Download Android Multi Tools v1.02b [Latest]

Download Android Multi Tools v1.02b which is the latest release. Android Multi Tools are a set of utilities you can use to diagnose your Android device.

Android is the most popular Operating System in the world and billions of users are using it. Majority of the Android users secure their Android device with a pin or pattern lock. Sometimes, because of that, most people forget their password or pattern lock and they do not know what to do after that. Most of the people try to unlock the device by trying the last password they remember. Sometimes, people reset their devices and many a time, the users take it to a service station to get their phone unlocked. However, all these solutions end up in your data getting lost. Today, in this article, we will discuss a secret Android tool with which you can easily unlock your device in case you forget your password. All you have to do, in case you forget your password or pattern, is download the Android Multi Tools.

The tool you have to download on your Android device is Android Multi Tools v1.02b. Now, it’s not easy for a regular user to download it and use it to unlock their phones.

Android Multi Tools is regarded as the leading tool which lets you remove the pattern lock and help you unlock your device easily. Android Multi Tools support all the windows versions. You can see it in the name too, Android Multi Tools, which means that it performs multiple tasks simultaneously.

What are Android Multi Tools?

Before discussing how to download Android Multi Tools, we must first know what Android Multi Tools actually is. Android Multi Tools is a tool specially designed for Android users in case they forget their Pattern lock or pin. With the help of Android Multi Tools, one can easily unlock his or her Android device even if they do not remember the password. Not only that, there are other top-class features of Android Multi Tools v1.02b as well which we will discuss below.

Features Of Android Multi Tools v1.02b

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Some of the best features of Android Multi Tools v1.02b are as follows:

  • Reboots in a single click
  • Resets your Android device in a few seconds
  • Helps you get all the drivers for Android device
  • Android Multi Tools is free to use and you do not come across any hidden charges
  • Resets the face data pattern lock
  • It is easy to use and even the first-timers can get a hold of it easily
  • It wipes out the data of your Android Without installing the custom recovery
  • With this, you can reset the password or pin lock of your Android device
  • It helps you know about the device as it displays important information such as Android version, IMEI number, model number, etc.
  • It also helps you reset your Gmail account in case you forgot the password

How To Download Android Multi Tools v1.02b?

Now let us talk about how to download the Android Multi Tools v1.02b on your device. It is not rocket science to get the tool on your device and all you need to do is follow the steps which are mentioned below. The steps are:

  1. Click on the link that we have given below
  2. With that, your download process will automatically begin
  3. Once it is downloaded, you will find the app on your device

How To Use The Tool?

Now, downloading the tool was easy. However, using the tool is not as easy as downloading it. But you have nothing to worry about because we will make the tool easier for you. All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below. The steps are:

  1. First of all, you have to connect your mobile to your computer using a USB cable.
  2. After that, you need to open the Android Multi Tools file which you have just downloaded
  3. Now, extract the downloaded file anywhere on your system
  4. Once installed, you need to click on the Android Multi Tools v1.02b.exe to run the file
  5. You will see a notification where you will be asked to give various permissions to the tool. Allow all the permissions.
  6. The tool will now be opened and you will be presented with a GUI
  7. Now, you can check the device status by pressing 1. Pressing 1 will give you various information about the device such as Device ID, IMEI number, model number, etc.
  8. Pressing 2 will help you reset your password or the Pin lock. So, if you are locked out, you need to press 2.
  9. Once you press 2, you will see the instructions on your screen. You need to follow the instructions given to you and deactivate and remove the pin or password of your device.
  10. Pressing 3 will help you wipe out the face data or the gesture lock if it was what you used to lock the device.
  11. Pressing 4 will allow you to reset the Google ID which you have connected to your device.
  12. Pressing 5 will make your device as good as new to use because it wipes all the data from your device.
  13. Pressing 7 will help you know the status of your device when your device is in fast boot mode.

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Things You Require to Download Android Multi Tools

To download Android Multi Tools, you need to have the requirements listed below without which you cannot download Android Multi Tools on your device. The requirements are:

  • First of all, you got to have a Windows computer with Windows 2007, Windows 2008 or 10, Windows XP
  • Next up in line is that you need to have an internet connection good enough to download Android Multi Tools for Computer.
  • To use the Android Multi Tools, you need to have a computer and you need to connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable. With that, you can unlock your device.


Android Multi Tools v1.02b is a helpful tool for all Android users, especially those who have forgotten the password or Pin Lock of their Android device. Using this tool will help users unlock their device without any problem. All in all, it is a good tool to have.

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