Best Mac SNES Emulator for Mac, PC and Android

Old generation games and consoles are no longer available but you can use Mac SNES Emulator to play them. Best Mac SNES Emulators are available for Mac, PC, and Android with which you can play your favorite old school games.

With the gaming sector improving to new heights over the last few years, the trend of SNES-style consoles has reduced. However, playing on such consoles definitely gives you a nostalgic touch and takes you back to the good old days. It is quite difficult to find a working model these days because of how old these consoles are and thus, you cannot easily enjoy those old school games such as Super Mario. However, you have nothing to worry about because here are the best SNES Emulators which we have, which allow you to play those old school games on your Mac. In this article, we will discuss the top SNES Emulators with which you can easily play those old school games on your PC. The emulators are:


Mac SNES Emulator

One of the best SNES Emulators is the RetroArch which is a cross-platform supporting emulator. With this emulator, you can easily enjoy games on multiple platforms. It is a front-end for all the emulators capable of running programs that are converted to dynamic libraries that are called Liberto Cores. This is a platform where you can play various classic games and supports multiple controllers. It also has advanced features such as rewinding, netplay, and shaders. This is a great choice that’s why we mentioned it first in the list of best Mac SNES Emulators.

Furthermore, it also allows you to stream your gameplay on multiple streaming platforms such as YouTube,, etc. You do not just have access to classic games, but you can also play new games released on various platforms such as Game Boy, GameCube, 3DS, Nintendo Wii, etc. Thus, you can figure out that it is undoubtedly one of the best emulators out there.


Another one on the list of Mac SNES Emulators is the SNES 9x which is an easy emulator to use and you do not need to make any adjustments as you can easily and immediately launch all the games you want once you have extracted it. It can run all the SNES titles without it facing any issues. Furthermore, it also works the best on relatively dated hardware.

It is undoubtedly one of the top SNES Emulators available in the market, especially for the low-end hardware. It also offers a lot of features such as output image processing which is best to provide better graphics.


Next up we have is Higan which is also a top quality emulator which supports various consoles including the SNES. Higan software emulates the hardware accurately which offers the users a great gaming experience which other emulators might be incapable of providing. For this reason, you need to have a high-end device and a newer device in order for the Higan emulator to work.

The best part of Higan emulator is that it can run every SNES title which has ever released and thus, it is the perfect choice emulator for your needs, especially if you have a high end device. It supports 12 systems which include Nintendo Famicom, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo Super Famicom, Sega Mega Drive, Game Boy, Sega Game Gear, Game Boy Color, Sega Master System, NEC PC Engine, Bandai WonderSwan, NEC SuperGrafx, Bandai WonderSwan Color.


Another one of the top emulators for Super Nintendo is the ZSNES Emulator which runs almost every game popular with ease. The development of this emulator stopped way back in 2007, however, to this date, it is an extremely easy emulator to use and is quite capable as well, thus making it one of the most popular emulators at the moment.

ZSNES provides decent features to the users which include various filters which help in improving video output, list of games recently played and save states support. One major drawback of ZSNES is that you might face security exploit and the ROM might install the apps you do not want. However, you can avoid it by getting the ROMs from the sources which are trusted.


Another top emulator for Mac is OpenEmu because it works extremely well with your system. It is a fairly new emulator whose development started in 2007 Ns initially, it was a port for Famicom emulator Nestopia. The emulator has a clean and user-friendly interface which complements your MacOS extremely well. OpenEmu has a lot of features including multiple filters which help you improve the visual output as well as it has various input methods too. Furthermore, you do not need a high-end MacOS device to run the emulator.


Another top emulator is BizHawk which works perfectly for those people who are fans of speedruns and want to finish the game as quickly as possible. It is perfect for casual gaming and BizHawk is designed specifically around Tool Assisted Speedruns production. It supports multiple platforms such as Playstation, Game Boult, Nintendo, SNES, NES, Sega Saturn, etc. Overall, it is a great emulator for Mac and other platforms.

Nestopia UE

Another top quality emulator (Mac SNES Emulator) available for Mac is Nestopia UE which is an extremely high accuracy emulator capable of playing a lot of games without any problems. It has a lot of features including texture scaling, net play, etc. The only drawback is that in the original form, it is a dead emulator because the development stopped in 2008. This is why Nestopia UE was created, UE stands for undead edition. If is a RetroArch core emulator which a person can use if they do not want the trouble of setting their RetroArch.

It has some great features such as cheat support, game-specific custom palettes, mic support, etc, which the emulator fans all over the world love. It is smooth and comes with a user-friendly interface with which you can download and install all the games in no time. There is also a VSync support, however, you will have to deal with an input lag if you use the feature.


So this was our list of best Mac SNES Emulator which are available for PC, Mac, and Android. These are all the free SNES Emulators which we have especially for Mac users. All the above-mentioned emulators are free to use and are undoubtedly the best ones on the market which work extremely well with Mac. These emulators are easy to use and have a lot of features which make people use them.

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