How to solve Netflix not working on Roku Problem

Here are few methods you can follow to solve Netflix not working on Roku error.

Most people are addicted to Netflix these days. In today’s technology, we have a mobile application where you can run many of your, favorite entertainment apps on your TV. The mobile application is known as Roku.  Netflix is one of the apps which you can run on Roku. But many people are facing a common problem now. Netflix suddenly stops working in Roku. If you are also facing this problem, then do not worry. One cannot predict the exact reason for Netflix not working on Roku. But there are many reasons for it.

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In this article, you are going to find out the most common reason for Netflix not working on Roku along with its solution.

Problem 1: Network setting

This is the most common problem of Netflix stops working from Roku. Most people start panicking instead of checking their network settings.

Solution- Always check your network setting before jumping into further queries. Follow the following steps to check the network settings.

  • Open the home screen and scroll. 
  • You will find a settings menu there. Click on it.
  • Find the network option and click on it. Then check if your Roku TV and set-top box are still connected or not. 
  • If it is connected, then you can check the network connection to find if your network is working well or not. 

If both the things are working okay, then you can check the router and Wi-Fi connection of your room. It may be possible that your source of internet is not working properly.

Problem 2: Updates 

If you have turned off the auto-updates, then it may be possible that Netflix is not updated, and Roku is not supporting the current version of Netflix. Windows and software can be the reason for Netflix’s stops working on Roku. 

Solution- Turn on the auto-updates of the Roku app. If you don’t want to turn on the auto-updates and want to update only selective apps then you have to check the updates by yourself. Follow the following steps to check the updates. 

  • Go to the home screen and click on settings. 
  • Open the system option and press it. 
  • You will find a software update selection option there. Click on it. 
  • All the required updates will appear on your screen now and you can update the Netflix from there. 

Problem 3: Authentication error

Netflix may stop working on Roku because of communication errors between Netflix and Roku. It happens because Netflix needs a subscription and it has its own authentication process to run. Therefore, it may possibly sometimes that Roku, Netflix, and the authentication server did not communicate properly. And Netflix stops working from Roku. 

Solution – If you checked other errors and find out that authentication error is the reason for the Netflix stoppage. Then you need to deactivate the Netflix from Roku and after few minutes reactivate it. It can solve the communication error. Follow the following steps to deactivate and then reactivate the Netflix from Roku. 

  • Open the home page of Roku and click on settings.
  • You will find plenty of options there related to the setting of each app on Roku. Find Netflix settings and press it. 
  • After then a deactivate option will appear on your screen. Click on it. 
  • Press yes when it asks for your confirmation.
  • Your Netflix is now deactivated from the Roku app. 
  • Wait for a few minutes and repeat the whole process again. At last, press reactivates instead of deactivating. After confirming, Netflix is again reactivated in Roku. 

You need to login back to the Netflix account and you will be able to watch any show without any disturbance again. 

Problem 4: Uninstall Netflix

Maybe the problem is not in Roku, maybe the problem is in the Netflix app. 

Solution – If you have checked all the steps given above and still finding the same problem, then the next thing you need to do is uninstall Netflix from Roku and then reinstall it. You may find this step very drastic, but it is one of the important steps. Follow the following instructions to uninstall Netflix from Roku.

  • Before uninstalling Netflix, you need to deactivate it first. 
  • Open the home page of Roku and click on settings.
  • Find Netflix settings there and open it. You will find a deactivate option there. Click on it. 
  • Once you deactivate the Netflix from Roku. Find your Roku remote and press the home button there. 
  • You will find many apps there. Find Netflix and highlight it, then press the start button on Roku remote. 
  • Select and press ok on the remove channel option. 
  • After that browse on the search button and press on Netflix to reinstall it. 

You can also remove Netflix from the browser button but if you have Roku remote then, remove Netflix from remote. As browser option is quite complicated.

Problem 5: Reset Roku

This is the last thing you can do if Netflix is still not working. Maybe the problem lies in the Roku app. 

Solution – Resetting the Roku app will remove all the changes and configurations you made before. Also, you need to reset and log in to all the apps again. It is up to you whether you want to reset Roku or not. But it can help to solve your problem. Follow the following steps to reset Roku.

  • Go to the Roku remote and press the home button. Click on settings. 
  • Select the system on the screen after that select advanced system settings. 
  • Click on the factory, reset. It will reset your Roku again. 

After a few minutes, Roku will reset itself and you need to login to Roku again. After that set your apps again and log in to them. Your Roku is all set to work again. 

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Conclusion: Netflix not working on Roku

These were the 5 common issues if Netflix stops working on Roku. Try all these methods one by one to solve your problem. These methods will fix the problem of Netflix not working. But in case you tried each of these methods and still find the same problem again, then you need to consult an expert. Maybe there is some other major problem which you cannot fix on your own. 

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