Download Flipaclip for PC: Windows and Mac

Learn how to download Flipaclip for PC. Flipaclip is a popular app for drawing and animation, originally designed for mobile users. It was unavailable for PC. However, that should not be a problem for you anymore because there are ways with which you can get flipaclip app on your PC without any problems. If you do not know how to get FlipaClip on your PC, you have nothing to worry about because here, we have discussed ways with which you can get FlipaClip app on your PC and enjoy the experience of the app on a bigger screen.

Before moving to the ways with which you can get flipaclip app on your PC, let us first talk about what flipaclip app is.

About FlipaClip

flipaclip pc

Flipaclip is a top level drawing and animation app which helps you ignore your imagination to a whole new level. There are various features of the app which makes it one of the most popular apps out there. Some of the best features of the app, which tempt the users to install it, are:

FlipaClip allows you to draw on multiple frames exactly like multiple pages of a flipbook.
With the help of Onion layers, you can see the previous and next frame of your drawing in a ghost transparent manner
There are other various drawing tools there as well including, brushes, pencils, erasers, etc.
You get more than 100 color scheme in the flipaclip app.
With flipaclip, you can easily build an animation video by using various images that are created or imported by you.
With Frames Manager tool, you can manage each frame’s color, layout, design and much more
With FlipaClip, you can create create an Animation Timeline. An animation timeline helps you to create a digital flipbook or you can simply track all the drawings and animations you make.
With the new update, you can record audio, import audio from other sources, and you can create a library as well.
After you are done with your drawing and animations, you can also share it on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other sites.

Ways to Download Flipaclip on PC

There are various ways with which you can download the flipaclip app on your PC. All the ways require you to download the emulator on your PC. There are a lot of emulators available for your use, but not every emulator is smooth. However, you have nothing to worry about because we have listed the best and smooth ways with which you can get the app on your PC. The methods are:

Using Bluestacks App Player
Using Andy Android Emulator

Method 1: Using Bluestacks App Player

Bluestacks is one of the oldest and most popular Android emulators in the market. The emulator is fast, smooth, and compatible with almost every single applications available on Google Play Store.

To run FlipaClip on your Windows 10 computer, using the bluestacks app player is one of the best options for you to consider.

Download FlipaClip Using Bluestacks App Player

There are various steps which you need to follow if you want to get the app on your PC. Below, we have mentioned all the steps that you need to follow with which you can get the app and enjoy the services of the app on your PC. The steps which you need to follow are:

The first step which you need to follow is to download the Bluestacks Android emulator on your PC. You can download it from the link above.
Once your download is complete, you need to launch the .exe file which will help you start the setup.
You will get various on-screen instructions, simply follow these instructions which will help you successfully install BlueStacks App Player on your PC.
Once you have installed the app, you need to launch Bluestacks on your computer.
Once done, you need to sign in. You can use your Gmail ID to login to BlueStacks.
Once you have logged in, you need to open BlueStacks. On opening Bluestacks, you need to search for the FlipaClip – Cartoon Animation app.
You need to click on the app and then click on the install option which will automatically begin your installation process.
Click on the Install button to begin the installation process.
Now, you just have to wait until your installation process is completed.
Once completed, you will have to launch the application from within th emulator and then, you can enjoy the app on your PC without any problems.

Method 2: Using Andy Android Emulator

Andy Android Emulator is one of the fastest growing emulators in the market. Andy Android emulator is compatible with thousands of applications which are available on the Google Play Store. It is stable, smooth and has fast speed as well.

Using Andy Android Emulator is a good choice for you to consider and it helps you download all the Android and iOS apps absolutely free of cost.

Download FlipaClip Using Andy Android Emulator

Follow the below mentioned steps to download FlipaClip app on your PC using the Andy Android Emulator. The steps to follow are:

Download Andy Android Emulator from the link provided above.
Launch the setup window once your download is complete
Follow the instructions you get on the screen.
Once your emulator is installed, you need to launch the emulator.
You will then be asked to sign in. Use your Google ID to log in to the Google Play Store.
Search for FlipaClip app using the emulator and click on install the app after you find the app.
With that, your download will automatically begin.
After that, you need to launch the app on your emulator and you can enjoy the services of the app on your PC without any problem.

These are all the steps which you need to follow to get the app on your PC.

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Conclusion: FlipaClip PC Download

These two emulators are two of the best emulators which you can use to get the app on your PC. Both the methods are safe to use and both the emulators are smooth, fast and compatible with a lot of apps available on your Android.

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