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Download InstaPro APK Latest Version for Android Free!

Do you love to use Instagram? It is one of the most popular social media platforms all across the globe. Instagram is one of the modded versions of the platform. As you know, there are a lot of fun activities to be done on Instagram. It is one platform that is coming with all kinds of trending and entertaining features. It hasn’t been long since Insta Reels was introduced and it has spread like a storm all across the globe. But the normal version restricts a lot of things that you can do on Instagram. It is only until you start using Instagram that things are going to work a lot differently. 

While there are all kinds of mods for the application, InstaPro APK is considered to be the best mod for it. The platform has been developed by SamMods and is sitting well with its users throughout the world. The developers have an eye on the latest updates of the normal version of Instagram. They develop the update for the InstaPro APK on the same lines. It means that this modded application is going to use all the features of the normal version of Instagram and make it even better for the users. 

Name InstaPro
Downloads 368,000+ (Monthly)
Required Android 4.4+
Updated on April 2022
Size 54 MB
Version 8.9
Developer Sam Mods

Download Instagram Pro APK Latest Version (Fixed)

Download InstaPro APK 


Features Of InstaPro APK 

There are several reasons why InstaPro APK is preferred by users across the globe. We are going to take a look at some of the best features of this application: 

  • Privacy 

One of the biggest reasons why you should prefer having InstaPro APK on your device is the privacy that it provides to you. Some people don’t want others to know a little about their presence and we can understand the space they are coming from for the cause. InstaPro APK provides you features such as not marking the messages as read in direct, hiding viewed stories, hiding typing status in DM, etc. So there’s no way that your followers would have a clue about what you’re doing at a particular moment unless you make it obvious by texting, posting, or uploading status on your own. 

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  • Downloading Media 

One of the downsides of using a normal version of Instagram is that you’re not able to download any form of media. You will have to take a screenshot of the entire thing and crop it to save it to your device. But when you start using Instagram, things are bound to change. You get a chance to download media as per your will. If you like some videos and photos being shared on stories, you have a chance to download that as well. 

  • Saving IGTV Videos 

There are so many fun videos that appear on IGTV videos. Sometimes people upload an entire song or short movie here and it is completely worth it. The platform provides quality uploads for videos which allow you to have a full HD experience as well. In case you want to download it to your device, InstaPro APK will prove to be extremely helpful. With the help of this feature, you will easily be able to save the videos to your Android storage. 

  • Ad-Free Experience 

Are you fed up with advertisements on the normal version of Instagram? We understand where you’re coming from as there’s regular interruption by advertisements on Instagram over some time. In case you want advertisements to fade away completely, you should start using Instagram on your device. Once you start using this application, you will make sure that there’s an ad-free experience coming your way and it is completely worth it. 

  • Uploads In Maximum Quality 

You must have seen how it’s difficult to upload photos with full resolution on Instagram. It tells you that the platform is not able to upload the photos and videos in the same quality as they are on your device. InstaPro APK is going to change this particular thing as well. You have a chance to upload photos in full resolution once you start using Instagram. It is meant to help you upload in maximum quality, something that’s impossible on the normal version of Instagram. 

  • Disable Shopping Items 

If you don’t like to see shopping items on your Instagram feed, you can disable them completely through InstaPro APK. When you use the normal version of Instagram, a shopping item comes your way very often when you’re scrolling through the feed. It decreases the number of posts you can view on Instagram at once and can irritate you. But once you start using InstaPro APK, things are bound to change for the better. 

  • App Lock 

When you start using InstaPro APK on your device, you get an App Lock that’s strictly meant for the application. In case you desire to have maximum safety and security on your device, you should use this feature. All you need to do is set a password for the application and you will make sure that no one can go through your profile at all. 

  • Unfollowing Tracker 

Some people follow you for a particular period but they will unfollow you after a point in time. You wouldn’t even know about it and your follower count is going to come down. If you want to have a track of people who unfollow you, InstaPro APK is going to work wonders for you. Whenever a person unfollows you, the platform is going to provide a notification to you. It will help you make the best decision if you would like to keep following the person or unfollow him back. 

InstaPro APK Download Latest Version

How to Install InstaPro APK on your Android

After going through all the features, you must have realized how Instagram is going to find an amazing use on your device. Here’s a simple process to download & install it on your phone: 

  • Download the latest version of the application. The latest version is going to be modded based on the updated features of the normal version of Instagram. 
  • Once you have completed the download, you need to go to the file manager and find the file. 
  • You should enter the Settings and then go on to the Security option. The task is to enable applications from unknown sources. 
  • As you allow applications from unknown sources, you just have to move forward in the installation process. Agree to all the terms & conditions before clicking on the install option. 

Once you’re done, the application is going to drop on your home screen. You can start using it and attain all the advanced features that you expect from this platform. 

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Q1: Is InstaPro APK going to allow me to download photos and videos of the people I follow? 

This is one of the biggest features of using Instagram on your device. It will make sure that you can download all kinds of videos and photos from different people and profiles on Instagram. 

Q2: Will I be able to disable all kinds of advertisements when I start using InstaPro APK? 

Yes, you will make sure that all sorts of advertisements are disabled on the platform. So you can go through your feed without worrying about an advertisement interrupting you in any way. 

Conclusion: Download Instagram Pro APK Latest Version (Fixed)

If you’re interested in getting some additional features on Instagram, you should start using InstaPro APK on your device. It is safe, free, and provides you with a bunch of amazing features additionally! 

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