How to get Netflix for Free Forever? [Working in 2023]

Here are few methods and the truth on How to get Netflix for free forever.

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Netflix is one of the most popular video streaming platforms which is available to you as of now. The content on offer is something which glues the users to the screens to an extent that people lose track of time while they are on Netflix. However, these video streaming platforms do not come free of cost, they charge some amount for their services to the users. Netflix is no exception to it, they too charge a specific fee to their users monthly, depending on the plan the user has chosen. 

At least one person in your friend group is using Netflix today and that simply shows how popular this platform is. Even though, as a user, you get the first month free trial period from Netflix, you still have to start paying for the services from the second month. Most people do not like to spend money on getting a paid Netflix account because the rates could be high for them and they prefer not to have a paid Netflix account. 

Netflix has tons of content to offer to the users because of which millions of people are using the services. However, many people find Netflix expensive and they keep searching for the way to get a free Netflix account so that they do not miss out on the bandwagon and of course, the quality content offered by the platform. There are different genres for you to watch and you can also search for the content you are looking for. Furthermore, there is a section called recommended for you where the app automatically refers to you various TV shows, movies, documentaries, etc depending on the content you have watched there. If you like a few shows, you can also add them to your list so that you can watch that content whenever you wish to watch. 

Having a Netflix account is always going to be a good time pass for the user, especially after a heavy day at work. Netflix is a good relaxation time for people all over the world and they can watch the content they love without having to download it from various torrent sites. There are different plans offered by Netflix. Cheaper plans have less screens and less quality whereas the expensive ones make sure that you enjoy your content in high quality and 4 people can watch the show at the same time. 

People are always reluctant to spend money to watch the content which is why most of the people, especially the youngsters, look to find various ways with which they can watch all the content on Netflix without compromising on the quality and without paying a single penny for using the services of this popular platform. Although you get one month free trial period from Netflix themselves, you still have to enter your card details in order to proceed and from the next month, you get automatically charged for the services even if you are not using the platform frequently. You still have to pay a fixed monthly amount to Netflix once you have entered your card details, until you choose to stop using the services of the platform. 

If you are one of those people who do not want to pay for Netflix and still want to enjoy their services, then we have got you covered because in this article, we will tell you ways through which you can get Netflix for free forever and not just for a single month. Many people have always wondered how to get Netflix for free forever, but today we have come up with an answer to that question and to know the ways through which you can get Netflix for free forever, all you have to do is scroll down and you will find out. 

The ways with which one can get a free Netflix account are as follows: 

#1 The Trial Period

One of the most basic methods of getting a free Netflix account forever is the free trial period which a user can use before having to pay for the services. If you are a new user and have never tried Netflix before, then you can subscribe to Netflix and you will get 1 month for free. However, as soon as that trial period is over, you will automatically be charged for the services until and unless you shut the services off yourself. As long as you continue to use the plan here, you will be charged, and it will stop only when you cancel the subscription.

It is easily one of the most famous and a common method to use to get a free Netflix account forever. The trick here is to simply use Netflix for 29 days and then cancel the subscription so that you are not charged for the next month and for the second month, you use a different email address and different payment gateways after 29 days, so that you can use the services of Netflix freely and without having to pay for anything. This could prove to be a little hectic for you, but it is one of the most fruitful methods to go for. Furthermore, you also do not have to worry about you forgetting the date when you started using the services of the account. Many people believe that they will forget that their 30-day free trial period is over and they will be charged, however, that is not a problem for the users because you will get a reminder 3 days prior that your 30-day free trial period is about to end. 

However, you must make sure that you have different methods of payment available to you while you are going for this method because once you have entered a certain payment method, it cannot be used for a second time. It can be used, yes, but you will be charged for that second month and you will not be able to enjoy the free trial period which you have to yourself. 

#2 Share Plans

Another one of the best ways with which you can get Netflix for free forever is to share the plans from your friends. It is an extremely common practice and has been seen all over the world. If you have a few friends who have Netflix services and cannot live without Netflix, you can request them to share the Netflix account’s ID and password with you. However, this is only possible and better only if you have a friend who uses a premium plan or a standard plan which allows you to watch on 4 and 2 screens respectively. The basic plan allows you only 1 screen at a time and it becomes difficult to share the Netflix id and password then. 

 #3 Wait for the Lucky Mail

Another way which makes sure you get a free Netflix account is receiving lucky mail. However, this totally depends on your luck and the time when you get lucky mail, it is completely uncertain because sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. All you need to do here is to wait for them to send you a mail about the extension of the trial period. 

After you have received the email on your registered email address, you can then enjoy your Netflix account for another month and that too absolutely free of cost. 

To increase the chances of you receiving the lucky mail, you could try to contact the Netflix Customer Services. When you call or email them, you should give them a good reason to extend your Netflix trial period and the reason must be valid and sensible. 

#4 Gift Card

Using the gift cards is another way for you to get a free Netflix account. You can easily buy these gift cards from anywhere or you could ask your close friends or parents to gift you these cards on your birthday or Christmas or on other occasions. The gift card has an 11 digit code with which you can easily access a Netflix account. It is easy to purchase these gift cards as they could easily be purchased on various e-commerce sites such as Walmart, retailers, Amazon, etc. However, these are not always available, these are available only in particular regions and at a particular time. 

 #5. Coupons

There are a few sites which provide the users with free Netflix coupons which work well. When you use these sites, you will get a lot of incentives such as discounts, coupons, promo codes, free month, and a lot of other things. If you are lucky enough, you might also end up getting a free Netflix account. Some of the best sites that offer free coupons to the users are as follows: 

  • Giving

When you check these sites out, you will get various coupons as well as discounts that you have been looking for. Thus, if you are looking to buy a free Netflix subscription to watch the content you really wish to watch, then going through these sites will definitely be an advantage to you. 

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