Unblock SevenTorrents using 7torrents Proxy & Mirror List [Safe & Working]

We have compiled a working 7torrents Proxy & Mirror List which can be used to unblock SevenTorrents.

Are you looking to download movies and TV shows without paying for them but are unable to do so because of restrictions or the torrent site not working? If yes, then you have come to the right place because, in this article, we will discuss various 7torrents proxies and mirror sites which will help you download any content you want to download that too in the highest of qualities. You can download the content on your device such as your Windows or an iOS device or your Android device. 

7torrents is one of the most popular torrent sites similar to SolarMovie in the world which allows users to download TV shows and movies absolutely free of cost. It is undoubtedly one of the safest sites you could ever come across, especially if you are looking to download various TV shows and movies on your device. 7torrents is, however, unavailable in most countries because it is banned in those countries for piracy as they provide paid content to the users for free. There are copyright issues that such sites face from the original source, which gets them banned. 

The interface of 7Torrents is extremely easy as you can download your content by a few clicks as you can find a lot of movies on the homepage itself. Searching your content is also easier since there is a search bar that provides you all the results which are similar to your search. These torrent sites face one common issue and that is that these sites are banned by many governments all over the world because of the piracy issue and copyright infringement. However, our users will have complete access to 7Torrents because, in this article, we will discuss various 7torrents Mirror and Proxy sites which helps you to download your favorite content. 

7torrents proxy

What are the 7Torrents?

As we mentioned above, 7torrents is a site where a user can download various torrent files such as movies, TV shows, games, etc. The reason why 7torrents is so popular is that it has a lot of content on offer to the users. Moreover, the files which you have available for download are smaller in size, thus, you can download your content quickly. The site is banned, but thankfully, the mirror and proxy sites of 7torrents are not yet banned, which means you can still access the site to download your favorite stuff for free. 

Note: When you use 7torrents or even the proxy and mirror sites, you still are under the radar of the government and ISPs. To make sure you are not being tracked, we suggest you use a VPN which will change your IP address. Below, we have given a list of working 7torrents mirror and proxy sites which you can use to download your content for free. 

Seventorrents Proxy Sites List To Unblock 7torrents:


Proxy or Mirror Name Website URL Type
Torrent Funk https://www.torrentfunk.com/ Mirror
7torrents unblocked https://proxylist.site/7torrents-unblocked/ Proxy
SevenTorrentsUnblocked SevenTorrents.Unblocked.cab Mirror
Torrent King https://torrentking.to/ Mirror
Seventorrents unblocked proxy https://proxyof.com/seventorrents-proxy-unblock-access/ Proxy
SevenTorrents Unblocker SevenTorrents.Unblocker.cc Mirror
BTDB https://btdb.to/ Mirror
SevenTorrents.org https://SevenTorrents.org Mirror
7torrents proxy list https://sitenable.asia/ Mirror
BitTorrent http://bittorrent.am/ Mirror
Seventorrents Mirror http://7tmirror.info Mirror
7torrents mirror 7torrents mirror Mirror
ISO Hunt http://isohunts.to/ Mirror
Monova https://monova.org/ Mirror
1337x https://1337x.to/ Mirror
SevenTorrentsproxy.com/ http://seventorrentsproxy.com/ Mirror
RU Tracker https://rutracker.org Mirror
7tmovies2 http://7tmovies2.info/ Mirror
Torrent.CD https://torrent.cd/ Mirror
Seventorrents.bypassed https://seventorrents.bypassed.cab/ Mirror
Mejor Torrent http://www.mejortorrent.com/ Mirror
Torrentz https://torrentz2.eu/ Mirror
Seed Peer https://www.seedpeer.eu/ Mirror
Kickass Torrent https://katcr.co/new/ Mirror
SevenTorrents.bypassed.plus https://seventorrents.bypassed.plus/ Mirror
7TOR http://7tor.org/ Mirror
SevenTorrents.unblocker.win https://seventorrents.unblocker.win/ Mirror
Your Bittorrent https://yourbittorrent.com/ Mirror
Zooqle https://zooqle.com/ Mirror
SevenTorrents.unblocked.st/ https://seventorrents.unblocked.st/ Mirror
SevenTorrents.bypassed.cab https://seventorrents.bypassed.cab/ Mirror
BT Sone http://www.btsone.cc/ Mirror
SevenTorrents.one/ http://seventorrents.one/ Mirror
SevenTorrents.unlockproj.party https://seventorrents.unlockproj.party/Default.aspx Proxy
SevenTorrents.unlockpro.cricket https://seventorrents.unlockpro.cricket/ Mirror
Lime Torrents Lime Torrents Mirror
SevenTorrents.immunicity.cab Seventorrents.immunicity.cab Mirror
File List https://filelist.ro Mirror
SevenTorrentsUnblocker.win SevenTorrents.Unblocker.win Mirror
Sumo Torrents http://www.sumotorrent.sx/ Mirror
SevenTorrents-win.pbproxy.red/ http://seventorrents-win.pbproxy.red/ Proxy
Zamunda http://zamunda.net/ Mirror
SevenTorrents.unblockall.org/ https://seventorrents.unblockall.org/ Mirror
7tor4-download.unblocked.lol/ http://7tor4-download.unblocked.lol/ Mirror
iDOPE https://idope.se/ Mirror
seventorrents-win.proxydude.faith http://seventorrents-win.proxydude.faith/ Proxy
Extra Torrent https://extratorrent.ag/ Mirror
Seventorrents.unlockpro.cricket https://seventorrents.unlockpro.cricket/ Mirror
Fast Torrents http://fast-torrent.ru/ Mirror
7Torrents Proxy/ http://7Torrents Proxy/ Proxy

