Tumblr Safe Mode Bypass to access sensitive media

Learn how to Bypass Tumblr Safe Mode to solve “this Tumblr may contain sensitive media”.

Tumblr is a wonderful source for sharing experiences and thoughts around the world with anyone and everyone. It is a perfect blogging website where sharing content is simple and easy. This social platform is used by many celebrities to interact and for personal rambling.

With the adult content and inappropriate content all over the web, it has become important to have a safe mode. As soon as the NSFW content appears the safe mode gets activated. This should not be taken as an error but it is a protective shield for the users against being exposed to unsuitable and inappropriate content. Tumblr has been very particular to have the restrictive mode on and therefore the safe mode is activated by default.

What is Tumblr Safe Mode?

When the user accesses any such content, page, or website that contains sensitive data or inappropriate and unsuitable content, Tumblr goes into safe mode. An error automatically displays that “The Tumblr may contain sensitive media. Go to my dashboard”. The Tumblr account contains the safe mode by default in each and every account. There is no restriction to the safe mode based on location or age.

this Tumblr may contain sensitive media

Tumblr Safe Mode Bypass methods:

Videos, pictures, memes, gifs, artwork, and many more are included in Not suitable for Work content. Though this type of content is for adults, yet it is all over the web. And therefore safe mode has been decided to be introduced to have filters on any kind of notorious contents that is not meant for all age groups. 

However, sometimes the users need to bypass the Tumblr safe mode. Thankfully it is not very complex and can be done in some easy steps.

1. Safe mode on desktop

These are the easiest ways to bypass the safe mode of Tumblr. The simple steps involved are mentioned below:

  • Install the application Tumblr on the desktop.
  • After signing in to the account browse through the settings.
  • Under the settings menu search for filtration options.
  • In this section of filtration, there is a Tumblr safe mode button for on and off.
  • As per your requirement, you can turn them on and off mode for a safe zone by clicking on the toggle button.

2. Safe mode on the Android

Bypassing or resolving the Tumblr safe mode on Android is one more easy job. All you have to do is follow the below-mentioned steps and the safe mode is cut off:

  • Install the Tumblr application on an Android device.
  • At the bottom right of the app there is a humanoid symbol, just tap on it.
  • For the account settings click on the gear symbol.
  • Under this, search for the General settings menu.
  • After this search for the Filtering option.
  • There is a safe mode option out there. Just toggle on the option to click off the safe mode.
  • Once this is done all the NSFW content is available for the Tumblr account access.

3. Safe mode on iPad or iPhone

Though the end result would be the same, resolving on iPad or iPhone is different than other devices. The steps for the same are as follows:

  • On the home screen of the device, browse on settings and select the option Tumblr from the drop-down list.
  • On the Tumblr settings, click on Safe mode.
  • Then click on the option Don’t hide anything.
  • By these steps, the safe mode will be switched off. 
  • This gives you access to all the NSFW content. But ensure and have a self-check that you are eligible to have access to such content.

4. When there is no account

Sometimes it so happens that the user wants to access some of the content published on Tumblr. But the user does not have a Tumblr account. Under this scenario, The content may be blocked and you may not be able to access the same.

However, with the assistance of some of the software tools, access to the blocked content can be opened. For just accessing this content it is not necessary to have an account on Tumblr.

Software such as GramUnion, Tumbex, Cascade, etc is very useful for accessing NSFW content without having an account on Tumblr. It makes it very easy to access the content without any restriction.

NSFW content

In 2018, Tumblr was accused of having abusive and problematic content for which it was even removed from the App store. With this serious situation, Tumblr came up with a conclusion to take measures to curb the NSFW content. Therefore any inappropriate content comes up with a deactivated tag on the Tumblr account. 

Yet one can observe to have some blogs and websites that survive the Tumblr test and sustain the limitations imposed by the Tumblr developers. There are also alternatives available under few sites which allow migration from the old Tumblr to access any of such contents. Dreamwidth, BDSMLR, newTumblr, are some of such platforms that allow having access to NSFW content. However, it is highly recommended that whenever the user accesses such content, they should ensure to be eligible for having such access. Also, adults should monitor the minors using this option, to keep a check on the content the wards are having access to.

Final thoughts: Fixing ‘this Tumblr may contain sensitive media’

Millions and millions of users have been missing the old Tumblr and the access to the NSFW content that they could access through the Tumblr account. There are many who even are voicing out against the restrictions that have been put up by Tumblr or the controls that have been put up on the platform. So when the user is really keen to browse all the good stuff that interests them and those restricted contents on the social media platform, then all that is to be done is bypass the safe mode on the Tumblr account. With the methods mentioned above, just choose the most appropriate one and enjoy the freedom of access. 

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