Golf Rival Tips & Tricks to STEP UP your Game

We have jotted down the best effective Golf Rival Tips & Tricks that you can use to become a PRO player!

It has been said that the fascinating game of golf is for the rich, considering the amount one needs to spend in buying the equipment, outfit, and several other peripheral costs. But now a golf-lover or someone who wants to learn golf does not need to spend so much to enjoy this aristocratic game. You can play it right from your home (on your smartphones) with the free-to-play online game called Golf Rival.

Golf Rival

Golf Rival is a brand new lightweight multiplayer online game (launched in 2018) that gives you the actual feel of being on a golf course. Its spectacular graphics gives you lush green fields and abundant scenes for a realistic touch to the game. This game’s custom clubs, custom courses, and custom balls let you play golf with players across the globe in a one-vs-one mode. All you need to do is swipe with your fingers to point the ball in the right direction and then release it to shoot perfectly. The enchanting and addictive game mechanics are pretty simple to understand and execute.

golf rival guide and tricks

Golf Rival game is surely easy to start with but mastering it is a different ball game.

To better your skills in golf, we have got here a few golf Rival tips and strategies that will motivate you to hone your golf playing abilities.

Golf Rival Tips and Tricks for Mastering the Game

The game is easy to understand and start with. Also, the recent updates to the game have made it even better for newbies to get a hang of the play. You can select your area of choice to play the game. With every opponent you defeat in the game, you are rewarded with trophies and chests. These rewards can be used to unlock new courses and obtain new balls and clubs. As you keep winning and progressing in the game, it starts getting more difficult. Hence it is imperative that you know what works best to combat each level like an expert.

1. Increasing your game time 

To be an expert requires you to put in more hours in the game. The rule is simple, practice makes it perfect. So the more time you spend playing the game, you are bound to get better at it. It might seem like a basic thing but you would soon realize how much better you get at the game with more practice every day. 

2. Planning your landings 

When you pick where you want to land your ball, you must keep in mind that the ball would bounce a few times in the forward direction and cover a few more feet. So do not aim for the farthest spot because you know your ball would bounce further and rather than stopping at the landing spot it might meander into the rough terrain.

3. Balancing the moving bar

 This is a tricky and most important part of the game. But once you master this, you can become an expert on the game pretty soon. This helps you better your accuracy at hitting the ball to the right distance and position. You must aim at striking the ball when the bar is right in the middle position.

4. Taking a few shots as possible 

You must plan your entire game when you are selecting your first landing spot. The whole game is about beating your Rival by taking a lesser number of shots. This requires planning and thinking outside the box so that you are in line with the pin in just a few shots. Golf terrains are steep and twisted most of the time. As an example, if the course is shaped like the letter “U”, one would generally feel that it needs 3 shots to get in line with the pin. But if you do not try to cover the course in a straight line, you could manage this in just two shots.

5. Aim for the sky 

With golf Rivals, before you shoot you get to know the approximate distance you can hit the ball till. But the projected distance is not written in stone and you can surely exceed the recommended length of the shot which the game provides you. So before every shot, you must always check if you can strike even further to get as close to the pin as possible. If you are in a bunker or on rough terrain, the game gives you a very short estimate of the length of the shot. But do not get fooled by that as you can always drag the shot and aim higher. If the pin is quite far from you, then try to aim as high as possible. By doing so you increase your chances of hitting the ball to the furthest possible distance. This will also lead to a lesser number of shots for reaching the pin. And as you know, fewer shots mean higher chances of winning against your Rival.

6. Hitting the ball as hard as you can 

Use your utmost force to hit the ball. The harder the hit, the further the ball would land. For a strong and hard hit, you need to drag your golf stick as far as possible. If the golf stick is dragged back to its maximum limit, it will have more power to hit the ball. But do keep in mind that only power is not enough for a good strike. You must have proper timing too. The game shows your recommended power for every shot with a blue circled area. But if your drag your stick further than that area, you would find that the moving needle on the aiming bar goes berserk. Do not let that scare you as you will be able to figure out the needle’s movements and tame the needle in a matter of a few shots. Once you get the knack of how the needle moves, you have a trump card in your hands with which you can surely surprise your opponents.

7. Giving attention to the wind direction 

The wind is an important factor in determining how close you can get to the pin. You must pay attention to the direction of the wind. If the wind and the direction of your shot are the same, you would require less power to hit the ball since the wind would add extra force. If you apply too much force while the wind is in the same direction, you might miss your aim. The wind and power indications are there on the corner of your screen. You must consider their stats while taking your shots else you would keep going off the course.

8. Leveling up with each new course 

As you progress in the game, you are able to unlock various kinds of balls (having different weights and sizes). This will help you choose the right kind of ball for the different terrains. For example in rough terrain you have a fair chance of winning with a viper ball as it gives you extra power, bat balls can be used to negate and combat the wind conditions.


Q1. What is the meaning of “debuff” in the golf Rival game?

When you hit a bunker or slope, the power for your next shot gets reduced by 20{536a4c555a7f2e45c227c27aaa353c302f43202159891754233440df1d77627d}. There are some clubs and balls which have “debuff” that can minimize the percentage of power you lose.

Q2. What is the use of wolf badges in the game?

Wolf badges are a special kind of badges that are used to purchase items from the arena store.

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