Best Fire Emblem Games for Strategy Fans

Nintendo’s Fire Emblem Games are great, that’s why we curated Best Fire Emblem Games for the fans who like strategy and out of the box thinking games. In this article, we’ll share the list of best Fire Emblem Games.

The Fire Emblem series is the creation of Nintendo. It is based on tactical strategy gaming experience which is designed by Nintendo. Fire Emblem gives you a great gaming experience, one of the best experiences you will find on available consoles. Fire Emblem offers a unique tactical gameplay experience to its users with deep character interactions. That, thus, creates a world in which the user’s best interest in the success of their characters. Fire Emblem supports a lot of world-class games with which the user does not know which game he should play on his console.

A unique feature of Fire Emblem Series which you will not find in any other series is that once you lose a character in a battle, the character is lost forever and does not return. However, later on, this feature was made optional in the Fire Emblem Games through a casual mode. The classic mode, however, forces the player to make excellent strategies and encourages the users to think in a way that every action during the battle has consequences. The Fire Emblem series resembles the Final Fantasy series and in that, there are no recurring stores. A few games are a sequel of other games. However, the majority of the games are set with a fresh character, story, mechanics to master and are set in an entirely new and unique universe.

List of Best Fire Emblem Games

Now, the most important thing which one considers is the games which he needs to play on the console. Do not worry about it, because in this article, we have discussed some of the Best Fire Emblem Games from the Fire Emblem Series which you are going to love. The top games which you must try are:

#1 Blazing Blade (2003)

Blazing Blade is one of the best games which must be tried by the players on their Fire Emblem. For players outside Japan, Blading Blade was the first introduction to the Fire Emblem Series and was released in 2003.

Blazing Blade was released in the United States on Game Boy Advance which featured three main characters, Eliwood, Lyn and Hector. In the series, these three are the main characters of the game. Hector and Eliwood have a familial connection with the previous Fire Emblem characters.

The game is basically divided into two main story segments. The first segment revolves around Lyn and her quest to help her grandfather. In the second segment, you see more of Eliwood, Lyn and Hector and how they are fighting against the sorcerer Nergal. It is a great game that why it is ranked first in the list of Best Fire Emblem Games.

In the game, the players have to work as a tactician and they have to help the main characters throughout their journey. The players taking up the secondary role is a common theme in the Fire Emblem series.

#2 Shadows of Valentia (2017)

Another top class game is the Shadows Of Valentia. It is the fifteenth released game in the Fire Emblem series. However, it is a remake of the 1992 Fire Emblem title. The game was released in 2017 and this version of the game is a combination of dungeon crawling aspect which was found in the original version of the game and traditional tactical turn-based gameplay of the Fire Emblem series.

There are two difficulty levels associated with the game. One is the classic mode and the other one is the casual mode which was first released in Fire Emblem: Awakening.

In the classic mode, any character who dies in the battle gets permanently deleted. However, in the casual mode, they are only knocked out of the battle. With that, the users are encouraged to make excellent strategies while playing so that they do not use a character. It is ranked second in the list of Best Fire Emblem Games. The tactics have to be on point of you do not want to lose a character in a battle.

One side of the army is handled by the player, on a continent which is divided into two halves by two warring gods. The game revolves around two childhood friends, Alm and Celica. They are on a journey where they need to make sure that they restore peace in Valentia.

#3 Radiant Dawn

Radiant Dawn, which debuted in 2007 on Nintendo Wii, is another top game of the Fire Emblem series. It is regarded as the most difficult game released by Fire Emblem till date which is why it is at number 3 on our list. All the hardcore fans of strategy games will have a lot to look forward to in this game and will like loads of things about the game. Radiant Dawn’s grid-based battles are a standout and people will have a lot to like about it. One to be mentioned in the ranking of Best Fire Emblem Games.

There are four different segments revolving around the game. Each segment gives a different perspective to the user on each side of the conflict which is currently ongoing. There are four different factions in the game, each eyeing to control the continent of Tellius. As a player, you control Micaiah and her rebellion which she led against the Begnion Occupational Army.

This game is perfect for players who love to play Hardcore Strategy games. However, it is advisable for casual strategy fans to try out other games before trying Radiant Dawn.

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#4 Shadow Dragon (2009)

Shadows Dragon is a 2009-released game on the Nintendo DS. Shadow Dragon is a remake of the first ever Fire Emblem game, which makes it one of the best games to play for the users. In this game, the story is about the Dolhr Empire which is left by Medeus and how they invade the continent of Archanea. The Prince of Altea needs to reclaim his empire of Altea.

#5 Conquest (2015)

Another top game is the 2015 edition, Conquest. Conquest as well as Birthright feature in the Fire Emblem Fates series which means a series which has two games with two different storylines.

Conquest is a game designed specifically for the hardcore strategy fans and the game promises to be a challenge even for those hardcore Fire Emblem fans. The enemies which are presented to the users to face are tougher by design and when it comes to the individual level, there are some special conditions which have to be fulfilled in case the player needs to win. The conditions are not easy to be fulfilled and move beyond fulfilling “kill everything” as a condition to win the game. Hardcore Fire Emblem fans should definitely give it a go first. However, if you are just a casual gamer, then we recommend you to first go with the other version of the Fire Emblem Fates series, Birthright. Another great addition to the list of Best Fire Emblem Games.

Conquest is basically heaven for the tactical strategy fans. The story sends you to missions which are next to impossible to complete and thus, are so challenging that even Hardcore fans find it hard to complete. Not only that, but the players get characters who hate each other from the get-go. With that, the socializing aspect of the game is also difficult for the players.

#6 Birthright (2015)

As already mentioned above, Birthright is featured in the Fire Emblem Fates series alongside Conquest. The two games are based on the same continent but follow different sides of the conflict. Birthright basically introduces the user to the series and the scenarios are easier to complete.

The users need to play Conquest as well as the Birthright in order to get the full experience of Fire Emblem Fates series.

If you are a casual fan, you must start with Birthright. For hardcore fans, Conquest is the go-to game.

#7 Path of Radiance (2005)

Another top-notch Fire Emblem series game is the Path of Radiance, which is the first ever game released by Fire Emblem for the home consoles. The story is unique and unrelated to other previous games and is set up on the Tellius continent. In this game, the players take up the role of Ike in his father’s mercenary company. The game revolves mainly around the conflict between the human beorc race and beast Laguz.

#8 Binding Blade (2002)

Binding Game is also one of the oldest games to be released in the United States. It was released in 2002 and was only the second ever game to be released by Fire Emblem series. It takes place after around 20 years of The Blazing Blade and the storyline takes place on the continent of Elibe. The players take up the role of Roy, son of Eliwood, in the game. If we are making a list of Best Fire Emblem Games then we cannot ignore this game.

The storyline of the game involves a 1000-year old peace which gets shattered after an invader creates a rift between the two countries to restore dragons into the world. Roy leads the League of Lycia’s army and faces Bern the invader so that he could stop Elibe into becoming a warzone.

#9 Sacred Stones (2005)

Last but not the least, Sacred Stones is the third game in the Fire Emblem series released on Game Boy Advance and was only the second game to be released outside Japan. The game has similar mechanics as Blazing Blade. However, the game is played on a different continent. The plot of the game revolves around the twins, Erika and Ephraim and how they investigate a plot against the nation.

Final thoughts on best Fire Emblem Games

So this was our list of best fire emblem games. These are great choices if you like strategy games. These games require quick and intelligent thinking. We curated this list by playing many of these games and also referred to many online reviews. Feel free to share your thoughts and mention anything we missed in the article.

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