FIXED: Email stuck in outbox Gmail Error

Gmail is a wonderful application for sending emails. It is quick, faster, and efficient. However, it has its own problems too. Sometimes it does have network congestion, due to which the receiving and sending of the emails are delayed. Also, many times the emails are stuck in the outbox of Gmail.

Why are my Emails stuck in my Outbox?

There is a number of reasons due to which the emails are getting stuck in the outbox. It may also happen that you might not also realize sometimes. Maybe you just opened and closed the email while it was still in the outbox. Every email is sent through the outbox. But then due to various reasons, it may get stuck there. Some of them can be identified as:

  • The email may not be sent due to the memory full problem of the mobile phone.
  • Sometimes due to connectivity problems on the internet, or the speed may be, the Gmail app may not be able to connect to the server. Due to this, the email may get piled up in the outbox.
  • There is a cap on several things such as the size of the attachment, the number of emails within some time frame, or the size of an email, etc. If it so happens that any of these threshold limits are exceeded, then the email gets stuck in the outbox. This may also happen for several hours together.

email stuck in outbox gmail

Check to be performed

The reason for emails stuck in the outbox may be at the Gmail’s end or there may be some other reasons also. So before we try to fix Gmail, it is important that we perform a check for the following things:

  • Always have a check that you have the updated version of Google installed on your device. As it may happen that the problem or bug that you are facing may have been already been resolved in the latest version.
  • Whenever there is an attachment in the email let it not exceed the threshold limit set by Gmail.
  • A stable and intact network is highly important for this issue. It may be on mobile data or WiFi.
  • Also, perform a check that the problem is with the Google server. If this is the case, then surely Google would resolve it meticulously.
  • Sometimes the issue prevails with mobile applications specifically. In this case, one can send the mails through the computer.

Solutions to fix ‘Email stuck in outbox Gmail’

There are a number of reasons due to which the email gets stuck in the outbox. If it does not get resolved with the above-mentioned checks then there are some other tips and tricks which when performed can solve the issue. Some of them are listed as:

1. File Size of the attachment

While sending emails through Gmail with attachments such as videos, pictures, or documents, it is vital to attach only the files within the threshold limit set by Google for the size. Currently, this threshold limit is set for 25 MB by Google. So whenever you attach the files to the mail, check the size of the same as if it exceeds the limit, there would be a problem in sending it

Also, if the file size is higher than 25 MB there are other ways through which the attachments can be sent. One of them is creating a Google drive. This app is also developed by Google. Under this, the user has to link the file to the email, and this way any size attachment can be sent through the mail. The other benefit of attaching a link is that real-time changes can be made to the file.

If the file size is within the limits set, then just check if there are some other issues due to which the mail is stuck in the outbox instead of getting sent.

2. Internet connection

Many times, the speed of the internet or issues in the network form the reason for the email stuck in the outbox. With unstable internet, It becomes difficult for Gmail to connect to the servers and the communications fail. This results in the emails getting stuck in the outbox. 

A speed test can be performed to check the unstable internet. This also provides the magnitude of the bandwidth that is provided by the Internet Service Provider. There are a number of third-party websites such as that assist in calculating the current internet download and upload speed.

If the speed test is lower or not up to the mark, or closer to the bandwidth as per the monthly plan, then one can reset the router. Resetting the router is very simple. All you have to do is unplug the power cable from the backside of the router and plug it back in after around 10 to 15 seconds.

Once this is done perform a second speed test, and check if the network connection issue is resolved. If not then check with your Internet Service provider for speed check and network issues.

3. Offline mode of Gmail

When using Gmail from Chrome browser, essentially check if the account is set to offline mode. Gmail facilitates a feature through which you can browse, search and even respond to emails while you are offline and once you are online it automatically sends the messages and emails.

For verification of offline mode of Gmail follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Browse Gmail through Chrome.
  • To open the settings of Chrome click on the gear icon that is located on the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Click on the offline tab.
  • Uncheck the toggle for Enable Offline Mail and save the changes.

Once this is done refresh the website and try sending the mails again. It should have definitely resolved the issue.

4. The cache memory of Gmail

When Gmail is used for a longer time, it happens that cache gets stored in huge quantity. This causes high-performance issues with the Chrome Browser. It is observed that if the cache stored is very high the performance of the browser goes down considerably. 

The information stored on the browser is quite useful as well. But if the size goes larger and larger then the performance issues take up. It slows down the performance of the browser. Therefore it is better to clear the cache memory within some time frame.

