YouTube Blue APK Latest v17.07.41 (Official App 2023)

Download YouTube Blue APK Latest Version for your Android Device!

Do you love to watch videos on YouTube? There are millions of people across the globe that love using YouTube as well. The normal version of the application will provide you with a restricted bunch of features. To get maximum features from the application, you should try to download and use a different version of the platform. One of such applications that you can look to use is YouTube Blue. 

In case you desire to watch live as well as non-live videos on the internet, you should download Youtube Blue to your device. The normal version of the application will bring advertisements to you time and again. There are times when you’re watching a full-length movie on YouTube Vanced and advertisements interrupt your viewing experience every 5 minutes. It’s extremely jarring and irritating. To get rid of such an issue, you should start using YouTube Blue on your phone. The advertisements wouldn’t interrupt your experience in any way and the viewing experience will become more quality.

Name YouTube Blue
Downloads 74,000+ (Monthly)
Required Android 4.4+
Updated on April 2022
Size 59 MB
Version 17.07.41
Developer Youtube Blue Team

download youtube blue apk for android

Download Youtube Blue APK


Features Of YouTube Blue No Ads 

We have already talked about how there would be no advertisements in your way while using YouTube Blue. However, that’s the sole reason to look forward to this application. It has got some amazing features to offer to you and we will talk about them here below:  

  • Playing Video In The Background: When you use the normal version of YouTube, it’s impossible to play the videos in the background. You will have to buy the premium version of the application in case you desire to watch the videos in the background. There’s always that chance to purchase the premium version but you will have to pay for it from time to time. However, when you use YouTube Blue on your device, you will be able to play the videos in the background comfortably. The best part is that you wouldn’t have to pay any money for the cause.
  • HDR Mode: Another reason to prefer using YouTube Blue is that it will offer HDR mode to you. While using the normal version of YouTube you wouldn’t be able to get this feature. In case you desire to have the most quality viewing experience, you surely need to look forward to the HDR mode. YouTube Blue comes with this awesome feature as it has a dynamic range of video quality.
  • Resolution: The choice regarding resolution differs from person to person. Every person wouldn’t like to watch videos with the same resolution. Some like to keep it big and some desire to have a small resolution. No matter what your desire is, you should try YouTube Blue on your device. It will make sure that the resolution is made available to you as per your own choice. The flexibility in terms of resolution is also notch here.
  • Zoom In: YouTube Blue also comes with a Zoom in and zoom out function. You can try to hide and show the screen as per your own will. You just have to pinch in and out and the feature will be made available to you. This is quite a unique feature and you can have a lot of fun with it.
  • Repeating Videos: You also get a chance to repeat the videos on YouTube Blue. When you use the normal version of the application, you wouldn’t be getting any such feature. But when you have YouTube Blue on your device, you can just go to its settings and turn on the feature to repeat videos. If you love a particular video that you would like to play on loop, there’s no need to do it manually anymore. You can get this feature and let the video be played on loop automatically.
  • Downloading Videos: Some videos are not available for download on the normal version of YouTube. Even if they are available for download, they wouldn’t be made available in your internal storage. When you use YouTube Blue on your device, you will be able to download videos to your internal storage as well. Suppose you want to watch a movie later and you would like to do it with your hand-picked video player. You can do so by downloading the movie into the internal storage and watching it later on the video player.
  • Watch Later: In case you want to watch a video but don’t have the time to do so right now, you can add it to the watch later list. So if you’re in a boring meeting in your office, you can go through your YouTube Blue feed. Pick on all the videos that you would like to watch and add them to the watch later list. So when you’re free, you wouldn’t have to work hard to find the videos to watch. You can start viewing it without wasting a single second.

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How to install Youtube Blue APK on Android?

  • The first thing that you need to do is download the latest version of YouTube Blue provided by us. 
  • You can enter the settings of your device before the download is completed. 
  • Now you have to find the Security option. There are high chances that it will be somewhere up in the list and you wouldn’t need to scroll down. 
  • Tap on the Security option and you will find an “Unknown Sources” option. You have to turn it on. This option will allow you to download videos from unknown sources as well. Since YouTube Blue isn’t available on Play Store, you would be required to download it from a third-party app store or website. 
  • Once the change has been made and the download has been completed, you have to find the downloaded file and click on it. 
  • Agree to all the terms & conditions that are on offer and click on the install button. It will take a few moments for the download to be completed. 

Once the icon drops in the home menu, it is a sign that the application is ready to be used by you. 

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Q1: What are the advantages of using YouTube Blue on your Android phone? 

There are several advantages of using YouTube Blue on your device. The biggest merit is that you will get to block all sorts of advertisements. Apart from that, you can run videos in the background and download them to your internal storage. On top of it, the application comes free of cost. 

Q2: Is there any way that YouTube Blue can be downloaded through Google Play Store? 

It is an unofficial application. It means that it doesn’t follow the terms & conditions given by Google Play Store. So you will have to find a third-party source to make the download as it’s impossible to download it through the official app store. 

Q3: Do I need to do anything differently to install YouTube Blue on my Android device? 

You have to allow applications from unknown sources. If you haven’t turned on the option yet, you need to enter Security in your Android device and allow the applications to be installed from unknown sources. The rest of the things are quite simple as the process writes itself. 

Conclusion: Download YouTube Blue APK for Android

If you want to use YouTube in a slightly different manner with fewer restrictions, you should download Youtube Blue to your device right now. It is completely free and safe as well. 

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