Modern Warfare Tips: 5 essential tips to know before you play

Modern Warfare, one of the latest additions to the Call of Duty franchise, gives its players incredible customization options and in-game mechanics. Are you, too, looking for some fantastic tips to master the game? Well, you’re right where you should be. 

We recommend you begin by checking out some Modern Warfare tricks at Battlelog. Then dive into the tips below before starting your game, and we’re sure they’ll help you. 

Move with caution

This may seem like a basic suggestion for a first-person shooter game. But believe us when we say that it is incredibly easy to die in Modern Warfare. The game relies more on the abilities of the individual soldier. Resisting the temptation of running into the open, you must focus more on minor progressions.

Always look for cover first, whether you are pushing towards an enemy or just progressing. Do not let your guard down. And more importantly, do not let your enemy discover you off guard. Also, do not spend too long off cover spotting or aiming at enemies.

Do not hesitate to camp

While camping has always been seen as somewhat forbidden by players, it is of extreme advantage in this mode. The maps in Modern Warfare are designed to be more intimate than other modes. The taller grass in this game ensures that you remain camouflaged in a camping strategy. Chances are, the enemy won’t notice you lying there and walk right past you. You can take them down at that moment.

Also, another feature is the gun mount, where you can mount your gun on the ground while aiming in a specific direction or towards the enemy. Then, you can shoot at the right opportunity. This ensures lesser recoil and better overall handling of the gun. 

Smartly time your reloads

While it is advised to reload your gun whenever possible, ill-timed reloads can lead to the enemy catching you off guard and taking you down. Thus, you must time your reloads well, especially when engaged in a fight. Your reflexes might tempt you to reload at every split second. But be very careful in this regard.

One of the best techniques to do this, especially in a fight, is to try to utilize your mag to the very last bullet. Then take cover to reload your gun. This way, you won’t give your enemy a chance to spot you off the cover. Also, it will provide you with more time to think and reload. When using guns with more considerable reload time, like machine guns, you must definitely employ this strategy. Once the reload starts for such weapons, it’ll take a substantial amount of time for you to get back on your feet. And that’ll give enough time to the enemy to rush towards you. So time your reloads as wisely as possible. 

Experiment with difficulty level

Modern Warfare is literally made for everyone. From beginners to pros, all can enjoy it with the right setting. And that’s what this tip is all about: Choosing the right difficulty setting for your game. 

The game has five levels, namely: Regular, Recruit, Hardened, Veteran, and Realism. The first two on the list are easy and suitable for anyone who has little to no experience with first-person shooters. The last three are best for seasoned Call of Duty players. Depending on your skill level with COD Modern Warfare, change the difficulty setting before you begin. This way, you’ll have more fun playing and won’t find the game boring.

Try different routes to reach your objective

Many gamers have appreciated how COD Modern Warfare allows players to use different ways to reach their goals. Although your movement will be linear for the most part, you can try stealth tactics and creative approaches. 

Hide in buildings, stay in the shadows, and surprise your enemy whenever you can. This way, you can learn new ways to win the game instead of going straight. 


These 5 tips, if followed, will help you ace Call of Duty Modern Warfare quickly. Remember to reread this guide before you start your game. And while playing, be extra cautious and dedicated. With time, you’ll be a gamer to look out for when it comes to COD. And remember to share your prized tips for Modern Warfare below. 

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