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We have created a list of top 10 Rabbit Alternatives for you to use.

Rabbit, also known as TV, was an incredible platform on which people were able to organize meetings with their friends and also were able to stream videos and movies together. No matter how far your friends lived, Rabbit allowed you to watch the same shows and movies as them with a feeling of togetherness. Last year in July, Kast acquired Rabbit and took the rights of software stack, patents and intellectual property with it. Rabbit was already not working in May, and there was nothing that forcibly shut it down. The investors just withdrew from the platform. Rabbit originally was a group chat app that was web based and had video streaming features. Anything and everything that web browsers like Chrome and Opera could play was allowed by Rabbit. Even though Rabbit doesn’t exist anymore, you don’t need to worry as there are several alternatives that you can go for that offer similar features and we will he exploring through them from here on.

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So, without further ado, let’s go through some of the best Rabbit alternatives

#1 Kosmi

Kosmi allows you to virtually hang out with your friends. There is no installation or even signing up required here. The process of creating a room is incredibly easy and then you can conveniently communicate over the webcam and chat. Your browser tab or screen can also be shared on this platform, so that your friends can also watch along with you. Kosmi is an incredible Rabbit alternative, as it also allows you to watch synced video streaming services including Youtube, just like Rabbit did. You can also play NES and SNES games via emulator on it or play other games including Texas Hold’em Poker, Quakre 3 and many more. The process of joining the room is instant as only a URL is required to do so. Anyone can request you to join your room. 

#2 Watch2gether

Another one of the best Rabbit alternatives which could be considered by you is none other than Watch2gether. This platform gives you the enjoyment of watching videos in sync with your friends and makes sure that you have a great time with your friends. There is no sign up procedure necessary in order to create your own room. When you have created your chat room, you can invite literally anyone to join in. The only limitation of Watch2gether is the fact that it only supports selective video streaming platforms including Amazon, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook and Youtube.

Live Twitch streams can also be watched on Rabbit. In addition to that, you can also listen to music on Soundcloud. Unlike Rabbit, Watch2gether allows all the users to search and play videos. One con that Watch2gether bears is the fact that it doesn’t let you log into third-party accounts, thus Hulu and Netflix can’t be accessed via this medium. Despite that, there is still a huge collection of videos for you to explore through and choose from.

#3 TogetherJS

Designed by Mozilla Labs, TogetherJS is another incredible Rabbit alternative that is loaded with amazing features that include real-time collaboration for websites and applications as well as watching videos and movies together. TogetherJS gives you the liberty of adding a real-time collaboration system instantly to the websites. TogetherJS differs a bit from other real-time collaboration platforms as it is free of cost. In addition to that, TogetherJS comes with an open-source JavaScript library that allows you to add the tools and collaboration system to the users’ website. Also, it assists them in enjoying movies and videos together. Once you have installed TogetherJS, you can go on and send the link to your friends for them to join the app and interact with each other.

#4 Simulchat

Simulchat is another great Rabbit alternative for you to consider. This platform allows the users to video chat by creating private chat rooms and also to play games, watch movies and share files together. Simulchat is an easy to use web-based service that also gives you the option of text chatting. It ensures the syncing of your Youtube videos. It provides you with the feeling of watching TV in the same room as your friends.

Even though sites like Amazon and Netflix can’t be accessed through this platform, it allows you to share your own videos and watch them simultaneously with your friends. The website is free to use, but signing up is necessary. No need to worry, as the sign up process just takes a few seconds and creating your room only takes a few minutes.

#5 TogetherTube

Next on the list is one of the best alternatives to Rabbit, called TogetherTube. On TogetherTuber various websites including Dailymotion, Youtube, Vimeo and Soundcloud are supported. In real-time you can listen to music and watch videos through these platforms. The best thing about this incredible Rabbit alternative is the fact that it allows you to create private chat rooms and even the public ones. It also gives you the option of adding videos to your playlist from the platforms that it supports.

The videos are voted on by the users and the one that gets the highest votes is the next one to get played. There are many other features that TogetherTube comes with, that makes it stand out when you compare it with similar apps. The settings can be configured by you in your chat room, through which you can restrict other users from voting.

#6 Rave

Rave is essentially a web-based media platform but in addition to that, it also serves as a social media center. This platform provides you with the option of sharing music and videos with your friends. You can also do so with your mobile device. Rave is a great Rabbit alternative, that offers streaming services just like Rabbit did.

The videos can be shared from YouTube, Google Drive, Reddit, Dropbox, Viki and Vimeo. This app is compatible with just about every device. It works with both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

#7 ShareTube

ShareTube is undoubtedly one of the best Rabbit alternatives out there today. This platform gives you the option of creating a chat room in a matter of seconds and then tou can invite your friends into it. Along with them, you are able to watch synced Youtube videos and you can also use streaming services and create your own playlist. The interface of ShareTube is incredibly user friendly. You don’t even need to create an account in order to make or join chat rooms.

But ShareTube only works with one platform and that is YouTube. In order to start syncing, enter the URL of the Youtube Video. ShareTube also provides you with an option of group chat. It offers a convenient and no-nonsense experience of watching videos with your friends to the users. 

#8 Parsec

Another alternative for you to consider is none othet than Parsec. Parsec is mainly a game streaming app that also allows you to stream videos on it, in a convenient manner. Parsec provides you with the option of inviting your friends and streaming videos to watch it in real-time. There won’t be any latency issues that you will be experiencing with Parsec. It will allow your friends to comment in real-time and will give you the option to interact with them while you both are watching videos.

As the app is not built for video streaming, the videos can’t be controlled by other members. In order to make up for that, the app brings to you a superior synced playback, which was one of the primary features of Rabbit. It also provides you with the group chat option, however it does not have an audio support or webcam. It is a decent alternative to Rabbit.

#9 Synatop

Synatop is another great web-based app that can be considered as a good alternative to Rabbit. This app allows you to watch videos with your friends with the help of a remote connection. Synatop is completely free of cost. You do need to create an account to access it. Once you have created your account, apps can be added to the platform. You will be able to watch movies, play games and listen to your favourite songs. you can also collaborate on your work projects through Synatop.

With Synatop being a complete remote desktop platform, all types of contents can be shared with it. It offers various different streaming services. The platform is entirely web-based, thus you don’t have to download anything. The only con of Synatop is the fact that, one the movie titles available on the website can be watched by you and your friends.

#10 Airtime

Being a mobile app just like rabbit, Airtime works on both Android as well as iOS. Airtime allows you to share all the content that you have on your mobile device, with your friends, no matter how far they are. This app provides you with the enjoyment of watching movies and videos together. It also has the feature of sending messages. Airtime only works on its supportive platforms. You can access Spotify to listen to music and in order to stream videos, you can go for Youtube.

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