Top Avatar Maker Apps for Android & iOS you must try

Check out the best Avatar Maker Apps for your Android and iOS devices and create fun cartoon avatars!

The word “Avatar” means different things in different contexts. As per Hindu mythology, an avatar is used to describe different incarnations of divinity or God. In the UNIX operating system, an avatar is a superuser who has access to all directories and files under the root directory.

In virtual reality forums and chats, an avatar is the visual appearance of a user. Cartoon and animated avatars have gained huge popularity in today’s era of social media. People are trying to find novel ways to represent themselves on various social networking sites like FB, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and others. 

Creating an animated character of yourself is a lot of fun but making a cartoon avatar is not an easy job. You would need to be an expert in Photoshop to have a unique avatar that represents your special features. But now, many apps and tools have come out to the rescue of avatar lovers which can give you cool avatars without the need of dabbling in Photoshop or knowing a lot of technical aspects of it.

If you are a fan of avatars and want to know of apps that can create avatars in both iPhones and Android phones, then you are at the right place. In this post, we have gathered a list of the best avatar maker apps which are easy to use as well as free.

Best Avatar Maker Apps iPhone and Android

An avatar could encapsulate either a person or a thought or idea. To give an exciting and interesting avatar, you need apps that could do more with less work needed from your side. Below are some of the best avatar makers that can help you create avatars that can make your friends envious.

1. Boo – 3D Avatar and AR Chat 

This avatar maker is available for Android phones on the Google Play Store. It is by far the best avatar maker for Android phones, which lets you create your avatar and also play lots of games under different scenarios using your avatar. What else? This free avatar-making app can also be used to communicate with friends and family. You could send a sweet message secretly to your crush too. You can also use the avatar emoji created through this app in iMessage and FB messenger and use it in the real world for creating augmented reality (AR) videos.

Boo makes your avatar look pretty much like you by offering different skin tones, hairstyles, hair colors, etc. It also has many custom outfits which you could choose from to match your daily fashion styles. Every week new items are getting added to this app, so there is never a dearth of any kind of look with Boo.

This amazing app is also available on iTunes, so it can be used on iOS as well. The app is recommended for kids above nine years of age.

2. Bitmoji

This app has more than 100 million downloads from Google Play Store to date, so you can imagine its popularity and the features it offers. You could create cartoonish versions of yourself with this app and use it on many social media sites like Twitter, FB, and Instagram. You could also send them to your friends. 

Bitmoji allows you to create various expressions (laughing, sad, crying) and gifs to make your avatar more appealing. Bitmojis was originally developed by Bitstrips (a company in Toronto, Canada) but is now being used by Snapchat. Apart from Bitmoji working well with Snapchat, it is also used on Gboard, iMessage, and even on some business apps like Slack. 

With Bitmoji, you get many themes and regular updates along with special options for a sports event or holidays, which users can switch between as they wish. If you are a fan of stickers, then Bitmoji is the apt app for you as it has a huge collection of stickers.

3. FacQ

This is a powerful avatar creator with a terrific user interface using which you can easily adjust all the features. Even if you are not good at drawing, you can easily draw an expressive avatar using FacQ. Along with various facial features, FacQ also has a massive wardrobe with a plethora of fashion styles for the upper body. The UI gives you dozens of tabs to help you customize your avatar, such as the shape of the face, hairstyle, outfit, etc. You could even tweak minute details with this app, for instance, beauty marks, eyebrows, facial hair, etc.

There are options like hand gestures, text bubbles, hair accessories, etc., that ensure you have a unique avatar full of character and life. FacQ has limitless possibilities; you just need to explore your creative side to make fantastic avatars.

4. Anime Avatar Maker

This avatar maker is available both for iOS and Android operating systems. This app offers a wide range of fragments that you can mix and match to create an original avatar. You can use your avatar in any kind of story ranging from fantasy to contemporary, knights story, and romance.

This app has more than 10,000 characters and various color options, along with an amazing choice of accessories. You could use your avatar to create your own kawaii stories by adding your character to manga, comics, and anime. 

There are many templates provided in this app to choose from, and you can use lots of detailing in your avatar like eyebrow shape, emotions, the color of your eye and hair, etc.

After creating your avatar, you can save it in your photo gallery and use it as your profile picture in different chatting and messaging apps. You could also send them to your friends to showcase your prowess in avatar making. 

5. SuperMii Cartoon Avatar Maker

This is a free avatar maker available on the Google play store for Android devices. More than 5 million people have downloaded this particular app which is proof of how fantastic this app is. SuperMii avatars are great to use as your YouTube logo, business logos, and FB avatars. There are some unique text styles available in this app that you can utilize for your avatars. With many different themes, you can easily change the background of your avatar with SuperMii. You can save your avatars on your phone and later use them as your social media avatars on Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc. The avatars created through this app can also be shared via Bluetooth, email, or SMS. This avatar creator comes packed with more than 100 animations to create animated characters. You can apply these animations either one by one or randomly by just shaking your phone.

