand in line anymore to get the tickets by going to the theater, when you are using Fandango. You can print the tickets at your home when you buy them through Fandango, so you have nothing to worry about.
  • Not only that, you can also use the mobile phone from where you bought the tickets and show at the counter that you have paid for the tickets. That will also give you an entry into the theater. However, not every theater has such an option, so you need to make sure that the theater where you are willing to watch the movie has these options available to you.
  • Fandango also sends an email to you after every purchase that you make. From there, you will get a better idea of how to go about the tickets which you have bought from Fandango.

However, there is one problem when you are using Fandango and that is the fee which it charges. That could be an issue for a few people, especially for the ones that are on a tight budget.

How Much Does Fandango Charge?

Generally, Fandango charges you $1.50 when you buy a ticket through Fandango. But, this is not a fixed price because it varies from area to area and your area might have a higher convenience fee charged by Fandango.

Your convenience fee might as well rise to $2 if you are looking to watch an IMAX movie. With that, the price on your ticket might go out of budget especially when you are buying multiple tickets at a time. However, you have ways to avoid the Fandango Convenience Fee as well, and when you do not have to pay the convenience fee, then nothing is more perfect than Fandango.

How to Get the Fandango Convenience Fee Waived

There are a few ways with which you can waive off the convenience fee on Fandango. The ways with which you can get the Fandango convenience fee waived are:

  • Check Out Online Coupon Sites

One of the best ways to get off on your Fandango Convenience Fee is to check the online coupon sites. You can easily find all the coupons on the internet. The sites give you a promo code with which you can get an off in your convenience fee.

However, you need to be the one to make sure that the coupon which you are getting is absolutely legit because not all sites can be trusted and not all sites offer discounts for Fandango.

To help you with some of the reliable sites for your discount coupons, we have listed out a few sites which you can check. The sites are:

1. Retail Me Not

One of the most popular and reliable sites for Fandango coupons is Retail Me Not offers their customers various Fandango coupons from time to time. Retail Me Not also emails you their latest coupons and offers, so make sure you sign up so that you can get notifications about the Fandango coupons and its latest offers.

Then sign up to get notifications about offers for Fandango coupons. As of this writing they had four different discount codes for Fandango purchases

2. CouponChief

Another reputed site when it comes to Fandango coupons is CouponChief, which offers discount codes for their users so that they are able to get a discount on their movie tickets when they purchase from Fandango. All you need to do is to sign up to CouponChief with which you will get notification about latest offers and deals on Fandango and you can easily get an off on the Fandango convenience fee.

3. SlickDeals

SlickDeals is an old site which, as the name goes, has tons of deals for their users. They also have various discount coupons for Fandango on occasions. You do not have to pay a single penny to sign up for SlickDeals and you will get emails and notifications every time a new offer pops up. You will get advance notifications on Fandango discounts and thus, you can waive off the Fandango convenience fee.

These are not the only sites which are reliable. There are various other sites as well which you can find to get Fandango coupons. So, just be careful while you select a website because every site is not legitimate.

  • Join Fandango VIP

Another way to get your Fandango convenience fee waived off is to join the Fandango VIP, which is a reward program launched by Fandango itself to reward their customers. You can join the Fandango VIP free of cost. There are various benefits of Fandango VIP for the customers including:

  • You get points for every Fandango purchase
  • You get an early access to advanced screenings
  • You get an access to exclusive movie gear as well.
  • You can stream movies at your home too as Fandango discounts streaming movies for you
  • You can get discounts on every movie ticket that you purchase with the help of the points you earn as a member of Fandango VIP. Such discounts may also nullify the Fandango convenience fee charged by Fandango.
  • Purchase Your Tickets Directly Through the Theater Website

The most convenient way to prevent Fandango convenience fee is to directly buy the tickets from theater website as most theaters have their own sites which allow you to buy tickets through the theater website as well. Some theaters do not have their own website and thus, they only allow you to buy the tickets through Fandango only. So, you need to make sure that your preferable theater has its own website if you are looking to avoid paying the fee. However, some theaters also charge convenience fee which might be higher than the fee charged by Fandango.

  • Buy Offline Tickets

The old-fashioned way to avoid Fandango convenience fee is to go to the theater and buy the ticket. If you have a theater nearby, you can always go there and get the tickets for yourself with which you avoid convenience fee. However, you will have to make time to get those tickets.

There are other ways to cut the cost on your movies tickets as well and these ways are:

  • Go on Discount Days

There are days where you get a discount on movie tickets and the prices are less than usual. However, on these days, you will see a lot of people coming to watch the movies which will make the theater well crowded. Also, you will have to buy tickets beforehand so that the tickets are not sold out because the shows with discounts get sold out in no time.

  • Keep Snack Purchases to a Minimum

Another way with which you can save money on movie tickets is to avoid eating too many snacks when you are going to watch a movie. Popcorn, soda and candy is a want and every person looks to buy it while they are watching a movie. Snacks at the theater are expensive so it is best that one does not eat while watching a movie to save some bucks.

  • Use Your Rewards Points

Using reward points is another way with which you can save money and to do so, you can join the theater’s award program which will eventually help you get stuff for free or at a discount. There are various programs and each program has discount on different things. Some have discounts on snacks, some have a discount on sodas while some have a discount on movie tickets.

Conclusion: Fandango Convenience Fee

All in all, there are ways with which you can get an off on your movies and can save money. The abovementioned ways will help you get your Fandango convenience fee waived off with which you do not have to pay extra for your tickets.

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