Top-Notch Strategy Games Popular In 2023

There is no doubt that it is an absolute waste of time to contest that technology has not impacted the lives of humans throughout the world on such a large scale. The truth is that advances in tech have changed fields crucial to human survival such as food and health as well as fields that are less necessary such as entertainment.

And when it comes to the world of entertainment being impacted by developments in the tech world, video gaming comes to mind instantly. This is primarily because of how prevalent the phenomenon of video gaming has become. Two years ago, Statista – a statistics organization formed a decade and a half ago in Hamburg, Germany – released a report saying that the number of gamers on Planet Earth was nearing the three billion mark.

Judging from the fact that computing systems are more readily available and people have been restricted to their homes due to the spread of coronavirus, it can be predicted that the three billion mark has been reached by now in 2022.

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The popularity of video gaming is primarily because there are just so many of them, appealing to different kinds of audiences. While a certain number of people like to play shooter games such as Call of Duty and Halo, others like to play board game-themed video games such as Monopoly and Scrabble. There is also another section of the population that likes to play strategy games.

In the case that you are one of those kinds of people, consider yourself fortunate to have landed on this page! We say this with so much surety because we know that we will be discussing the most popular strategy games of this year in this article. But, before we delve deep into each of the games, we are going to highlight a phenomenon that highly impacts your gaming experience, no matter whether you are playing a strategy game or a shooter game.

The Important Phenomena

Regardless of what type of game you are playing, your gaming experience is bound to be impacted by your internet connection. Just think about it. How frustrating would it be for your gaming partners to see you not doing anything to contribute to your team’s victory because your internet is acting spotty?! Hence, it is crucial that you get top-notch internet like the one provided to subscribers of Comcast internet.

Top-Notch Strategy Games Popular In 2022

Now, it is time to dive straight into what we had promised to detail in our topic. We will not only enlist but will also describe the salient features of the popular strategy games of this year. 


There is no way we could have completed an article on strategy games without mentioning the marvel that is XCOM 2. It is the sequel to the 2012 strategy game XCOM. In it, you are supposed to strategically defeat the aliens that have taken over the world. The XCOM 2 can be played in much better graphics than the original XCOM thanks to the amazing advances in gaming that took place between 2012 and 2016.

Warhammer 3

Warhammer 3 is the latest game of the Total War series of strategy games. The game has been built by Creative Assembly and we have no doubts in saying that it has been built so well that it has surpassed its own predecessors – Warhammer 1 and Warhammer 2. In the game, you can play as one of eight distinct factions. Gameplay is unique when playing as each of the factions which only makes the game even more interesting.

Expeditions: Rome

Expeditions: Rome, as the name suggests, is a strategy game that features a number of Rome’s locations and historical events. In the case that you are a fan of history, you are bound to love this game as various famous people from times past are included in this game. Gameplay includes management of resources and tactical planning as well as combat dynamics. The graphics are also ones to remember along with the incredible voice acting performed by the different characters featured in the game. 

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It’s A Wrap!

Hopefully, you have gotten a much better strategy gaming world than you had previously. It is now time for you to pick one of the games mentioned above and start playing it if you are a fan of strategy games like us. 

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