All you need to know about Walgreens Money Order (Fee, Hours, Limit, Price, etc.)

The ultimate guide to Walgreens Money Order! Learn details about Fee, Hours, Limit, Prices, Locations and Cashing.

A lot of times, when people require a money order service, they choose Walgreens as their first stop as Walgreens is known for offering multiple services including money related services also. But is it really the right choice? Does Walgreens even provide a money order service? Let’s find out! 

walgreens money order

What is Walgreens?

Walgreens is actually the second largest pharmacy store in the United States. The famous American company with multiple stores all over the country specialising in filling prescriptions, health information, health and wellness products and photo printing services. Other than this they also offer a few monetary services such as money transfer. 

A lot of people looking for money orders, visit a Walgreens store confusing money transfer with money orders. Both of them are extremely different things and it is important to understand the difference between the two. 

Difference between a money order and money transfer

In simple words, Money orders are a non-electronic approach to profit, similar to a personal checks, while a money transfer works electronically and moves cash from one individual account to another through bank accounts. Let’s learn about both of them in detail. 


  • Money orders are taken and given as a solid payment method in the past centuries and they are still very strong between a lot of people today. 
  • They are a non-electrical mode of payment and requires a purchaser who buys it with cash, debit or credit card with an ostensible expense and then is given to a recipient as a payment token. 
  • They are a lot similar to individual checks and have a lot of indistinguishable spaces such as pay to, sum and date that are generally found on the individual checks only. 
  • The best part is that they are even more secure than an individual check or cash as they are paid ahead of time so, there is no risk of bouncing or paying penalty. 
  • For obtaining a money order, the beneficiary is required to appear face to face and must show an ID which ends any doubt of robbery. Money orders can also be stored as money requests at ATMs and on the web. 


  • Money transfer means an electronic transfer of funds or EFT(electronic fund transfer) that is done through bank accounts using an online gateway. 
  • MoneyGram and western union are the two biggest platforms for money transfer. Walgreens provide the service of money transfer through western union. Although both of them are pretty similar and do the exact same work moving money to the beneficiary account. 
  • A fee is also charged to initiate the money transfer but it is very quick, safe and secure. It allows you to easily send the real money to persons living far away from you as in a different country. 
  • It takes up a few days to reach the beneficiary account but again, the money can never land in wrong hands as it is sent directly to the bank account of the recipient. 

How does Walgreens Money Order work?

With the long queues at the bank and multiple formalities, Walgreens seems the best option for a money transfer when you’re running low on time and can spend a little money to send money. 

Money transfer services are commonly accessible from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. at Walgreens and you’ve to visit there face to face to make the money transfer. You’ll find a self-service stand mostly placed near the photograph area. 

You just have to select the western union, follow all the instructions carefully, fill in the important details of the recipient and it will be done as smoothly as butter. 

You can check the estimated charges beforehand to make sure you’ve enough money. You can transfer a maximum of $6,000 per transaction through this service. 

If you’re a recipient, you’ve to provide a government-provided ID and give the money transfer’s tracking number (MTCN), sender name, and the amount you’re getting to receive the money transfer. You can take out the cash that is a maximum of $300 per transaction at the same self-service stand near the photograph area. 

What are the charges?

The charges of the money transfer through western union depends on the amount you’re willing to send. The fees have to be paid in real money and you can calculate it using the western union’s online charge estimator. 

You can also opt for a “In minutes services,” that enables the exchange to be done promptly instead of taking a whole day just by paying a little extra than the actual fees that is $12.50

You’ve to keep in mind that western union operates on all days but it has a particular opening and closing time. 

More services by Walgreens

Walgreens store offers a one stop service experience, providing mostly everything you would require in a single place. It helps you save a lot of time and effort of searching different places for different services. 

Walgreens have multiple stores all over the places but it is not necessarily possible that you’ll find everything that you’re needing. It is always better to take help from the Walgreens store locator and confirm beforehand that what you are looking for is present there in the store. 

Given below is a list of other services that are offered by the Walgreens stores. 

Healthcare clinic

  • Routine checkups, all different kinds of vaccinations such as senior, adolescent and travel injections. 
  • Available treatments for all common illnesses and small injuries. 

Photo printing

  • Clicks and prints passport photos and offers hand to hand delivery system. 
  • Can print on almost anything such as photo books, posters, cards, clothes, calendars,  mugs, and a lot more. 
  • Same day pickup service for most orders placed online or sent over email. 


  • Buy your prescription refills anytime. 
  • You can also set an automated reminder system in Walgreens for automatic refills and reminders for the prescription refills. 
  • Some Walgreens Pharmacies are even taken for Medicare Part D plans and have low copays.

Monetary services 

  • Provides Prepaid Visa and American Express cards. 
  • You can buy gift cards for almost all different stores. 
  • Sells local public transportation passes. 

Other options!

There are possible cases when people are not satisfied with the service delivered by Walgreens. It is not actually Walgreens fault, people expect a lot of things without confirming that the platform they are using is providing that kind of service or not and when their demands are not fulfilled they just simply get annoyed.

It is true that Walgreens might lack perfection in a few parts, such as delivering money orders so if you’re really looking for other alternatives, you can consider CVS Pharmacy, Rite aide and a lot of other grocery stores that sell money orders. You can cash a money order by depositing it in your own bank account. Getting cash out of a money order is a little bit tricky but not really impossible. 

So, the answer to “does Walgreens do money orders” is a clear NO. They only provide the facility of money transfers that work in a lot of situations and is preferred over money orders a lot of times. Else depends on you!

If you’ve any more queries, do let us know in the comment section below. 

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