Acresso Software Manager: What is it and How to remove it?

What is Acresso Software Manager which is running as a background process in your PC? Acresso Software Manager or isuspm.exe is often found in Task Manager on Windows. In this article we’ll find out what is that process, is it harmful and how to remove it.

While browsing on your Windows PC, you must have come across an error saying “The following applications are using files that need to be updated by this setup. Close these applications and click Retry to continue. Acresso Software Manager (Process ID: XXXX)”. This sort of error appears on the screen normally when you are using Windows 7/8/10 and if you are Windows user, you are for sure using it only. So, there is a huge probability, you must have seen this error recently or a while ago. This error arises many questions in the mind of a user that what is this ‘Acresso Software Manager’ and what it is doing here in my PC? What works does it perform? Is it helpful or causes damage to the PC?

Another common question that is there is that how can I remove isuspm.exe from my PC? Also, is it safe to remove this software manager? If you have any of these questions in your mind, then do not worry and pay full attention over here.

Acresso Software Manager

What is Acresso Software Manager?

If you have never come across it then you must have seen isuspm.exe file on your PC. This extension file is Acresso Software Manager only, so do not mix out your thoughts on both these things. It is developed by Acresso Software Inc. Usually, it runs in the background and most of the times users fail to identify it or pay any attention towards it. Also, whenever you boot your PC, it automatically begins in the background. It looks for software updates and in case it founds an update it will install it on its own. This software manager does not take any instructions from the user and carries the whole process on its own.

When Nuance PDF Reader is installed on your PC, it installs Acresso Software Manager too. This means that it is quite a probable situation that it got installed on your PC while installing a Nuance PDF reader. Nuance uses it to deliver automatic updates to your PC without any warning or confirmation. Remember that you will never come across any pop-up or header asking for the confirmation regarding its installation on your PC while setting up Nuance PDF reader. It will get installed on your system without any notice, so there is no way you can stop it from installing on your PC.

The primary function of isuspm.exe is to seek for any update in the already installed software on your system. It automatically updates your installed apps. It tries to connect to the Internet and look for any sort of system update. Thus, it utilizes a lot of data which results in a slower pace of your system and declines the credibility of its performance.

Problems faced because of isuspm.exe

There are a few problems which you will face because of Acresso Software Manager which is installed on your PC. It is not very harmful but can cause minor damage to it and this is why there is a need of getting rid of it as soon as possible to avoid any further damage.

  • Whenever you are trying to install any application on your PC, a pop up will appear on the screen with a message displayed asking you to close Acresso Software Manager to continue the installation process.
  • In case there is no internet connectivity, it will display an error message and ask you to retry to continue.
  • The major problem is that slows down the performance of your Windows PC.

So, there is a need to get rid of Acresso Software Manager from the system for the proper functionality of your PC. The post further covers the different ways to uninstall isuspm.exe from your PC.

How to get rid of Acresso Software Manager?

There are different ways to remove isuspm.exe from your system. We will tell you the methods to remove it from your PC with ease and without committing any error or causing harm to your system. Follow the methods given below to uninstall Acresso Software Manager from the PC. Make sure you follow each and every step as it is mentioned below without skipping any step in between.

The first method to remove Acresso Software Manager

As we have already mentioned, the main reason how isuspm.exe is installed on your PC is with the installation of Nuance PDF reader. So, the most convenient way is to get rid of Nuance PDF reader and it will eventually uninstall Acresso Software Manager too. Follow the steps given below to uninstall it.

  1. First of all, open your Windows PC or Laptop whatever is affected by isuspm.exe.
  2. Open the search button on the taskbar and type ‘Uninstall a program’ in it. It will display a list of various apps that are installed on your PC.
  3. In this window, look for ‘Nuance PDF Reader’ or ‘Nuance Power PDF Advanced’ software.
  4. Right-click on its icon and simply click on the ‘Uninstall’ option.

As you click on the uninstall option, it will continue with its process of uninstalling the software. Once the process is completed, the Acresso Software Manager will be gone from your PC.

The second method to remove Acresso Software Manager

The first method uninstalls Nuance PDF Reader along with Acresso Software Manager. In case you need the Nuance PDF Reader, then follow this method and its steps with full care.

  1. Open your Windows PC or Laptop. Then, open Nuance PDF reader on it.
  2. In the top menu, you will see an option of ‘Help’ click on this option.
  3. Select ‘Nuance on the web’ option from the list.
  4. After that, simply uncheck the ‘Automatic Web Update’ option.

That’s it, it will automatically stop any kind of auto-updates made on your system. Also, you have successfully kept Nuance PDF Reader on your PC and can use it to its fullest.

Final Verdict

This is a file that runs in the background silently and does not affect your computer’s performance at all. So it’s your choice if you want to keep Acresso Software Manager or remove it completely. We have mentioned two ways how to remove this file you can follow whichever you find easy. Thanks for reading this article check out another article on MT65XX Preloader driver.

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