Top and Latest BetterDiscord Plugins worth trying

Many people use BetterDiscord for cool themes and plugins. In this era of technology, anything and everything has added one and extensions to let the users have a worthwhile experience. Last pass, Grammarly, Boomerang for Gmail are the most popular extensions widely used. BetterDiscord is one of the latest addition to these extensions or plugins.

What is BetterDiscord

A chat application that performs alternative to Discord is called BetterDiscord. It has innumerable extensive features, services, and perks. Emojis and emotes are used directly from Twitch.Tv in BetterDiscord. By adding plugins and themes the users can simply change and custom the platform according to the requirements. Along with the many more exciting and exclusive features, all the discord features are included in it. 

Features of BetterDiscord

BetterDiscord has innumerable features to offer. Some of them can be listed as follows:

  • Discord can be easily customized through custom CSS as per the taste of the client.
  • For voice chat, minimal code can be used. In this way, the user is able to avoid and hide the clutter as well.
  • BetterDiscord supports plugins providing the freedom to install, create the own plugins of the user.
  • A variety of aesthetic themes make the experience on chat servers more and more interesting. With these applications, it is also possible to customize the themes.

Is BetterDiscord safe

BetterDiscord is easy and simple to use and authorized. The developers claim BetterDiscord to be cent percent safe. Every aspect of the application can be customized as well as control for the benefit and as per the taste and the preferences of the user. Thus unless you are not into sketchy plugins, the application is safe and secure for everyone’s use. 

The easiest way to install BetterDiscord

Downloading and installing BetterDiscord is very simple and extremely easy. One does not have to be very technologically accomplished to install the app. 

Some of the simple steps to install Discord are:

  1. Browse through the official page of Discord.
  2. Follow the given instructions to install the Discord on the computer.
  3. After the installation is successfully complete, sign in to the Discord Account. Even a new account can be registered. For logging in to the existing account, a QR code scan can also be done using a tablet or a mobile.

Now, after this, the steps to install BetterDiscord include:

  1. At the inception, It is important to download BetterDiscord from its official page or any other trustworthy source.
  2. Thereafter select the operating system on the computer.
  3. Download the app on the computer with simple on-screen instructions for downloading BetterDiscord. Then double click on the app to start the installation process.
  4. When the installation menu appears on the screen, click on the install Bandage BD button.
  5. Click a tick mark on the Install to Stable button and click install.
  6. After the installation is successfully done, then restart the computer. This enhances the performance of the computer.
  7. Once all this is done, the BetterDiscord app is ready to be used.

Using BetterDiscord

With BetterDiscord on your computer, now you have an access to a whole world of extensions and plugins. You will be astonished that, using BetterDiscord is easier and simpler than installing it. Following are the steps to use BetterDiscord:

  1. Launch the Discord application on your PC.
  2. Click on the plus icon to create a server.
  3. For the process of creating a server, select the region you are in and name the server.
  4. Now you get a link from Discord for the server that is created. This link can be sent to family, friends, or anyone else from the community.
  5. With impressive features such as high screening quality, customizable emotes, the users can communicate to have fun with all the others who are available on the server.
  6. Once this main procedure is done, the user can now use features and plugins from BandagedBD.
  7. To start just copy the server and paste it on BandagedBD.
  8. With this now you are introduced to the world of extensions and plugins. You can use any such items as per your preferences and requirements.

Installing BetterDiscord themes

BetterDiscord is one of those chat applications that does not require huge costs or lots of effort to access the themes. You can customize and create your theme as per your requirements. 

The ways to access the themes are as follows:

  1. You can download the BetterDiscord theme from Google itself. There are many such themes available.  All you need to do is explore them.
  2. After downloading the theme browse through the directory C:\users\username\AppData\Roaming\BetterDiscord\themes.
  3. The themes need to be unzipped before pasting in the above directory.
  4. Then browse to the Discord App and open the server. Here go to settings.
  5. On the server setting menu select Themes.
  6. With the help of the toggle button, enable the downloaded theme as per your taste and preference.


Best BetterDiscord Plugins

To keep the teammates, friends, family, and any users engaging and fun, on the Discord server, plugins play an important role. Discord Bots and BetterDiscord plugins are very important tools for any Discord server. They have several features to add to your platform including prizes, mod functions, music, games, etc.

A curated list of plugins that can be used to create the best server is:

1. Patreon Integration

This plugin provides allows access to the users to the private rooms. Depending upon the rewards the patrons have subscribed to, it offers several roles. The Discord bot makes Patreon gets synced automatically and makes development and team management efficient and effective.

2. Metro for Discord

This theme makes a native UWP application available on Discord’s desktop client. The basis of this theme is Microsoft’s Modern Design Language Metro.

3. Discordyst

Discordyst plugin is specifically for Duelyst lovers. This theme enables to send card features and that too in a friendly format. This theme is powered by DuelystDB and is specifically designed for Chrome and BetterDiscord.

4. Discord Easy Share Free

Under this plugin with a single right-click the user can share its current tab with any of the Discord chats that are configured previously.

5. Dank memer

This BetterDiscord plugin is made for people in love with memes. There are a number of bot commands which assist the user to present the most appropriate meme for any type of conversation. To nail the meme game, it allows the users to create their own memes as per their fancy.

6. Idle RPG

This is one of the most wonderful gaming bots for any server. It lets you have text-based role-play fun for your users. With this bot, you have several activities to perform such as build the legend, purchase, and trade items, join any army and perform quests. Once this bot is added to your server, any of the commands of Idle RPG are free to use.

7. Chat Filter

This is a filter plugin to monitor the chat windows and language. It blocks such censored words in any chat window.


This plugin is used to transact through cryptocurrency on Discord. To have an access to this feature no charges are required. Also, one can tip as many people as they wish to. Along with sending cryptocurrency on Telegram and Discord withdrawals and deposits are also possible.

9. Apollo

This is a schedule-creating plugin. With this, it is possible to create an RSVP for any event that is already created on Discord. Reminders are sent to the attendees beforehand for the event. The event management is performed efficiently and comfortably with the help of this plugin.

10. Xenon

Xenon is a kind of trustable bot when the user wants to back up the server. Message transferring to various servers and uploading server templates is possible with this bot. In times of crisis, restoring data is very precise with Xenon.

There are some more plugins such as, Octave, Arcane, etc that can be tried too.


Is Discord free?

Discord is absolutely free gaming and chats application. All the major features are available for free with Discord. However to add some premium features, server boots, and perks some charges have to be paid.

Is BetterDiscord legal?

It is stated that the terms of the agreement of Discord are violated by BetterDiscord. But yet until some sketchy plugins are not played around with, it is safe to be used.

Final Thoughts: BetterDiscord Plugins Library

The latest BetterDiscord plugins enhance and improve the experience of the users on the Discord server. A number of cool new features can be upgraded on the server to improvise the user experience and have fun. BetterDiscord is a fun unlimited free extension of Discord that has turned the entire world of plugins and themes for the users. The customization option makes the themes fancier and as per the taste and preference of the users.

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