What is LIA Informant? App Uses and Safety

We all are aware of LG phones, their accessories, and their applications. LG is a South Korean company delivering various products to consumers worldwide. LG mobiles are pretty famous and have come up with different Series. LIA Informant tool is one such tool used in controlling notifications, calling, etc., on LG smartphones. They help in accessing various information or services in one place. There is no need to open all the applications every time. 

What is LIA Informat? (com.lge.ia.task.informant)

LIA Informant app

LIA informant uses Smart device widget to access information about LG services. It is a tool that helps users get information about LG solutions using an intelligent notification widget. Lia informant can be disabled from the phone if you don’t want to use it. Since it is a part of the LG phone, we cannot uninstall it completely. There is no harm in using LIA informant as it is secured and safe to use. It is present in the LG “G” series stock ROM. It is a system application present on the phone.  The uses or characteristics of LIA informants are mentioned below. The following tells us what all is possible through the LIA informant. 

  1. Network Connections:-  LIA assists apps in the mobile phone to know which network connection exists and is connected.  They get the information related to the network connections.  It enables the applications to control which internet connection is working. 
  2. Complete network access: – Creating customized network sockets are possible through LIA informant. It is performed with the assistance of browsers and various other applications that help send data to the internet. Thus there is no need to take permissions to send data to the internet.
  3. Accessing callings directly:- Data related to call logs such as missed calls, outgoing calls, incoming calls, and other information like calendar events are read with the help of this application. It lessens the complications in calling by permitting the application to make calls. The feature, at times, might be disadvantageous in a way making unexpected calls and incurring extra charges. Sometimes even the confidential data is read by this application without the user’s knowledge, which is undesirable. 
  4. Read the contacts on the mobile:- The application helps the users by reading the contacts on the mobile and other information related to it. LIA informant allows the applications to access the information as to how many times a specific person is called, the number of emails sent, and the way of communication with a particular person. 
  5. Read mobile text messages: – LIA informant enables applications to read the messages saved on the mobile, such as SMS or text and MMS messages stored on the SD card or SIM card. The confidentiality of the information is not taken into account by the applications while accessing the content. 
  6. Read phone status:- The phone status is read through the application as the device permits access to the phone’s position.  Phone information, phone numbers, network information, ongoing call status, and applications access many other things. 
  7. Read necessary data:- Apart from the phone’s status or mobile information, the application also enables to check out the set occasions, stored calendar events, and confidential information. The applications access the private events related to friends and others. 
  8. Read the SD content:- The content of the SD is read and accessed with the help of the applications. The data which is unused or unwanted is deleted or modified by the application. Thus, creating space for the device. 
  9. Call logs access: – LIA informant enables the apps to read the phone call log. The data about the phone calls made and received is saved in the application for further reference. The users need to be cautious as other malicious apps may also benefit from it by gathering information. 
  10. Rebooting: – After finishing booting, the LIA informant allows applications to starts automatically. You can understand when all the applications are restarted, and it takes time for all apps to start at a time, making the phone slow. 

Conclusion: Lia Informant App

LIA informant is one of the best tools in gathering information in one place. It reads web bookmarks, history, setting shortcuts, and many other crucial things about the phone. Also, the user must be aware of the disadvantage that it shares data without our permission. 

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