7torrents Proxy List:

7tor-download.proxydude.xyz/ http://7tor-download.proxydude.xyz/ Proxy
seventorrent1.unblocked.wtf seventorrent1.unblocked.wtf Mirror
Glype Proxy https://sitenable.asia/ US / UK Glype Proxy Proxy
7torbypassed.eu 7tor.bypassed.eu Mirror
Seventor.zxcv.win seventor.zxcv.win Mirror
SevenTorrentsProxy https://seventorrentsproxy.com Proxy
7torbypassed.org 7tor.bypassed.org Mirror
seventorrentsproxy.com https://seventorrentsproxy.com Proxy
Zalmos Proxy http://proxy.zalmos.com/ Mirror
7tor.bypassed.bz 7tor.bypassed.bz Mirror
SevenTorrents.unblocked.pub/ https://seventorrents.unblocked.pub/ Mirror
seventorrents.mrunlock.trade seventorrents.mrunlock.trade Mirror
7tor-download.uio.faith 7tor-download.uio.faith Mirror
depopoker depopoker.com Mirror
SevenTorrents-win.proxydude.xyz/ http://seventorrents-win.proxydude.xyz/ Mirror
bio-fx bio-fx.com Mirror
seventorrents.mrunlock.date seventorrents.mrunlock.date Mirror
seventor.torrentzmirror.org seventor.torrentzmirror.org Mirror
http://seventorrents-win.proxydude.red/ http://seventorrents-win.proxydude.red/ Proxy
Yandex Translate Proxy https://translate.yandex.com/translate?
Exclusive (Translator Proxy)
SevenTorrentsproxy.com seventorrentsproxy.com Proxy
SevenTortormi.bid seventor.tormi.bid Mirror
SevenTorrents.mrunlock.info SevenTorrents.mrunlock.info Mirror
Seventorrents.unblocked.st Seventorrents.unblocked.st Mirror
seventorrent1.unblocked.ms seventorrent1.unblocked.ms Mirror
7tor-download.prox.space 7tor-download.prox.space Proxy
seventorrents.mrunlock.bid seventorrents.mrunlock.bid Mirror
myhealthsuccess.biz myhealthsuccess.biz Mirror
seven-torrents2.info seven-torrents2.info Mirror
https://7tmovies2.info https://7tmovies2.info Mirror
seventor.lato.pw seventor.lato.pw Mirror
weightlosstea.com weightlosstea.com Mirror
Google Translate Proxy https://translate.google.com/translate Exclusive (Translator Proxy)
seventor.proxme.download seventor.proxme.download Proxy
7tor.downloadseven-torrents.info 7tor.downloadseven-torrents.info Mirror
http://seventorrents4.blue/ http://seventorrents4.blue/ Mirror
seventorrents.unblockall.org seventorrents.unblockall.org Mirror
seventorrents.mrunlock.win seventorrents.mrunlock.win Mirror
Appspot Proxy https://piyush.com/weightlosstea.com Proxy
https://seventorrents.pub/ https://seventorrents.pub/ Mirror

With these above-mentioned 7torrents Proxy and mirror sites, you can easily unblock 7torrents and get on with downloading your favorite content without any problems. However, you still must make sure that you keep your identity hidden. Source: OmGeeky.com, Internet

7Torrents Proxy & Mirrors Not Working? Then Fix it:

Sometimes, it is difficult for a user to get a working Proxy site because the internet has become stronger where there are restrictions on a lot of things, including access to Proxy and Mirror sites. The firewalls have become stronger and advanced because of which, sometimes, the proxy servers are easily detected and are then instantly blocked. If you come across such a situation, it is not possible for you to access these restricted sites and you will not be able to download your content. However, there is one simple solution to this problem and that is using a VPN, which will help you to access the restricted site. 

VPN is a Virtual Private Network that helps you to access restricted content. A VPN encrypts your traffic and route all of it via their own servers, helping you to change your location and hiding your IP address. Because of this, the firewall does not know which site is being visited by you and which files are being downloaded by you. Thus, while you are accessing the torrent sites, the firewall will not detect where the traffic is coming from or where it is going, and you can, therefore, access these proxy sites without any restrictions. 

VPN For Android users:

If you are looking for a VPN for your Android device, then the following VPNs are the best for you and your device. Some of the best VPNs are: 

  • Nord VPN
  • Ivacy
  • Zoog VPN
  • Express
  • Pure VPN

For Chrome Browser:

Some of the best VPNs for Chrome browser are as follows: 

  • Gom Web VPN for Chrome
  • DotVPN
  • Zenmate
  • Breakwall VPN
Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1) Is it safe for a user to Download Torrents to Download Movies?

Answer: It is illegal for you to download content through torrents. However, using 7torrents will not bring harm to your device. 

Question 2) Are all Proxies & Mirrors working?

Answer: Some proxies and Mirrors could also be banned by the government, which might mean a few sites might not work. 

Question 3) What if these Proxies and Mirrors are not working?

Answer: If these proxies and mirror sites are not working, then we suggest you use a VPN that will help you download your content. 

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