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Here is the list of Best Evite Alternatives (Invite Only). Check out the various Sites Like Evite.

With the change in trend and growing technology, the offline world is slowly getting replaced by the online world. These days, money is paid online, food is ordered online, clothes are bought online, etc. Invitations are no exceptions either because these days, the invitations are sent online too, especially to those people who live far away. Moreover, sending an invitation online also helps you save time as compared to the offline invitations. For that reason, there are a lot of top applications and websites that maintain the online social invitations for you. With those apps, you can easily manage, create as well as send as many invitations as you like. 

One of the best websites for sending online invitations is Evite. It is an old app which was created back in 1998 and is a free-to-use app for the users. Evite has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to easily create the best online invitation, according to your preference.

Once you have created an online invitation through the website, you now simply have to enter the email addresses of all the people you wish to invite. Once you have entered the email address, the Evite website automatically sends emails to your guests as soon as possible. Evite is regarded as one of the best services available for online invitation cards. Not only the invitation cards, but Evite also helps you with party ideas as well and that has its own section. On Evite’s party section, you will definitely get some of the best ideas for partying and also get tips on how to arrange a party for your friends and family. Sometimes, you might come across a situation where the website is not working because of a server issue or for any other reason. Sometimes, you might not find what you are looking for on Evite. Sometimes, there are better ideas and creativity available on other platforms. There are a lot of things that are to be taken into consideration. For that reason, you must know other websites which are similar to Evite. When you know the alternatives of Evite, you will always have a variety of websites to choose the best online invitation from and you do not have to worry about the server errors because you can go to another website if you see that a certain website is down. 

Best Evite Alternatives

Here, we will discuss Best Evite Alternatives which are currently available for you. These alternatives serve the same functions and features as Evite. The Best Evite Alternatives are: 


One of the best alternatives for Evite is the which is an online platform allowing you to create the invitations online and have some of the best party ideas available to you. There are various templates available for different functions. Therefore, you can choose a template for weddings from the weddings section, birthdays from the birthdays section and so on. You can easily choose the template for whatever occasion and once it is created, you can get on with sending an online invitation to the people. The best part of the is that you can find everything, from steps to settings, on a single page. Therefore, you can easily send an invitation to your friends and family. 

#2 Anyvite

Anyvite is another top alternative for Evite website. The standout feature of Anyvite is that it gives a more professional level of invitations to the people. You can create a more professional invitation when you are using Anyvite. It also allows you to create invitations for various occasions such as birthdays, weddings, and other types of functions, but it is known mainly for its professional type of online invitations. It also comes with party ideas for the users. Furthermore, you can also share those invitation cards with your friends in no time as well. Therefore, the website gives you an overall of everything especially the professional based online invitations. 

#3 Manvite

As going by the name of the website, Manvite is specifically designed for men who do not want fancy fonts with champagne glasses as a decoration and are instead looking for something simple and easily available. This takes no time to create an invitation and send an invitation to your friends. It is a rather simple website with nothing fancy. If you are planning on hosting a barbecue night for your guy friends or a bachelor’s party or even a football match for that matter, you need not look beyond Manvite because it is undoubtedly the best choice for you. 

#4 Pingg

Another one of the top Evite Alternatives include Pingg, which is also an invitation maker for the online e-cards, from where you can send your online invitations to other people. This is similar to the other online invitation websites where you are allowed to create an online invitation and send it to the people you wish to invite. It also comes with other services including ideas for parties, invitations for various occasions, etc. Through Pingg, you can easily check out the trending party ideas or unique party ideas which will make your party a huge success. It is one of the most popular and one of the best alternatives for Evite website. 

#5 PsPrint

PsPrint is also a unique alternative for Evite website. What makes PsPrint unique is the fact that it gives you customizable templates for your invitations. No other online invitations platform is as fast as PsPrint. Therefore, if you are looking to make a fancy online invitation for your loved ones but you do not have time or you are in a hurry, PsPrint is your go-to platform. It makes stylish and decorated invitation cards. Therefore, you must check this website out for making an online invitation. 

#6 PurpleTrail

PurpleTrail is another one of the best Evite Alternatives which are currently available on the market for the users. The standout feature of PurpleTrail is that it is definitely going to help you with apt invitation for every evert, be it be a wedding, birthday, football party, holidays, Christmas party, you name it. PurpleTrail provides the users over 5000 designs to choose from. You can also easily customize your invitation card according to what you wish such as adding a message, photo, etc. PurpleTrail does not cost you any money while you are sending your online invitation. Furthermore, you will not come across any annoying ads either. PurpleTrail also offers you an additional service for which you need to spend money. In case you want your card to be delivered to your guess, PurpleTrail prints those cards and gets it delivered to the guests in no time. 

#7 PunchBowl

Another one of the best Evite Alternatives is the PunchBowl. With the help of PunchBowl, you do not have to worry about throwing a party because PunchBowl will help you plan all your parties from the very beginning. The website asks you a certain questions about the party and depending on how you answer, the website will give you suggestions on how to throw a party for your friends. PunchBowl has a lot of party planning props such as native vendor search, potluck management, gift gestures, customizable digital invitations, etc. Furthermore, the website also keeps a check on whether your guests will be able to make it to the party or not. 

#8 Shindigg

Another popular website is Shindigg which is an event management as well as an event creator website available for the people. Shindigg helps you with everything related to the events such as making the cards, setting the event, selling the tickets, managing the tickets, etc. You can manage all of that online, through the event producer and management system. Also, you can rely heavily on Shindigg to give excellent blowout bashes without taking into account the number of people which are invited.

#9 PaperlessPost

PaperlessPost allows you to make custom invitations and custom cards. PaperlessPost is an online platform which is a great alternative for the Evite website. PaperlessPost as the name goes, has redefined the traditional stationary. PaperlessPost is a practical solution with which you can track your online invitations and custom cards and you can dispatch as well. Furthermore, it also offers their users more templates. Not only that but through PaperlessPost, you can also choose a template of your choice and enter a text according to your wish. You can also see the RSVP status of your guests and cancel or reschedule an event. You can also share the pictures of the events on the gallery of your device. The free version of the website allows you to send as much as 500 guests. However, the paid version increases it to 15000 guests. 

#10 Zoji

Last but not least, we have Zoji caters which is an online tool that helps you plan all your activities offline. Through Zoji, you can manage theme parties, get-togethers, etc. You can easily manage a get together with friends, relatives, BBQ buddies, etc. The interface of the app is easy and you can easily track the invitation as well. 

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