The step by step guide for clearing the cache memory is given as follows:

  • Browse on Chrome on your computer. Then click on the three dots on the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Tap on Settings.
  • Click on Privacy and security from the drop-down menu list.
  • Click on Cookies and other sites from Privacy and security.
  • Out of the display, screen select see all cookies and site data.
  • Search for Mail and tap on the Trash button for deleting the Gmail cache from the browser.

After all, this is done, then try sending the emails from the Gmail outbox after refreshing the same. This should have resolved the issue.

5. Gmail Application

It is essential that you always use the latest version of the Gmail application. This will keep you free from all the bugs and issues that are resolved in the recent updates. There is also a possibility that the older version may not be able to communicate with the Gmail servers and that may keep email stuck up in the outbox.

One can check in regular intervals if the latest updates are installed on the device.

Updating Gmail on Android devices

  • Open Google Play Store on the device.
  • On the left side of the search bar, click on the three horizontal icon line to open the menu list.
  • Click on the My Apps & Games tab.
  • Google Play store automatically displays the updates available for the applications. If any update is available for the Gmail app then click on the update button and the app gets updated.

Updating Gmail on iOS devices

  • Go to the App store on the main screen of the iOS devices
  • At the lower right corner of the navigation menu search for the Updates tab
  • On the App Store, if the updates are available they will be displayed. Click on the update tab and get the latest version of the Gmail app.

After the application is updated and installed successfully, then the emails that are stuck in the outbox are sent.

6. Clear Data

When using Android devices, a lot of data on the device may hamper the performance of the Gmail application. Also, there is a wide possibility that the Gmail application may have been facing a glitch due to some corrupted files or even while updating the application

For clearing the data follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open the Settings app, from the App drawer on the device.
  • From the drop-down menu click on the Apps tab.
  • Find the application Gmail and tap it. From the selection menu, click on the Storage tab.
  • Finally, click on the Clear data button and the data is cleared. The position of this button changes as per the location of the Android device.

Clearing data should resolve the issue of the emails that are stuck in the outbox. Refresh the website and try sending emails to ensure the same.

7. Gmail and Mobile data

When using mobile data for internet connectivity, it is quite possible that sending emails may be restricted due to the data savings option or some other security reasons.

Using Mobile Data on Android devices

  • Open Settings from the App drawer.
  • Select the Apps tab from the list displayed.
  • Search for Gmail from the list of applications installed on the device.
  • Click on the Mobile data tab on the Gmail settings menu
  • Ensure that Allow Background Data Usage and Allow Application while Data Saver is on is enabled.

Using Mobile Data on iOS devices

  • Open settings on iOS device.
  • Click on the Mobile data tab.
  • Search for the Gmail app from the list of applications installed on the device.
  • Besides Gmail enable the tab to allow to use of the cellular data ON.
  • Once these settings are appropriately changed, then try sending the emails that are stuck in the outbox. This should resolve the issue of sending emails.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my email stuck in outbox Gmail?

There are a number of reasons for the email stuck in the outbox of Gmail. It may be due to network issues, speed of the internet, high cache storage, background running applications, or offline mode. 

Resolving this issue is very easy and simple and can be done with step by step guide and updating the Gmail to the latest version.

How do I send an email that is stuck in my outbox?

  • Try resending the mail.
  • Search for Send/ Receive tab and click on the toggle of send all.
  • Ensure that the connection is stable and online.
  • Check the mail settings are appropriate.
  • Check for the large and oversize attachment.
  • Ensure the correct password.
  • The mails can be resent directly from the outbox itself.

How do I delete a queued mail in my outbox?

Firstly open the main menu through the tab at the top left. Then go to the outbox straight away. The queued mail stands there. It can be selected and easily deleted with the trash button.

What happens if you delete an email in your outbox?

When the email is deleted from the outbox, it is gone forever. Check the sent items, if it is not sent. If the mail is important one do make sure that you send it again. Also, check that settings in the mail are as per the norms of Gmail.

Conclusion: Sent email stuck in the outbox in Gmail

Gmail is normally believed to be an error-free application for sending emails. However, sometimes it does create issues to send the mail or the emails get stuck in the outbox. The solutions for resolving this error may be clearing cache, updating to the latest version of the application, ensuring proper settings. It is very simple to resolve the error. And even if this does not work be sure that Gmail would fix it in some time.

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