SuperMii works both on iOS and Android, and with its powerful feature of sharing your avatar with the world, you can use this app to chat and make new friends around the globe.

6. My idol 3D Avatar Creator 

This is another fantastic cartoon maker app available on iPhone. With this app, you can turn your selfie into a glamorous 3D avatar. The app has been ranked as number 1 in 56 countries, and many celebrities (Lady Gaga, Zara Larsson, Miley Cyrus, Lily-Rose, Ellen DeGeneres, etc.) and stars use this app. This app is equipped with 3D facial recognition technology, which lets you create beautiful avatars which look very much like you. To suit your facial features, you can adjust many parts of the avatar, like skin tone, eye color, hairstyle, mustache, etc. There is a vast collection of dresses available within this app. This app is free and has a unique range of clothing which makes this avatar app stand out amongst other apps. The app has an accounting system for saving your avatar.

7. Avatar maker – Dragons 

It is a progressive avatar creating app since you can create not only human avatars but also avatars of magical creatures such as dragons with this app. Those who are fans of dragons would surely love using this app. You can choose the character for your avatar, from scary to very simple ones. This app will also tickle your creative and artistic side. Once you have created your dragon avatar, you can dress it up and also spend holidays with it. The dragons could also have a fire or different types of flowers coming out of their mouth, however, you wish to represent your dragon as.

8. Cartoon Avatar Creator

With this app, you can combine different face parts to create your avatar. That is why it is straightforward to create cartoon characters with this avatar creator app. It is a free avatar-making app with many editing features like hair color, face shape, sunglasses, mouth style, etc. The app provides for a high level of customization of your avatar. There are lots of fun stickers supplied with the app to add more style to your avatars. 

9. My Blue Robot

This is a web-based avatar maker app and belongs to a multi-media agency that aims to provide memorable digital experiences. Using the right technology on their website, My Blue Robot uses professional-looking and contemporary graphics that help users create unique avatars. It has a highly user-friendly interface that allows you to select and combine a variety of hairstyles, face types, eye colors, clothes, and backgrounds. With the many options available in the app, you can magnify, undo changes, and add unlimited colors to your avatar. Once you are done creating your avatar, you can download it in PNG format of mid-size, i.e. 800X800 pixels, for free.

10. Second Life

This avatar maker works on PCs with Windows, Linux, or MAC operating systems. It is an online virtual world that is similar to other multiplayer games that have role-playing. You can create and customize a 3D version of yourself with this app. The company has its own client software, and you would need to use it to access the virtual world. You can create and control your avatar while interacting with and exploring the Second Life world. You could also communicate with other avatars that are created by using the Second Life app. It allows for global instant messaging and voice chat.

11. Moji 

This app works on iOS, and you can create a personal avatar as well as emojis through ZMoji. You could create a mini version of yourself by using features of this app to make your chats more colorful and exciting. You need not worry about getting your appearance perfected with this app since it has a multitude of facial features available. The UI is so simple and easy to use that you can instantly create an avatar that looks as cool as you are and has cartoonish features, making it more lively. The app is laced with an emoji keyboard, using which you can send emojis to your friends through iMessage and other 3rd party apps, directly from your keyboard.

12. Doll Maker

Available both on iOS and Android devices, this app lets you build stunning avatars of the adorable Japanese creature kawaii. There are several items for kawaii fashion available in the app to bring your imagination to life. The app has more than 150 items that you can use to customize facial expressions, skin tone, hair color, etc. The customization can be done to the minutest level so that the avatar brings out the character you wish to depict, whether it is shy, childlike, vulnerable, charming or anything you would like it to be.

13. Factory for Avatar

Using this app, you can edit your profile pictures, anime avatar pictures, and head portrait photos with the tons of adornments and cool stickers available here. The app works on Android as well as iOD devices. So, let your creative juices flow and create a fancy cute avatar by dressing it up, adjusting the facial expressions, customizing the background, and many other options at your disposal.

The app has a single classification resource bundle which means you need to download elements each time you want to use a different bundle. Downloading takes a few seconds, but they are all free.

Concluding: Best Cartoon Avatar Maker Apps

Since you are not a boring person, why should your avatar be simple and boring? The powerful editing tools of avatar-making apps are discussed here to express how exciting you and your life are. Parents must exercise caution while handling such apps to their children as messages could be sent to strangers also via these apps which could lead to cybercrime.

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