NFTs Explained for Beginners (Watch Video)

Let’s talk about NFTs Crypto Art! In this video, we will answer the most common questions regarding NFTs, How to create NFT Artwork, and Sell it and look at 5 crazy NFTs sold for HUGE Money.

How to make NFTs?

Let’s see the step by step process:

Step no. 1:

You need to choose a content category. There are various scopes in terms of investment in NFTs. The most known and popular category to create NFTs is digital art. It can typically be a PNG, GIF, Audio, or video clip. But you can also create NFTs regarding virtual real estate, virtual worlds, fashion, and so on.

Step no. 2:

Now you have to choose a marketplace. There are majorly two types of marketplaces in NFTs, one is the self-service marketplaces and another would be curated marketplaces. Let’s explore it further. Let’s talk about self-service platforms first. These platforms are meant for everyone, which means anyone can make his or her content on this marketplace. You need to upload the audio, video, or picture, whatever is available with you, and then you would be asked to mention the royalty you want to charge for each sale. To look at the con of these platforms, there are a lot of fake profiles that might pop up here. When it comes to curated platforms, only the approved content creators can use them. This marketplace is meant for artwork or digital work which is of the highest quality and wouldn’t be generally available on self-service marketplaces.

Step no. 3:

This is the toughest aspect of the entire process. Most of the people who are content creators and want to sell off their digital artworks through NFTs would be curious to know how much does it cost to enter the Blockchain of NFTs. The Ethereum Blockchain that is typically connected with NFTs comes with a lot of limitations of its own. It means that you have to pay a bigger price to enter NFTs. You can keep the margin anywhere between a minimum of $70 to $100. So if you want to make profits, you will have to get sales over $100. Now, you might be questioning your digital artwork and whether it could be that big but if you have trust in your abilities then you should give it a try as it can completely change your life and bring in a hell of a lot of money. But be cautious about the risks.

Step no. 4:

You might have the best quality in your arts and people would still ignore it. It might be based upon the fact that they haven’t even seen your art in the first place to review it and make a decision. This is where the social media plugin comes in handy. You need to do the best with promotional activities and there’s no better place than social media to do so in this day and age. Once more and more people start looking into your art, it will get easier to get a wider reach. There might be someone who’s captivated by your skills and buys your art.

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