Where does Amazon Music download to Android?

Amazon Music is a music streaming app in which you can save songs for offline listening. So Where does Amazon Music download to Android? Let’s find out.

As an Android user, you must have come across a few problems after you have downloaded some content. Mostly, the question you ask is where did the download go or what happened to the file I just downloaded? Mostly, the users download torrent files, music, photos, and data on their Android device and if you frequently download music on your Android device, then you must have come across the problem of your file’s location. It is important for an Android user to find where their file has gone, but sometimes it becomes difficult to find the downloaded content and a user finds it difficult to locate where the files have gone. 

It is the same when you download anything using Amazon music because the users have frequently reported this problem. If you too have faced such problems or are still facing those for that matter, then you have nothing to worry about because, in this article, we will discuss ways with which you can easily locate where the Amazon music downloads to Android. The ways with which you can find out are:

Where does Amazon Music download to Android?

#1 They May Be Hidden Files

A lot of aspects of the Android device you have depends on the Hidden Files. Many Android users report that they find their content, especially Android music, in various hidden folders which are named as Hidden files. To locate the files under hidden files and hidden folders, you could choose the Show Hidden Files option and find the file as: 


#2 Use A File Manager App

Another solution you could try to locate your hidden files or the files you are unable to locate is by simply downloading a file manager app with which you can easily prevent the problem of you locating your files. When you have a file manager app on your Android device, you can easily find out where your Amazon music downloads to Android. Potentially, you can find these files here: 

For your downloaded videos:



For the audio downloads:


#3 Check Settings Of The Amazon Music App

It is also important to check the settings of your Android Music Application so that you know the basic folder where your music is downloaded to. To do so, you simply have to follow these steps: 

  • First of all, open the Amazon Music application on your device
  • You now need to go to the menu and find the settings of the app. 
  • Once you open the settings of your Amazon Music App, you will see an option to open the Storage Location. 
  • There, you will see one of the two options; internal storage option and external storage option. 

On external storage, you will find your files in:


On Internal Storage, you will find the files in:


#4 The Location May Also Depend On Your Phone

Another important thing to consider is the device that you are using. When you use different phones, your storage files are also located in different places. It is not the same for every Android smartphone. There are folders that you must look at to locate your Amazon music, depending on the phone that you use. Some examples of the likely location of Amazon music on different devices are as follows:

For a Galaxy S5 with Android Marshmallow/6.x

If you use this device, then mostly you will have to download a files manager app so that you can easily locate your downloaded files, especially Amazon Music. 

Google Pixel Users 

If you are a Google Pixel user, then the file is likely to be found on;


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Users 

If you are using Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, then the files will most probably be located here; 

My Files>Device Storage>Android>Data>com.amazon.mp3>files>Music

You could also use a file manager here. You can easily use the “My Files” option to launch file explorer on your Android device. After that, you have to choose the music you are looking for on the drop down menu. 

HTC Desire 620

 The probability of your Amazon Music being stored on your SD Card is extremely high, especially if you are using an HTC Desire 610 as your smartphone. The location of your file could be in the following: 

PC\HTC Desire 610\SD card\Android\data\com.amazon.mp3\files\Music\Public

Root Explorer

If you use Root Explorer, then the location could be in the following:


KitKat Motorola Photon Q

For those using the KitKat Motorola Photon Q, the path could be the following: 




The Amazon Music here, in the Internal Storage, is stored in the following path: 

/storage/emulated/0/android/data/com.amazon.mp3/files/music > PrimePlaylist (for downloaded playlists)


The external storage device path are as follows:

/storage/ext_sd/android/data/com.amazon.mp3/files/music > primeplaylist (for downloaded playlists)

#5 Download App Folder

Downloading an App Folder is also an extremely helpful solution if you are looking to locate your downloaded files easily. With this, you will have a better hold on the content you download. Some of the best app folders are as follows: 

TunePat Amazon Music Converter

It is one of the best choices for you to consider if you are looking for a top Music converter for yourself. With this, you can easily download the Amazon Music on your device and can convert it into readable files. 

Amazon Music Downloader

It is another great app for you to consider to download your music, but it has a little complicated interface. 

Cinch Audio Recorder

If you are looking to record audio files, then this is a great app for you because it will save your time while converting and recording and it also has an easy interface. 

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